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  1. warwar

    Yogs and thoughts

    MA said lately: 5 participants in Summer Mayhem Annihilation and 7 participants in Summer Mayhem Assault. But they could show their names to the community to know who are those "heroes" or ban them forever, but I guess we know their names, the same guys who are cheating for decades, winning LA...
  2. warwar

    Buying: Meckel & Loch ML-35, Modified, DOA Foeripper

    hello guys, If you got these old great items pm me, please: Meckel & Loch ML-35 Modified T7+ DOA Foeripper T9+
  3. warwar

    Biggest PVP4 Kill Ever?? 6.2K PED (Silent Uber)

    3 of them as it seems on the screen btw mine best result several years ago around 6500 ped solo.
  4. warwar

    Suggestion: Reintroduce roman numerals for deposit sizes!

    Make entropia great again, I wanna back to see old roman numerals in mining, but for items leave it as it for now please.
  5. warwar

    Are my old mining maps relevant?

    basically yes, some of them changed a bit, hit rate, drop rate, also sometimes don't be confused, there is a lot of lysterium time to time.
  6. warwar

    Info: Post 09/2019 Mining Log

    in your stats (tt return, Mu return) you have no chance to earn peds, so how the guys that you blame for, mining somewhere 24/7?
  7. warwar

    Info: Highest known Intelligence in Entropia

    update: 88
  8. warwar

    Question: Filler Ores and Enmatter (lyst/oil)

    Mining dead many years, long time ago people farmed solis beans, zanderium, redulite, and other resources, you could spend a whole day mining, there were no waves, no lysterium in the right place, prices were much higher, today most of resources have zero MU.
  9. warwar

    Achievement: Highest HP avatar ingame and the story

    A very powerful story, glad to be in one soc for a while, was a great time together. The moral of the story, do what you want and what you believe as much as you can.
  10. warwar

    Info: Highest known Intelligence in Entropia

    87 intelligence, and I think it didnt change for last 5 years I guess.
  11. warwar

    Achievement: 600k skills.

    nice stats!
  12. warwar

    Discovery: Discover Good People at Entropia Universe :)

    The most precious thing in this game I got many new friends:ahh:
  13. warwar

    Achievement: Rank - 100 Prospector

    GZ! A huge result!!! Just curious how did u get it, Total Loot: 809 796 PED so far and 100 lvl, iam 660.000 total mining loot and 79 lvl only.
  14. warwar

    Uber: Corrosive Attack Nanochip 1 UL

    Gratz! Did MA added missions for TI mobs?
  15. warwar

    Selling: Skills

    Bump :smoke:
  16. warwar

    PvP Globals Screens!! :yay:

    There is nothing to do now Vigi, tnx MA there is no action like before. What Is Dead May Never Die ;)
  17. warwar

    Selling: Skills

    Hello all, i`ve decided to sell some skills, have lot of them (400k+) Pm me in game or here if you wanna buy anyting. combat: Rifles 10000 Longblades 8600 Marksmanship 8400 RDA...
  18. warwar

    EU and IRL!!

    good story Triffle, it is always nice to meet people that you know a long time and that you never seen :rolleyes:
  19. warwar

    PvP Globals Screens!! :yay:

    gz Kayla, still got Felis? :D Old dogs love pvp, without it EU is boring a bit, it`s been a while when we were fighting many times against each other :D
  20. warwar

    MA is leading an unfair game

    I know them both, there are two brothers, we were in on soc some time ago, I talked them on skype even, so I can admit that they are two different men.
  21. warwar

    Well Done MindArk!

    thank You Mega, it is very helpful, it is been a while.
  22. warwar

    Well Done MindArk!

  23. warwar

    congratulations to messi

    The game has never been equal for all players, also, there is no rule play hard and get more, that does not work, so nothing new here, some people always will want more, because they think that they deserve it, but there is one god named MA.
  24. warwar

    FYI: PvP 100% Hit rate.

    I remember the situation after one update, when your soc started lose all land by land, was a good step from MA to make this game fair. Btw i know some ppl from your soc who werent cheater, so i do not blame all of You.
  25. warwar

    FYI: PvP 100% Hit rate.

    Attention, a cheater found cheater! :laugh: