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    Question: When we can expect events on Cp

    Simple question to mindark , when we can expect events on CP:yup:
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    Ai and jobs

    so what evryone think about this Automation in the Information Age is different.
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    Victorian women

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    Universal Basic Income

    so what evryone think about this :D
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    Entropia Universe on Mobile phones

    Is there any future plan to make Entropia Universe for Mobile phones . If you look at Old School Runescape. That got another 60k players to average player count. its been downloaded 1m times. great success! I think mobile would be good for EU in the short term :yup:
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    Kids Can't Tell Time Anymore

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    CPU Fan problem

    My fan died on Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo, and i was wondering what fan can i buy to replace it, anyone got some recommendation
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    Question: How to heal now vu 16

    Can someone tell me how to heal now when toogle auto use is removed , if it only way to click mouse all time that horrible news :mad::mad:
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    Voyager 1

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    Need help new laptop problem

    So i order new laptop Acer Nitro 5(ryzen 5 and rtx560x graffic card) and i got problem , it have Linux system on it and i cant change on boot menu to usb , no way for me to install windows 10 from usb. Does anyone know commands how can i delate Linux or any other way to...
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    Question: Fast trade program

    I wonder can someone make new Fast trade program , is it hard to make one , current one is not working 9 month
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    New York City in 1993 in HD

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    Office gaming pc chairs

    I am looking to buy new Pc chair so whoud love to hear some recommendation , , My Budget is around 100 euro :yup:
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    Cat On Airplane

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    Windows 7 vs Windows 10

    Hello i whoud like to ask is there any difference W7 VS W 10 in Entropia universe how game works, also overall system stability and how other games works. Is it worth upgrade My system i7 3770k --- gtx 1070 8 gb ---- 16gb ram
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    State of the Universe 2018

    State of the Universe 2018 -- just to remind Mindark and new Ceo to post this month
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    Buying: Ar-matrix Lr-15 with big tier rates

    If you got one pm me forum or ingame
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    If you own one of these cars, you're pretty much fucked.

    Even a mosquitoes inside that car died :)
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    Justin Bieber vs Mike Tyson

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    Funy Arab

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    Amazing 540 kick

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    Happy Easter

    Celebrate this Easter with a heart filled with love and peace. Have a blessed and wonderful Easter!
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    Selling: Neurostim -A

    Got for sale 330%
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    Money and banks

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    Nanocube removed from planet Cyrene no Exp crafting

    I heard from few ppl that nanocube are removed from cyrene , is it on purpose by planet partner to get local economy alive or Bug