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  1. Crille

    Flying over Hades

    Made a small video when I successfully took of from Cape Corinth. Music: Akino Arai - Natsukashii Umi Hope you like the view :) xJDQ-Lz_C9c
  2. Crille

    Buying: SGH 2200(M)

    Looking for anyone with Fire Forge SGH 2200 or FF SGH 2200M. PM if you got :)
  3. Crille

    Selling Nemesis (M)

    Ok then, selling my Nemesis (M) armor without foot-guards. It's a very nice armor especially with 2A+ :) , check stats here: All the parts are at 80% TT. Market price according to the avarage "Market Value". Harness: 54 + 310 Arms = 36 + 270...
  4. Crille

    Kerberos "Event" videos

    Hi everyone, recorded without sound on the Kerberos "Event" and this is what I saw. It's not THAT good, but it's something :) Divided in 3 parts: Part 1 - Follow Da Part 2 - Fighting Part 3 - Reviving...
  5. Crille


    Well.. This is a n00b question right? ;) When you are going to places with spaceships. You pay the pilot an amount of money, but what prevents the pilot from taking the money and leave before take-off? :scratch2: Or is it just me beeing uber stupid again? :P
  6. Crille

    Money bug (?)

    The pic explains: Click to enlarge I it just me, or do i get 1 pec more than i should? :scratch2: Thank you MA.. :bowdown:
  7. Crille

    Birthdays today

    :birthday: to: Koder_PT , scuba , Hallos , Xerces , Crille (OMG that's me), Darwoody Christmas is a nice day to have birthday on :) Btw: I'm 18 today! :lift::ahh: Marry Christmas everyone! Go and ATH some now!
  8. Crille

    New MA videos (?)

    Anyone seen these? Or is it just me that has forgot them.. :wtg:
  9. Crille

    Hit Ability

    Hello. I just wonder what Skills effect the Hit Ability on guns. Does anybody know? I just love emotes: :poke:
  10. Crille

    Stepmania Master

    Do anyonw knows what Stepmania is? It's a game where you press the according key when the falling arrow hit the "arrow spot".. Something like this: (I got D on this one myself)...
  11. Crille

    Uber armor pics

    Hello y'all. I have been collection images of "uber" armors. I got most of them.. Exept Protector which i do not want to post yet because it not a good shot. But here you go! Enjoy..:banana: Shadow Eon...
  12. Crille

    Recording tool

    I'm looking for a good recording application. I have tried some tools but they record kind of laggy. I have seen movies which have nice FPS and do not lagg (eg McCormick videos). Which program do they use? FRAPS? :loco:
  13. Crille


    And don't ask how I got on the roof in echidna. I really don't know :silly2:
  14. Crille

    Some armors

    I am looking for anyone that got these armors: -Explorer -Expedition -Renegade Please contact me if you have :)
  15. Crille

    My first HoF :D

    Today I got my first HoF! I was so suprissed, because i was not expecting more than pecs :D I got 460 PED on an Atrax Dominant :) I was hunting in Atrax Park @ Amethera (North of Nate) Click to enlarge