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  1. Photon

    Achievement: Shaolin turns 17

    If you spend 17 years doing anything, you've got to be an expert at it, right? Shaolin was formed 17 years ago - that's a pretty cool achievement deserving of a 'gratz' or two. We were discussing the other night if there is any older active soc out there - we just might be the grandaddy of...
  2. Photon

    Price Check Perseus (M) Unlimited

    Just a quick price check on this wonderful armour please. All parts are tier 2. Also, I believe it is the only full set in game, quite possibly unique.
  3. Photon

    Buying: Halloween 2018 or 2019 and Christmas 2017 rings

    I'm looking for either a Halloween 2019 or 2019 AND a Chistmas 2017 ring. Please get in touch if you're looking to sell one of these.
  4. Photon

    Selling: Christmas 2016 Ring

    All info here: Decreased Critical Damage - 25pp Increased Reload Speed - 15% Increased Regeneration - 200% Increased Run Speed - 25% Increased Evade Chance - 25% Increased Dodge Chance - 25% Increased...
  5. Photon

    Selling: Unique Legend War Axe

    So the time has come for this beautiful piece of EU art and history to be sold to a new owner. This axe has had a long and illustrious history within Shaolin and I personally will be sad to let it go. But the combined ownership has spoken and we're going to put it on the market. So before we...
  6. Photon

    Shaolin under new leadership

    I'd like to preface this post by thanking Orion for his years of service since the death of our previous leader Oberon. Under his stewardship, we've managed to grow and renew our noble society and I want to personally thank him for this. But as with all things, change is inevitable and our soc...
  7. Photon

    Help: Perseus Harness (M)

    Some might remember a thread I had going for information on Perseus (M) armour (the unlimited stuff). As of last night, I am the proud owner of all discovered pieces so far. The last remaining piece is the harness. With that in mind, I'd like to start the appeal for hunters who might be lucky...
  8. Photon

    Buying: Unlimited Perseus (M) parts

    I've started my collection with Feet and Arms. I'd now like to get the remaining parts that have been looted so far. Tracker tells me that the following pieces were discovered a while ago so I'm hoping they're out there with some active avatars: Perseus Thigh Guards (M) CZ Jane CZ Fri, 27 May...
  9. Photon

    Achievement: Unique Legend War Axe Tier 3

    Tiered the axe to 3 a few days ago. Huge thanks to Star for being insane enough to use it for hunting and get it ready for tiering. Tiering ingredients: (because I know Darkaruki loves this info for the wiki) And the swirlies:
  10. Photon

    Weapons shop - TI City Platinum 5F

    I've been quietly running a shop for the past year, selling discounted ArMatrix to various people and I'd like to publicise it now. I usually have a good stock of low, medium and high level weapons for a lot lower than market value. I also have some high tier number items from time to time...
  11. Photon

    Selling: High tier BC-85

    Please contact me in game. Tiers are: 2166, 2006, 1360, 2203, 2190, 1057, 1549, 1118, 1423, 1767 Looking for 250%. I also have one with the following tiers for 200%: 514, 409, 895, 821, 220, 274, 280, 314, 535, 269
  12. Photon

    Buying: GEC Spur Gears 4k Blueprint

    It's mostly because I hate to see a space in my blueprint books but I'd like to buy this print if you have a spare or one to sell. Any QR will do. Thanks!!
  13. Photon

    ArMatrix orders for Mayhem

    If you're thinking of entering Mayhem and are looking for a suitable ArMatrix weapon then I can definitely help out. Obviously I have no idea what the exact rules are this year, but 20 hours in an instance requires around 15 ArMatrix weapons (assuming roughly 1.5 hrs usage per weapon). If you...
  14. Photon

    Help: What the actual f**k?

    So someone asked me to make them some BC-65s and I had a print with 24 clicks on it. Nice, that should result (worst case scenario) in 6 or more guns. So I prepped the 24 clicks and this is the result: What the actual fuck...
  15. Photon

    Selling: High end ArMatrix - in shopkeeper

    I've got a number of high end ArMatrix weapons available in a shopkeeper for those who have the skills to use them. They're priced competitively and are in: Treasure Island City Platinum Building - Apartment 5F The range includes: BP-95, LR-95, BP-100, LP-100, BC-100, LR-105 Happy shopping!
  16. Photon

    Question: How to get skill progress bars displayed?

    So call me a noob, but I've seen various screen shots with the progress bar for skills on the HUD. Can someone please tell me how to do this? I've tried everything I can think of and can't get it to work.
  17. Photon

    Buying: Your leftover mechanomatrix components

    So I'm totally aware that MA have decided to stop us crafting mechanomatrix by removing the following components from loot: Accelerative Matrix Component I, II & III Cable Slot Adapter Component I, II & III Mechano Stabilizer Component I, II & III Regardless, I want to buy up all your...
  18. Photon

    Gonna have to wait a while longer :(

    It seems the LP-105 is being particularly elusive indeed! It's taken this long to loot the blueprint, but I only had 5 attempts and none of them worked. :( Here's a screenshot to (not) celebrate with:
  19. Photon

    Selling: High end ArMatrix

    High end L weapons are always a difficult prospect for a crafter. They're usually very expensive to make with a high cost to click, the blueprints are expensive to loot requiring level 7 or 8 weapon prints to loot level 9 or 10 blueprints and to make matters worse, there isn't much of a market...
  20. Photon

    Buying: Enhanced Talytic Converters (ETCs)

    I know that level 76 metal component crafters (who can craft level 14 prints) are like hen's teeth but if anyone can provide me with some ETCs I'd be very grateful. Contact me in game please.
  21. Photon

    Selling: Vast range of ArMatrix weapons

    Below is the list of current stock for ArMatrix weaponry. Happy for you to offer me below auction so you can net what I would have paid in auction fees. :) You'll also find my list of current blueprints. If you see a blueprint of an item that I haven't already crafted then get in touch and I'll...
  22. Photon

    Buying: Calypso shop - preferably Twins Peaks or Port Atlantis

    I'm considering opening up a weapon shop again. If you've got a shop for sale or you're just hanging onto it for who knows what then I'm interested. Please get in touch. :)
  23. Photon

    Problem crafting ArMatrix BP-90

    Just came across a weird problem and am wondering if others have seen this. When are High Performance Vents not High Performance Vents? What am I missing? :)
  24. Photon

    Discovery: ArMatrix BP-60 (L) and ArMatrix BP-80 (L)

    Couple of nice discoveries this past day. ArMatrix BP-80 (L)
  25. Photon

    Selling: Upgrade your Loudmouth: Galaxy 12V Gel Batteries

    I've got a few stacks of 52 of these for sale if you're interested in upgrading your DOA Loudmouth. I will be cheaper than the 2000% currently on auction. Talk to me.