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  1. Genoma

    Question: Furors for the event?

    Does anyone know where the Furors are? Thanks in advance for the help Genoma
  2. Genoma

    Selling: Full TT Eon Foot Guards Male(L)

    bump bump
  3. Genoma

    Selling: Full TT Eon Foot Guards Male(L)

    bu bump bu bye :yay:
  4. Genoma

    Selling: Full TT Eon Foot Guards Male(L)

    bu bu bu bu bump
  5. Genoma

    Selling: Full TT Eon Foot Guards Male(L)

    This offer is withdrawn due to lack of interest. The item will be placed on the in-game auction SB 1000 PED BO 1400 PED Bids include TT value of 145 ped, This is Not a TT+ auction Auction will end 5 days after SB or upon payment of BO. BO MUST BE PAID WITHIN 24 Hours or Bid will be...
  6. Genoma

    Items Stolen

    Apparently anything goes - WooHoo Interesting opinion, but what title would you suggest? Seems pretty self-explanatory to me, and accurate. neg rep to you for just being contrary. I think it's a valid debate. Just because the game allows a behavior doesn't make exhibiting the behavior...
  7. Genoma

    After One Month of Playing

    MA only needs to cover withdrawals, and pay their operating expenses... I realize no one ever reads license agreements, but EU is not a bank, and deposits are not deposits as much as they are a fee paid for a service. The service is access to the universe, and your access to the universe is at...
  8. Genoma

    After One Month of Playing

    Maybe a ditto, maybe a different way to say the same thing. I still consider myself a noob, as there is much in EU I have yet to experience, and I've only been playing for half a year. The fact is that MindArk has come up with a very successful formula, and many people enjoy the experience...
  9. Genoma

    What have you done lately?

    Ditto to D.J. I got inspired by this thread and last night after having several team globals with my buddy CozMo I went to the TT and bought an M2100. I stripped my snazzy threads so as to not look like Mr. Rockefeller and attract panhandlers, and looked for the worthiest noob I could find...
  10. Genoma

    bad behaviour

    :D I got mob-trained today. I was just waiting for the ATH. It will happen one day, and what a burn on the Av that started it. :wtg: Genoma
  11. Genoma

    TDO Newcomer Beacon Event - July '08

    Thanks for adding me! :yay: Looking forward to my first beacon mission! Been playing since 12/07, so still a noob, but not afraid to deposit, LOL. Genoma :wtg: