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  1. Killahbee

    Buying: ML-35 Adjusted/ASG-2 swine

    Looking for these weapons, prefer lower tiers but you can contact me for higher tier and we'll see what happens :)
  2. Killahbee


    When can we get rid of this galery and just paste pictures like most other forums. I really hoped we would FINALY have this function with the new forum.
  3. Killahbee

    Buying: Howler S.4, Adj/Mod ML35, spirit mk1

    Looking to buy one of these, PEDs on the card :) For howler: high tier is preferred! (or a low tier with high TIR that'll work too)
  4. Killahbee

    Buying: High tiered Enkidd Howler S.4

    Looking to buy one of these. Prefer high tier but if you have a low tier with high TIR that'll work too Would prefer a tier 3+, PM here or ingame :)
  5. Killahbee

    Selling: Tier 6 Adjusted EP-41! tt+ 3400

    Selling the following items: Bought for my socm8 toxx but he didn't come up with the peds... :confused: EWE EP-41 Military, Adjusted Tier 6.65 (TIR: 115) TT + 3400 SOLD! EMT kit Ek-2600, Modified Tier 1 (TIR: 132)...
  6. Killahbee

    It's time to make a statement

    Time for a statement? It’s been plenty of time since the yog buff came to light. The economic damage the yog buff has done to the game is big, Jun 17, 2020 was the last update we’ve had: Here you stated the...
  7. Killahbee

    Buying: Argonaut claws weak, BP-20 FEN, Boar (M), FAP

    Looking to buy the following items, might add more later. Weak Argonaut Claw, FEN Edition + amp ArMatrix BP-20, FEN Edition Full Boar (M) Bee
  8. Killahbee

    Selling: Melee Durability Amplifier 92 (L) 🍆💦

    Hello! Selling this very rare melee durability amplifier. They are hard to make! You can use this to get any of the 1 ped tt E.L.M. melee weapons with high tier rates to tier 10!! :yay: Now that tiering is "fixed" the swords go up much faster, you will be able to make alot of T10 weapons with...
  9. Killahbee

    Buying: Kinetic Attack Nanochip 11

    Buying this chip :) PM ingame or on the forums!
  10. Killahbee

    Buying: A-3 Punisher Mk.II, SGA Edition

    Looking to buy this gun :) PM me here or IG if you have one for sale!
  11. Killahbee

    Selling: Earth Shock Trooper (M) 65 TT!!

    Awesome armor to boost your dps/eco on mobs you can outrun. Or hunt mobs that dont decay the armor because they do 100% electric damage for example. Full Earth Shock Trooper (M)(L) Tier TT Helmet 2.49 16.84 Harness 2.09 18.85 Gloves 2.69 1.68 Shin 1.79 6.92 Foot...
  12. Killahbee

    Selling: T1 EMT kit Ek-2600 Modified - TT + 6000!!!

    Got this fap in a trade so it needs to sell :) 433 TT atm, tier 1 Price: TT + 6000 ped. Stats compared to adj fap: Adj FAP -> 21.67 heal/sec @ 25.00 heal/pec Mod 2600 -> 48.60 heal/sec @ 25.71 heal/pec
  13. Killahbee

    Selling: Skills: Melee, Mindforce, Mining,

    Selling the following skills. Under markup :) They are not on a chip yet. Melee Longblades - 5579 Melee damage assessment - 4558 Melee combat - 3887 Inflict melee dmg - 3723 Martial arts - 3460 Heavy melee weap - 3366 Shortblades - 3110 Power fist - 2563 Light Melee weap - 2431 Mindforce...
  14. Killahbee

    Selling: T1 .EMT kit Ek-2600, Modified - TT + 6200

    Got this fap in a trade so it needs to sell :) Full TT, tier 1 B/O: TT + 6200 ped. Stats compared to adj fap: Adj FAP -> 21.67 heal/sec @ 25.00 heal/pec Mod 2600 -> 48.60 heal/sec @ 25.71 heal/pec
  15. Killahbee

    Selling: 🛡️ Vigi SGA (F) & Adjusted Nemesis T2&T0 🛡️

    Selling these pretty armors :) 1 x Vigi SGA (F) 1x Adj Nemesis (M). tier 2 + 1 part tier 3 1x EST Set (M) 3x EST parts (M) 500% If you buy the full EST set. EVERYTHING SOLD! Prices are still there incase you want to see! Full Vigilante SGA edition (F) Tier Helmet 1.21 Harness...
  16. Killahbee

    Selling: Full Improved B.E. (F)

    Selling a full set of this (F) armor! Stats here: B/O: tt + 500
  17. Killahbee

    Selling: Kaiser-Graf HVMR-2, FEN Edition. Tier 1.99

    This awesome gun is for sale. This is one of 5 ingame! Tier 1.99 S/B: tt + 3k B/O: tt + 3.1k :wise: SOLD! Ends 24 hours after S/B has been offered. On top of a pretty unique look, the sound/effect when it shoots is awesome! +...
  18. Killahbee

    Buying: Thermal Sensor, Cooling System, Robot Scrap & BPs

    Buying These materials :) Robot Thermal Sensor Advanced Cooling System Unit Robot Scrap metal Blueprints: GeoTrek Super Alloy EnBolts Blueprint Melee Durability Amplifier 92 (L) Blueprint (L) Melee Durability Amplifier 94 (L) Blueprint (L) PM me if you have some for sale, either ingame or on...
  19. Killahbee

    Early migration? Daspletor?

    I would love to hunt eomon/longtooth with all this time :yay: Or daspletor, atrox queen, RX, Mayhem, hussk, hogglo diablo :) Just spam us with "events" MindArk!
  20. Killahbee

    Selling: 🛡️Armor Sets (M) and (F) 🛡️

    Hello everyone :) The following armor sets are for sale! Full Gremlin (M) Tier Face 1.09 Harness 2.29 Gloves 0.99 Shin 2.39 Foot 0.99 Thigh 3.09 Arm guards 2.10 tt + 150 Full Perseus (M)(L)...
  21. Killahbee

    Info: Ancient Greece shares information

    Some answers on questions :) Grabbed from official Next Island Facebook. When will shares be available? 3/10/2020 12:00 UTC Where are the shares being sold from? David Post's Next Island LLC How long will shares be available without resale to other Entropians? 6 months Why has Next Island...
  22. Killahbee

    Selling: (M) Armor sets! 🛡️ 🛡️

    The following armor sets are for sale! T0 Ghost (M) NO FOOTGUARDS tt + 110 Full T2/3 Gremlin (M) (will update tiers later) tt + 150 Full TIERED set Hermes/infiltrator (M) Tier - TT...
  23. Killahbee

    Help: Kaiser-Graf HVMR-2, FEN Edition BUGGED!

    MA Fixed it!!!!! No more green flashes :) Thank you!! :yay: Got a reply on support case that it's now fixed! This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised! Since support is giving me the copy/paste answer this is the last...
  24. Killahbee

    Selling: 💉 💉Hedoc Mayhem, Adjusted | Adj Fap 💉💉

    Tier 4.99! Ready for Tier 5! Adjusted Hedoc Mayhem Heals for 47.7 - 63.6 at tier 4. It's 4.99 so ready for T5! tt + 1750 (50 ped tt) Adjusted Fast Aid Pack (Adj fap) Very eco! Heals you for 50 hp with 2 pec cost! tt + 2500 (kept around...
  25. Killahbee

    Question: How can I buy boxes/keys?

    I get that I can deposit ped with bank transfer but I just want to open a few boxes. I don't have a CC and I'm not buying one... I know MA is in serious need of my money to hire some qualified skilled coders, any ideas?