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  1. SupaPres

    Twitch Abuse

    Just sit and watch his viewers for 5 minutes. It will bounce around from 30-110+ every couple minutes. Also, the people in his chat. Most of the accounts where created in April 2020 and none actually follow him. It is an easy since of view botting. I have been streaming on Twitch from over 4...
  2. SupaPres

    Twitch Abuse

    Post updated
  3. SupaPres

    Twitch Abuse

    Good Day Everyone, Some might not like me but I do still have a lot of respect for the EU community. There is a twitch streamer Black Angel <--- Who is abusing the Twitch system. They are view botting and AFK streaming nothing. How to know? They get more viewers than Tia, Messi and Bonnie...
  4. SupaPres

    Lootius Mayhem: Episode One

    Fuck it, I am late to the game but Ill give this ago Michael Mike Duval
  5. SupaPres

    Mayhem Skill Boosts - STOP THEM

    I would say yes but sadly no, I'm not sure about everyone else but my Dmg is trailing my Hit by 5 levels. So I am technically not full cat. Also, this is my second full run. I thought I'd be fine but the skill boosts are killing me. Since I created this post I got a 127% boost and 12 minute 47%...
  6. SupaPres

    Mayhem Skill Boosts - STOP THEM

    When DPS is king during Mayhem yes that means a lot.
  7. SupaPres

    Mayhem Skill Boosts - STOP THEM

    In the normal game sure but when you are built for Cat 6 then get pushed to the bottom of cat 7 what chance do you have? Those people most likely have 8-9 level on you. Better weapons and armor. Also, if you level past the cap before finishing the 10h run you loss all progress there meaning...
  8. SupaPres

    Finished fist Mayhem run.

    First run got a 250 bonus points and that is all. Second run is my last as I am about to be pushed out of my cat. No bonus points with 3 hours left. So basically no 5k = no placement these days
  9. SupaPres

    Mayhem Skill Boosts - STOP THEM

    Can we please stop with all the skill boosts in Mayhem! I am about to be pushed out of my cat because I keep getting them! It is stupid, I am getting one every like 20-30 minutes for like 90+%!
  10. SupaPres

    Doubling Prizes, Are You Brave Enough?

    Add me Michael Mike Duval
  11. SupaPres

    University of California Riverside and Next Island Partnership

    Will the shirt be restricted to NI / AG within a week of receiving it? Asking for a friend :laugh:
  12. SupaPres

    Discovery: Karmoosh Aleef

    Where is that from?
  13. SupaPres

    Rinoa Bikini (F,C)

    I have a few more for sale. PM me here, ingame or on Discord.
  14. SupaPres

    Hello from MindArk's new Community Relations Manager!

    Welcome. And we never heard from them again!
  15. SupaPres

    Info: Ancient Greece shares information

    @Jetsina, This was posted by the official Next Island Facebook page.
  16. SupaPres

    Ancient Greece Shares

    The new armor alone will bring the people
  17. SupaPres

    Ancient Greece Shares

    Also, no ETA???
  18. SupaPres

    Ancient Greece Shares

    Shares for the first 6 month will pay as people grind the materials!!
  19. SupaPres

    L Bps not dropping?

    5k clicks on Attachment Gizmo's. Nothing. Can easily get 1 with a few clicks.
  20. SupaPres

    Server Downtime for Patch

    Will this patch address poor Next Island get fucked over with their content update?
  21. SupaPres

    Omegaton to Purchase Vast Quantities of Components

    Nearly 1m ped needed to be cycled for a 2700ped in rewards. A little lazy MA
  22. SupaPres

    Entropia Universe discord channel is live!

    I am actually sitting here waiting. IDGF what you have to say honestly :D If you don't like our Discord, Make your own. :D
  23. SupaPres

    Entropia Universe discord channel is live!

    Rules are Rules. Don't want to follow them Discord isn't for you. Simple.
  24. SupaPres

    Is it not allow to talk about other games???

    Saying Goodbye for incoming ban :D