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    Alabama MS warp services

    Hello, Offering Mother Ship warp 25 peds per warp. Any group size any location. For more details please contact me, in-game or via private message (i have the e-mail notification active and i will answer if im on pc). If you want at a certain time a warp just send me a message and i will do it...
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    Level 2 UL Sga/non sga mining amps

    Hello, Any prices for this toy ? Thanks!
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    Buying: Adj extractor

    Hello, Im interested in buying one of this toys, please contact me A good day!
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    Selling: Cald

    Hello, Im selling 5k cald @ 115% SB/BO NO pm just port here first came first served A good day!
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    Question: Mining missions

    Hello, After today's VU ive notice that i can find some mining mission: Lysterium, Belkar, Blausariam, Iron,Pyrite - Port Atlantis or Twin Peaks Zinc, Narcanisum, Frigulite, Cumbriz ,Copper, Caldorite - ?? Thanks!
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    Info: Drone mission

    Hello, After the new VU i've started the new drone missions, you will get the mission from fort troy at Capitan Stonelock : Stage 1: - 1200 kill points - reward: From 2604 melee combat to 2617, 13 skills at 0.25 Stage 2: - 3000 kill points
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    Selling: Cyrene bp's cheep :)

    Hi IMPORTANT I'M ON CALYPSO Im selling some Cyrene bp's: lvl 1 ferguson's all purpose labe 0.42 800% robotics enhancing gel 1.62 1000% lvl 2 reflective coating 2 5peds ferguson's all purpose amalgam 0.6 900% bonding liquid 0.28 2k% cold protective coating 1 3peds protective coating 1...
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    Breer M4A

    Hi I have a Breer M4A UL rifle, can anyone tell a price for that ? Thanks
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    Selling: Shadow arms M SGA t1.1

    Start bid: tt+8k Buyout bid: tt+8.5k The tiers:
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    Selling: ML-35 t2.9

    Start bid: tt+9000 Buyout bid: tt+9250 Here are the tiers: NEW PRICE!
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    ML35&shadow arm sga M

    Hi, I want to sell this two items ML35(tier 2.9) and shadow arms M sga (tier 1), can anyone get me a range price for them. Thanks!
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    I need to delet my accout

    Hello, Can any admin of the Entropai Tracker contact me ? I have a ET tracker and lost password, when i recover the password ive notice that was my brother avatar name and he quited 2 years ago. Ive try to make a new account ... and i cant .... make my avatar account. Ive made try to contact...
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    1st SoF hof in 2012

    Not much but nice
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    Selling: Vigi M set(no foots)

    Hello Im selling a vigi armor set with no foots Sb:tt+200 Bo:tt+250 Auction close in 1 day from the 1st bid
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    Selling: Cloths

    Hello, Im selling the next cloth: 1 Nice flame set at tt+50 starting bid: 2 A nice jacket (opening tt+5) and a shirt (opening tt+30): Please note that the cloths are low tt (same as my ped card) and you will not see the full effect of the colors. After the 1st bid is place will start a...
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    Help: Missions from VU 12.1.3

    Hello, Can someone post here a list with all the new missions please, im very confused. Thanks!
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    Genesis Star Earth Excavator ME/04

    Anyone know how much one of this Genesis Star Earth Excavator ME/04 is this days i wanna sell it with tier 1 and high tier rates.
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    After my second half marathon

    Today i've taken part in my second half marathon, first mountain marathon(2:32:45h). It was very nice and very cool, lot of snow and meet new friends. My number is 136 and the pictures are here :
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    1st Half marathon today :)

    Today i will take part in my 1st half marathon race :) hope i will do a good job :D You can see it live at : it will start at 8.30 MA time :D so ruuunnn!!!
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    Buying: Cb19

    seeking a cb 19 Ul
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    Shadow arm sga and small apartment

    I'm interested to know how much this are this days: Shadow arm sga (tier 0.7 at the moment) Small apartment :confused:
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    Selling: Opals, Emeralds, Rubies and Garmets piles

    Hello, I have: Opals: 1k piles=200 peds tt SB/BO:1.8k% Emeralds: 1k piles=300 peds tt SB: 125% BO:140% SOLD to Akon, ingame Rubies: 1k piles=400peds tt SB:120% BO:140% SOLD to Naomi Garmets: 1k piles=150 SB:105% BO:110% All bids will be made by posting NO personal message will be valid.
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    Ml35 t1

    Thanks a lot to "Auktuma's Charitable Tier Upgrading Service (ACTUS)" I have my ml35 at t1 :) here are the materials you need for upgrade. 1st column is what is requested 2nd column is what ive got back +10 i was the 10th ml35 guy that made the upgrade at ACTUS :yay: Thanks and good job mate :)
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    More eco :D

    I like old time tools with nice eco :) I like em more after this vu :) I like my new EE-05 :D waiting for tier 2 :yay: Edit: sorry i dont know how much it cost me ... forget to calculate
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    5th this year

    My 5th loot over 1k: me and soc mate :) The lyta is for sell, message me.