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  1. Phaser

    Help: Players with RX580 8Gb

    Hi all. I need some help to see if I have a problem with my PC or not. Any players out there that play EU with a RX580 8GB model? Could you please inform me about your average FPS in game? In particular around in cities with more avatars? Also please tell me what settings you are using...
  2. Phaser

    Suggestion: Bring back auto-tool

    The new system is ok, I guess, you did improve somethings, while you just change most of the thing by default. No problem, I will lose 1 or 2 hours configuring everything you change. But, no auto-tool? I am sorry but this is a big no, no. People will start using auto clicks again because...
  3. Phaser

    Withdrawal time

    Greetings all, Can anyone tell how much times it takes for a player get our peds from game into the bank account? Last time I made a withdraw (like 10 years ago) I had to wait almost 3 months! Is this still the case or things got more faster? Thanks in advance to anyone that replies...
  4. Phaser

    Question: Graphic Engine update & loot fairness

    Since the introduction of CryEngine, Entropia got better in some aspects but others totally neglected. Will we have a more modern graphics engine but not so demanding that force all players to build new PC's? Since the introduction of loot 2.0, the disparity between low globals and high Hofs...
  5. Phaser

    Selling: Selling Eudoracell pet

    Sold! Thank you.
  6. Phaser

    Info: TusaLusa Recruiting - Portuguese spoken only

    Note: Because of the Forum rules, this post is in English. TusaLusa is one of the oldest Portuguese spoken societies in Entropia Universe. We are recruiting people from all over the world, to join our ranks. Everyone is welcome as long you can speak Portuguese. Examples are people from PALOP...
  7. Phaser

    Iron mission counters broken?

    Did anyone notice any problems or bugs in the counters of the iron missions that are for points? Yesterday to complete a daily of Cornundacaudas, I noticed the iron mission points did not update. Today I had a feffoid daily, went to fort fury and the same thing. I am on level 2 of the iron...
  8. Phaser

    MA fix the dam client loader for once!

    I never had much problems with the client loader, but after this last VU, the dam thing just hangs. And before anyone came with the usual replies about AV and Firewalls and whatever, have in mind nothing has changed in my PC for a long time. My PC runs about 7, 8 games, it is on 24 hours days...
  9. Phaser

    Question: Can't get it! Enhancers give me different results???

    Ok, so I open the first tier of my fap, 2600, and I bought 20 economy enhancers. Instead of the usual 10 pecs / click, my fap started to decay 8 pecs / click. Now, I open the 2nd tier and bought 19 economy enhancers. Now the fap does 9 pecs / click :confused: Why on the first tier I do 8 pecs...
  10. Phaser

    What mob drops the pistol ISIS LLP 6?

    Just like the title, which mob drops the LLP 6 ? I look at entropedia but the place have not be updated for a while. If any hunters that ever looted one could tell me what mob drop it I would be very thankful. Thank you. :cool:
  11. Phaser

    Any owners of a AS-129?

    Greetings everyone, It has been a long time since I stopped playing PE, EU, PC, whatever you guys call it now. lol I had a weapon (AS-129) that I really liked, but it came to a time, I had to sell it, I made good money on it at the time. I am just wondering, if there are any owners of that...
  12. Phaser

    Happy xmas

    Its been a while since i dont play EU or come here on the forums. Most of it cames with the new requirements to play, still working on my comp. Even so, I dont forget all my friends here that I know for some years. So, to all of you (you know who you are) old and new friends, people that...
  13. Phaser

    Is it me or servers down?

    So? Everytime i try to log in tells me the servers are down. Cant be right...? Anyone can plz tell me? Need to know if its MA, me or something else. Will be here waiting on the forums. Thx
  14. Phaser

    Question: Whitdrawal

    I wonder how much time, in Europe, Portugal in my case, if any players already whitdraw some money from EU. How much time the process toke till you saw the money back in ur bank accout. Im in need of some cash and I was thinking to take some from EU but I need it fast. Portuguese players...
  15. Phaser

    Question: Events for miners?

    Events. Events are fun. Made by MA or not they are fun. What brings me to this conclusion: What about a MA event for miners? If memory dont fail me, the last "true" event dedicated to miners was when the asteroid hit Calypso. Mining was big. In 3 months we saw 3 major events, hunting...
  16. Phaser

    A xmas tribute to all my friends....

    This is my wish of a very happy xmas to all of you that know me. In this day lets forget the bad things that happend in the past. I hope the next year will be full of joy (and loot:silly2:) to all of us. Im going to name some people here that I consider my friends, others people that I know...
  17. Phaser

    Wire transfers deposits

    I have been using several ways to deposit money into EU, it depends of the money and ways i can use at the moment, be that credit cards, paybycash or some other ways. I have now tried for the first time, direct wire transfer into MA´s account. It was a simple process, I made everything...
  18. Phaser

    MA website not running?

    Is it me or......?
  19. Phaser

    Vote plz - Ty

    Hi all. I was wonder to get some numbers on the EF comunity to see how many of you (us) go to CnD and to do what. So plz vote. Thx alot.
  20. Phaser

    Question: Nemesis Shins. Where and what?

    I have been trying to get info on wich mobs loot what. Zap is getting low on info and prob because its our fault we dont give any info to him. The site dont have much loots updated. Entropedia also the same shit. I really want to loot a nemesis shins and foot. What mob to hunt? :scratch2...
  21. Phaser

    Deposits disabled

    Anyone got any word from MA why deposits of Ukash, Paynova and Paybycash are disabled? Or did anyone already sent a support case about it? I sent one couple minutes ago but I already know it will probaly take some time for them to reply.
  22. Phaser

    12 year kid sent me this

    I KNOW this is not the proper place to post this kind of things here on EF but I also know this part of the forum is what people read more, after some people read this, the admins, will move it for sure. I just found this amazing. This is a copy+paste whit some editing from a mail that I...
  23. Phaser

    Finaly something decent

    After starting a mining run yesterday on the planet (yea no cnd for now lol) whit shity depos, today after a global of 62 peds of oil I started to wonder "well at least is something" so i still had about 30/30 to blow up and continue my travels and whit no warning this lil baby show up on my...
  24. Phaser

    A new year, same things?

    First of all, I want to wish a happy 2008 to all of you my friends here on EF and in EU. You know who you are so I'm not going to say your names, you are just too many.:D To the people that never interact me in game of EF and to the comunity in general of EF/EU the best of wishes of a new year...
  25. Phaser

    Finally :))

    Hard work on it but finaly it came..... Now working on mineral sense... :rolleyes: