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  1. Lovely Bella

    Question: Crystal palace events

    When we can expect events on Crystal palace
  2. Lovely Bella

    Info: Cyrene Share loot Byg Bird

    Today around 19-00 ingame time, i will be spawning via new terminal over hunderd shared loot Byg Bird (105k)hp mob on Planet Cyrene . Sky Labs tp, Evryone welcome
  3. Lovely Bella

    Achievement: Quickness unlocked
  4. Lovely Bella

    Selling: Polaris F,M parts 102%

    Got parts for sale cheap 102% pm me here or ingame
  5. Lovely Bella

    Buying: xent tech light rifle prototype

    Pm me here or ingame :coffee:
  6. Lovely Bella

    Cyrene Noob fap Refurbished HEART Rank VI

    This First Aid Pack can be earned talking to Medical Tech Oran at ox101 supply depo tp --- cord 138505 77284 Mission got 8 stages : First two is simple turn in material , others are small hunting mission Gear up: New Fap - Stage 1 Objective: Hand over...
  7. Lovely Bella

    Buying: Hallowen ring 2019

    Looking to buy one :wise:g
  8. Lovely Bella

    Selling: Arsonistic Chips 1,2,3 Limited

    Got bunch Arso 1,2,3 for sale pm me here or ingame for some :cool:
  9. Lovely Bella

    Selling: Bella shop PCF (Pills,guns ithems .....

    Got some stuff for sale Pills multiple available [AccuStim 10mg]---- 5 PED [DevaStim 10mg]---- 5 PED [HyperStim 10mg]-- 5 PED if you buy over 30 pills price-- 4.8 ped each multiple available [Arsonistic Chip 1 (L)] [Arsonistic Chip 2 (L)] [Arsonistic Chip 3 (L)] [ [Imperium...
  10. Lovely Bella

    Mindark Annual Report 2019 if we can have some swed to translate us :yup:
  11. Lovely Bella

    Funny cops

  12. Lovely Bella

    Buying: ares ring augmented

    pm me here or ingame
  13. Lovely Bella

    Info: Planet Cyrene March 3rd 2020 VU Notes

    - Map overhaul -- While these changes haven't been drastic, they have been sweeping. -- Several new islands have popped up and almost each individual land mass has been expanded upon. -- We, of course, welcome any and all feedback about this map overhaul and encourage you to post it on our...
  14. Lovely Bella

    Mindark bank

    This is maybe old news but i havent see it on forum before
  15. Lovely Bella

    Selling: Arsonistic Chip 3, TEN Edition tier 7.5

    Selling Arsonistic Chip 3, TEN Edition tier 7.5 tt+7000 255-510 dmg Get some nice hp and dps with this toy peds,cld, ares ring aug +peds
  16. Lovely Bella

    Garbage Can Takes Out Kid

  17. Lovely Bella

    The Economy of Entropia Universe

    Just found this video today ,50k views in 1 day good to see some Eu video from big youtube channel
  18. Lovely Bella

    Selling: Christmas boxes

    Over 1000 avalible 2.3 ped each :smoke:
  19. Lovely Bella

    Info: Official Cyrene Event

    Late Holyday Event Spawn 2020
  20. Lovely Bella

    Achievement: Kill strike

    [/url][/IMG] Good start of new year hope it comes with uber hof next :yup:
  21. Lovely Bella

    Selling: Zorra HK rifle

    Selling this nice gun 3.21 dmg pec with mayhem delta or Ar matrix 70b sb tt+5400 B0- tt+5600
  22. Lovely Bella

    Buying: [A&P Series Mayhem BP-70, Perfected]

    Looking to buy one Pure peds :cool::cool::cool:
  23. Lovely Bella

    Buying: LP-70 FEN low tier

    Pm me if you got one for sale :wtg::wtg:
  24. Lovely Bella

    Buying: Corrosive Attack Nanochip 13, FEN Edition

    Looking to buy one low tier , if you got for sale pm me here or ingame :cool:
  25. Lovely Bella

    He throw