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  1. SupaPres

    Twitch Abuse

    Good Day Everyone, Some might not like me but I do still have a lot of respect for the EU community. There is a twitch streamer Black Angel <--- Who is abusing the Twitch system. They are view botting and AFK streaming nothing. How to know? They get more viewers than Tia, Messi and Bonnie...
  2. SupaPres

    Mayhem Skill Boosts - STOP THEM

    Can we please stop with all the skill boosts in Mayhem! I am about to be pushed out of my cat because I keep getting them! It is stupid, I am getting one every like 20-30 minutes for like 90+%!
  3. SupaPres

    Achievement: Joining a noob club

    Well I did it! I joined the noob club and unlocked commando! :yay::yay:
  4. SupaPres

    Longtooth and Eomon Skin

    Anyone looted any yet? I need them :(
  5. SupaPres

    Selling: Thorifoid Berserker Mace FEN Edition

    I am taking offers. PM on here or Ingame - Michael Mike Duval
  6. SupaPres


    Has anyone else noticed this today? When you kill the mob then they go shielded. I have never seen this before.
  7. SupaPres

    Selling: Thorifoid Berserker Mace FEN Edition

    Just posting this here in case anyone is interested. Thorifoid Berserker Mace FEN Edition Wiki TT+16.5k OBO In no rush to sell but open to sensible offers. IGN Michael Mike Duval
  8. SupaPres

    Uber: FEN Mace

    Well my mark on Entropia has been made! Opened my account in 2008 and I have had some luck but nothing compares to this!!!
  9. SupaPres

    Finally Own A UL Log :yay:

    Good day everyone! So after years of paying MU on weapons I finally settled for an Aakas Fire Dagger. I have wasted so much PED doing stupid things I could have probably brought any UL gun I wanted! But alas I am setting my hunting budget low. I will be naked hunting with my Aakas, Melee IV...
  10. SupaPres

    Uber: Finally Happened!!

    9 years in game! Got my first Hunting Uber last year and this year I get a mining Uber!! F105 with level 5 :D Full size
  11. SupaPres

    Welcome to Entropia Explosives Universe

    title says it all, 3 x ATH's in one month Welcome to Entropia Explosives Universe
  12. SupaPres

    Duval's hunting log

    STARTING JUNE 1st! Good Day! Thank you for checking out my first true hunting log! I started this game back in 2007 when using an A-3 at level 7 was the cool thing to do! I then took at 9 year hiatus and returned just before summer migration 2016. I have recently gotten myself a decent setup...
  13. SupaPres

    Can you find out if this new site is legit?

    Hey everyone, Long time account, short time player here. I am currently seeing this link going around and it states •EntropiaFriends is an independant marketing partner of MindArk - the developer and operator of Entropia Universe. Can we confirm if this is the...