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  1. Sleeper

    Uber: 4516 Tower + 1116 Hof

    Gratz!,!!!!! Ii
  2. Sleeper

    Question: Is mining more than a dice roll ?

    It's not even remotely a dice roll. Plenty of us are doing just fine. I bet you believe in a lot of the crap that brings bad returns. The 1st of which being believing it's gambling and not a very personal experience, minus the occasional really lucky (even unearned or un-gonna-earn after) hits
  3. Sleeper

    Disturbance notice regarding Webshop orders

    I bought three of the 10 xmas boxes and got the boxes. I bought three of the 10 REGULAR boxes and it didnt give me any boxes. PEDs only. A 30-minute-long server maintenance patch is about to take place in a few minutes. Idk what it's for tho.
  4. Sleeper

    BUG Report: Mentoring

    Its passive agressive. No / that indicates "or". Also the op mentioned things he has done and posted a pic and left it up to us to figure out what the bug is... Just say specifically whag the bug is. Heck then copy and paste into a support case
  5. Sleeper

    Uber: 7519 PED Island Gorilla

    Awesome Isnzhdnd
  6. Sleeper

    Uber: My first Uber!

    Neat ill subscribe and check it out too. There was no audio commentary tho. Dont see how an eu news youtube channel can function without it. Maybe the other vids have it. Ill watch em while i smoke in the garage since thats when i troll pcf and entropedia anyways :D
  7. Sleeper

    Uber: Kerberus Cat 4 Team hunt 1938 ped

    Always nice to see ppl hoffing in mm! Congrats
  8. Sleeper

    Uber: My first Uber!

    No hof msg in chat! U can do it for the many many ubers to come!!! Gz!
  9. Sleeper

    Uber: 4th enourmous this month

    Ever hear of the print screen key on ur keyboard? Use Fraps if that doesnt work. U can map any key for screenshots and videos and take great video footage. Its worth it if u play eu to use both fraps and tracker
  10. Sleeper

    Help: Time to Upgrade would like some more input

    Any unl sib fap. Even if u start small and keep upgrading. Dont use any garbage old faps. Every unl sib fap has like 3x to 4x the eco as old faps. Thats a lot of long term savings
  11. Sleeper

    Question: Poll: What would you pay for an Adj Fap service?

    Nothing. Even a non decent L fap has more health/sec and if it cant keep u alive who cares. L faps nerfed adj fap thats why every noob has one noww and is trying to run a lame service
  12. Sleeper

    Discovery: Rare Item : augmented Hermetic Ring

    Considering what its worth yes he will outrun the bad returns that you seem to be the one plagued by, mister cranky! Lol. Everything is wrong about what you posted.
  13. Sleeper

    Ubber : Longu provider 8708 peds

    Very cool screenshot! And what a rare Longu indeed!
  14. Sleeper

    ATH: 53K Gazzurdite ATH

    Where did this happen? What finder & amp?
  15. Sleeper

    Entropia Universe 15.7.0 Release Notes

    Whats different with chrismas strongboxes?
  16. Sleeper

    Entropia Universe 15.7.0 Release Notes

    I have a half dozen of the same L ring, not full tt :(
  17. Sleeper

    ATH: 53K Gazzurdite ATH

  18. Sleeper

    Info: Calypso Teleporters

    recommend you start adding dates as they add new ones (or make us re-aquire any more). this will make it easier to come here and touch up on the TPs we are missing for those of us who have them all, thanks to this thread, ofc and thanks, for this thread, lol! very helpful bookmarked (u should...
  19. Sleeper

    Uber: 24697 Ospra XXIII

    Bump! Do i get a cut for being a mythical troll?
  20. Sleeper

    XXIII Quant

    Just my style.
  21. Sleeper

    Uber: 24697 Ospra XXIII

    Answer mh q about ms screenshot delay. And trust me dont keep using those amps lol go down to 2 or 3 pedders and grind Ps buy a butt tonne of evader and parmedic ;)
  22. Sleeper

    Uber: 24697 Ospra XXIII

    Gratz fellow Kaoser. What is the ms delay on ur tracker app set at?
  23. Sleeper

    21st October 2015 is...

    turning 2 years old
  24. Sleeper

    Uber: And another tower

    So these are all level 2?
  25. Sleeper

    Uber: Towers keep coming...

    Level 2 amp with this one?