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  1. ToddFoxBurgess

    I' m gonna cry... I was distracted and sold 10 CL Deeds for 500 ped

    :( I got 500 PED for 10 land deeds at auction because I was distracted by my kid and Alvin and the Chipmunks. A whole years work wasted with one click. I have avatar skills for sale now. I be cashing out to avoid anything like this ever again.
  2. ToddFoxBurgess

    Uber: Nice One for 1422 Simple I Plastic Ruds

    I got spoiled today for 1422 PED on Simple I Plastic Ruds... I mining at FOMA now and just HOFed again for 554 PEDer of Caldorite. Good Day! Cool Stuff!
  3. ToddFoxBurgess

    Achievement: I have Unlocked Wounding?

    Cool! I unlocked wounding! :yay: How important is that? :scratch2:
  4. ToddFoxBurgess

    Question: Do you think that this would be a good idea?

    I was wondering? If we could allow others to use a Hairstylist chair or body sculpting unit the way we can lend others vehicles. Then we could own salons and hire hairstylists. I'm sure that would really improve real estate value and would be great to developpe an aspect of this game to make it...
  5. ToddFoxBurgess

    Uber: 1290 ped Caldorite at F.O.M.A.

    I was looking forward to this one! 1290 PED caldorite.
  6. ToddFoxBurgess

    Shouldn't Planet Calypso Universe be sold at retailers?

    I always dream of seeing a Planet Calypso DVD nicely packaged and for sale at our Local Futureshop or Best Buy. Without that there is no chance for worldwide success... The advantage to get the game in store is that... lets say... it could offer a certain amount of PED value worth of good items...
  7. ToddFoxBurgess

    Achievement: I have unlocked Medecine!

    I reached level 20 Paramedic and I unlocked Medicine! :yay:
  8. ToddFoxBurgess

    FYI: I will boast the merits of VINDICATOR armor

    After some research... One day I placed an order with Herbinosh Dendril Rakowski for Vindicator armor. That was the best move I have made since I was born on Planet Calypso 2 1/2 years ago. I combine my Vindicator armor with Mark 4A plates and I can take on most mobs I meet. With a vivo T20 and...
  9. ToddFoxBurgess

    Achievement: 200 000 Skill Points

    I decided to do the math today... I am at 202 532 skill points and counting. I'd consider that an achievement worthy of a thread. :)
  10. ToddFoxBurgess

    Achievement: I Hit Level 30 Evader

    Now I can "safely" hunt Aurlis at Crystal Palace. :P
  11. ToddFoxBurgess

    Has anyone thought of this before?

    I was thinking about how at the moment apartments and estates are not worth much much due to the fact that for many people they are mainly useless except for storage. So... Why not turn apartments into personal teleporters where you can teleport from your owned apartment / estate to any...
  12. ToddFoxBurgess

    Look at my new Clothing :)

    Thanks to LeeLoo Faith I now have a set of garb that is unique and awesome looking. Better than I had imagined...what do you think?
  13. ToddFoxBurgess

    Achievement: Unlocked Fashion Design!

    Wasn`t thinking about that at all...and suddenly I unlocked Fashion Design. There is something cool about Fashion Design. :) Xfire won t work for screenshots...sorry.
  14. ToddFoxBurgess

    Fox`s Bodyshop - Genesis Star C 13A

    Contact me through Entropia Forums or meet me in game...I am often at Camp Caravan, Port Atlantis, & Twin Peaks. At the moment I offer Bodysculpting, Hairstyling and Facesculpting services. My price at the moment is 15 PEDs or 3K sweat per procedure and may change if beauty material prices...
  15. ToddFoxBurgess

    Achievement: Unlocked Mineral Sense.

    This Afternoon .. I unlocked Mineral Sense. I hope that unlocks the uber HOFs. :)
  16. ToddFoxBurgess

    Achievement: Unlocked Avoidance

    After a whole day of punching Atrax and Cornu and wondering when it was going to happen...I have finally reached level 25 Evader and have unlocked avoidance...and it feels great!
  17. ToddFoxBurgess

    Buying: Mark 2C Armor Plating Blueprint

    I'm looking for a Mark 2C Armor Plating Blueprint. Please tell me your price. :)
  18. ToddFoxBurgess

    FYI: SGA Salamander gloves (F) SGA Edition

    I just looted my first SGA item in a Calamuzoid. It doesn`t even have a trade value yet. SGA Salamander gloves (F) SGA Edition. :yay: It says 797 PED mark up at auction on Entropedia. Not bad at all! I hope this is just the begining. For Christmas I asked Mindark for a Shadow Helmet (M) SGA...
  19. ToddFoxBurgess

    Uber: 1166 PED Feffoid Raider

    I,m on a roll! 1166 PED Loot included an adjusted Korss H400 (L). Great way to start my day!
  20. ToddFoxBurgess

    Uber: 1399 PED Lysterium for my birthday!

    actually......5 mins after my birthday was over....a surprise was waiting for me.. I spent all weekend hunting and mining at CND with a small few globals and a poor man`s HOF...Nothing to write home about. My intuition told me..."go to Calypso and mine there with your new finder". Si I did. On...
  21. ToddFoxBurgess

    Achievement: 150 Health Points - Medium Health

    No looking back! I hit 150 health points.
  22. ToddFoxBurgess

    Selling: Boar Unlimited Armor (M) (no gloves)

    I am willing to part with my Boar armor (M) Unlimited if the price is right. If you don`t like the Boar armor....then I don`t wanna know. :D Place your bids or message me.
  23. ToddFoxBurgess

    What is your favorite sports team?

    What Country are you from? Canada What is your favorite sports team? Mine is Montreal Canadiens :yay: Do you have a favorite player? Mike Cammalleri Habs won against the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight. 5-4 Go Habs Go!
  24. ToddFoxBurgess

    Buying: up to 50 K entropia forum dollars

    I'm only interested in good prices. :) anywhere from 25 000 K to 50 000K entropia forum dollars so i can buy my icons. I have some catching up to do with icons. lol
  25. ToddFoxBurgess

    FYI: ALL TIME HIGH Inc. actively recruiting.

    ALL TIME HIGH Inc. is seeking new members addicted to skilling and serious about thier game. Feel free to apply at S.O.C. terminal.