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  1. Nukem

    "Project Entropia" ported to Nintendo

    Hmmmm??? :scratch2:
  2. Nukem

    Buying: Unlimited Thruster!

    :laugh: funny :laugh: Reminds me of my kids "she touching me" "no I wasnt" "yes you was" "no I wasnt" "yes you was" You 2 cut it out "dadddddd he is looking at me" "no im not" "yes you are" " no im not" :laugh:
  3. Nukem

    Selling: Raven Village #1: a great mansion

    May I ask the item points for this estate?
  4. Nukem

    downtime servers?

    Well I'm not MA but I'm pretty confident this is to fix a very obstructive space glitch that our society discovered 18 hours ago.
  5. Nukem

    Info: Mothership Names, Owners, Sales Information

    Hey guys don't turn this into something its not. All I did was simply asked them the question. To MindArk: Can you tell me if anymore motherships will be placed in auction? From MindArk: No not at this time.. No more Motherships Did anyone else bother to send in a support case to MindArk...
  6. Nukem

    Info: Mothership Names, Owners, Sales Information

    1st off everyone needs to calm down. I'm very confident that Ark Royal is the last (UL) Mothership to be sold in auction. There was extenuating circumstances that came about to have this last ship placed in auction. I'm not sure that MindArk wants this information released concerning these...
  7. Nukem


    For me personally, if I was to get a ATH that big, yeah I would complain. I would continue to wonder why some people get these massive ATH, while others are left to losing so much money on their activities. I will be honest here, I have never liked the balancing system in this game. I would much...
  8. Nukem

    Motherships and Space - suggestions

    Alot of great Ideas in this thread, i definitely +1 the added management ability. Certain people on the guest list should be given the rights to be able to manage the ship same as the person that hold the deed does.
  9. Nukems Naglfar

    Nukems Naglfar

    My Battleship
  10. Nukems Naglfar

    Nukems Naglfar

    My Battleship
  11. Nukem

    Scanners nerfed...WTF!

    Well marco did not meet the current plan of screwing over players, maybe the real reason he is unemployed? Of course who knows, maybe MA has better plans for the scanners in the future. The one consistent thing I have learned about MA is that things can and will change.
  12. Nukem

    Happy 4th of July!

    :yay: Happy Independence Day to all the Americans out there :yay:
  13. Nukem

    There will be threads...

    Awesome a dick measuring contest, I imagine space will bring lots of these in the coming months.
  14. Nukem

    Info: Colorer List

    Mrs Sinofmen Quayjay is 10 in coloring and 5 in texturing :yay: and provides her service out of the shop listed in the banner below.
  15. Nukem

    Info: Mothership Names, Owners, Sales Information

    I agree, MA needs money and right now they are basically printing their own money, let the press keep rolling :yay:
  16. Nukem

    Scammer alert

    This was a X-Patriot that was removed many months ago for similar activities. He tried something very similar to this with me in witch he asked to borrow a expensive set of armor that I owned. Luckily for me Patriot's keep extensive records of people like this and do our best to keep our members...
  17. Nukem

    NDA sucks

    Ok great, whatever, what I want to know is this, if these people did such a good job then why do Hanne and others not have a job with MindArk. I understand that some shit went down that you don't want to talk about but I'm here to tell you right now you guys are screwing up not giving these FPC...
  18. Nukem

    Planet Partners to Transport Players at a Discounted Fee: An Option That Might Spur More Activities in the Universe

    I thought the idea was for planet partners to acquire their own player base, not steal the player base from other planets.
  19. Nukem

    Security in Entropia- is your Cash safe?

    +rep to that This has been on my mind every time I open the deposit screen now, it causes me to skip a 0 or 2 when I'm doing deposits now. The whole situation sucks for everyone involved. I don't feel confident in this company like I did, its effecting my game-play, its effecting MAs profits...
  20. Nukem

    Is your avatar's name on this list? (Apology)

    Good point, so with that being said a Bump for reversing the damage done.
  21. Nukem

    Is your avatar's name on this list? (Apology)

    However many times it takes to make sure everyone is aware of the facts. The facts that I have posted yesterday, no one was aware of them before I posted them. I also received many compliments from many people that was slandered by those edited photos and accepted my apology. So maybe some of...
  22. Nukem

    Is your avatar's name on this list? (Apology)

    She only a site admin because she is leader of society, that doesn't mean she the only site admin or the one that was in charge of setting up and administering the forums. Just stop trolling the thread guys, this was to inform what the community was lead to believe was a lie and for me to...
  23. Nukem

    Is your avatar's name on this list? (Apology)

    Seems to me like a lot of people was hurt by this lie and a lot of people were looking for someone to blame. I have just gone through and gathered up all the facts and they don't even come close to what the public has been lead to believe. You might not personally care but there is allot of...
  24. Nukem

    Support Smoking Crack? Told to contact Hanne?

    Coming your way spongey :yay: May I ask what version update to expect that in please? :laugh:
  25. Nukem

    Is your avatar's name on this list? (Apology)

    I been talking with the guy that actually setup and administers our forums. According to him, the **BLACKLIST** was never displayed publicly in the 1st place, It was behind a password and kept private to society members only. He states that only the **REDLIST** was made publicly available. The...