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  1. Jhereg

    Buying: EMT kit Ek-2600, Modified or Hedoc Mayhem, Improved - BOUGHT, CLOSED

    Found one, thanks :)
  2. Jhereg

    Price Check Superior Thorifoid Berserker's Helm (M)

    Anyone got a link in game? I can't recall how much one of these are worth. Might be looking to get one too if you know of one for sale. Thanks all :)
  3. Jhereg

    Selling: 32x Vacuum Flux Energy Generator (800 Ped)

    Looking to sell these components: 32x Vacuum Flux Energy Generator (800 Ped) PM me your price.
  4. Jhereg

    Guess at Basic Loot Algorithm Structure

    A basic guess at the hunting loot engine....with few details :) *EDIT: I've changed the 95% factor on the fap cost and armor cost to factors alpha1 and alpha2. I don't think we know enough for me to actually put a specific number on it, and it was causing way more confusion than it needed to...
  5. Jhereg

    Price Check Female Boar Set

    Price check on a tier 0 female boar set. Thanks all :)
  6. Jhereg

    Buying: Looking for Merry Mayhem Male Set

    Found, thread can be closed.
  7. Jhereg

    Achievement: RL: I'm a doctor!

    Passed my PhD defense and got my Dr. title :). 7 hard years but it is finally done. WHEW. Such a relief. EU might have made it take about 2 years longer than it needed too ... :P
  8. Jhereg

    Selling: Summer Ring 2018

    Looking to sell this ring. Has autoloot, 25% acceleration, and increased crit chance and crit damage. Asking: TT+14 250 Zho
  9. Jhereg

    Dune Rider Armor Set Male and 5 x Armor Plating Mk. 5B, Adjusted

    Male Dune Rider Armor Set Harness T3.99 Arms T2.99 Thigh T4.74 Shin T4.99 Foot T5.47 Gloves T3.67 Helmet T4.92 This set has 20 more protection than regular angel, with 28 defense across impact/cut/stab/burn/penetration, without...
  10. Jhereg

    Selling: Restoration Chip, Improved and Improved Gyro Fap

    Improved Gyro Fap Tier 2.99 This is a comparable heal tool to the Fast Aid Pack, Improved, FEN Edition with similar heals and decay. In addition, it also has improved skill gains like the Improved FEN. A test of the skill gain demonstrated...
  11. Jhereg

    Suggestion: Please make 2fa backup code able to be changed

    Currently, there is a 2FA backup code that is only five letters long that can remove your 2FA. I believe it is only 5 letters long. And it can't be changed, as far as I know. (Each time I use it, the code is not refreshed). Which means once the code has been compromised, the current system, as...
  12. Jhereg

    Question: How many Improved GYRO FAPs are out there?

    Just curious, how many Improved GYRO FAPs are out there? Zho
  13. Jhereg

    Price Check Gold Rush 2016 Armor Set Male

    Just a quick check on the price of this set. Thanks :)
  14. Jhereg

    Buying: Auto Loot Ring (Summer 2018, Christmas 2015)

    Looking to get an auto loot ring. Mainly summer 2018, but will also consider christmas 2015. Please PM me if you have one available. FOUND, THREAD CAN BE CLOSED!
  15. Jhereg

    Selling: Devastim, Accustim, Hyperstim, Neurostim A for Mayhem

    Almost time for Easter Mayhem, and I've got the following pills in stock at the moment HyperStim 5mg (Quantity: 0) HyperStim 10mg (Quantity: 0) 5/ea HyperStim 15mg (Quantity: 0) 30/ea AccuStim 5mg (Quantity: 52) 3/ea AccuStim 10mg (Quantity: 11) 5/ea AccuStim 15mg (Quantity: 16) 22/ea...
  16. Jhereg

    Selling: Tier 3 and 4 Liakon M Set

    Got an upgrade, so looking to sell this lovely set of armor :) SOLD!! Harness T4.54 Arm 4.23 Thigh 4.85 Shin 4.51 Helmet 3.99 Foot 4.99 Gloves 3.56 SOLD!!
  17. Jhereg

    Selling: WTS: Modified 2350

    Want to sell one of this, T0.99 TT+3700 firm.
  18. Jhereg

    Price Check: Protector of the Empire (M)

    Just a quick price check on Protector of the Empire (M)
  19. Jhereg

    Selling: Some Pills

    I've got the following pills for sale: HyperStim 15mg (Quantity: 16) 23 Ped ea Sold Out AccuStim 15mg (Quantity: 17) 23 Ped ea DevaStim 15mg (Quantity: 20) 23 Ped ea HyperStim 5mg (Quantity: 38) 2.5 Ped ea AccuStim 5mg (Quantity: 37) 2.5 Ped ea DevaStim 5mg (Quantity: 39) 2.5 Ped ea...
  20. Jhereg

    Selling: Earth Shock Trooper (M,L) Sets

    Hello all. I'm selling my sets of Earth Shock, both are male. Set 1: Harness: Tier 0.44, TT: 59.16/66 Arm: Tier 1.40, TT: 36.78/48 Thigh: Tier 0.72, TT: 42.57/48 Shin: Tier 1.79, TT: 31.08/42 Helmet Tier 0.31, TT: 38.22/42 Gloves: Tier 1.39, TT: 19.87/27 Feet: Tier 1.29, TT: 19.77/27 Total...
  21. Jhereg

    Selling: Arsonistic Chip TEN Edition Tier 2.11

    Got this cutie for sale from a trade, send me your offers :)
  22. Jhereg

    5k Points, the Binomial Distribution, and the Birthday Paradox

    Just putting this here while it is on my mind. If (based on anecdotal evidence) we assign a probability to the chance of getting a 5k per hour, we can use a binomial distribution in order to calculate the approximate chance of looting a particular number of 5ks per 15 hour run. Let's assume...
  23. Jhereg

    Selling: Summer 2019

    Currently on auction.
  24. Jhereg

    Selling: Ares Augmented and Halloween 2018

    Re-tuning my gear. Looking to sell Ares Augmented and Halloween 2018 ring. Make me an offer and if it is reasonable these could be yours! Items of interest: Summer 2018 and LP-70 FEN (or comparable efficiency gun, so bp70 is another option...) Zho. ARES AUG IS SOLD. H18 left.
  25. Jhereg

    Mayhem Rentals: Halloween 2018, Perfected Ares, Ranger Scope Mk. I, Laser Sight Mk. I, BC80 Augmented T6

    It is that time again! I have a few things for rental during Mayhem. Rentals will be 23 hour shifts, with 1 hour grace period for returning gear. Please message me with time frame you are interested in renting for... Halloween 2018 Collateral: 32 000 peds Rental Fee: 230 peds / 23 hours...