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  1. Gill

    Selling: Auto loot Gorilla

    hi, looking for a good adoption future for him...for 2k. Regards, Gill
  2. Gill

    Buying: Japan mask, Artic civilian pants and arctic walkers (F)

    hi, been shouting in-game for months and tired... please PM me your offer. Civilian Uniform Arctic Pants (F) Omegaton arctic walkers(F) Japan Mask Regards, Gill
  3. Gill

    separated home screen of ios10

    hi guys, i recently got an iphone with ios10 and i see it gave us separated home screen, widget one on the left and the home on the right side. since i like simplicity, i would like to delete the widget there any way to do that ? searched on the net but all i got was about the safety...
  4. Gill

    Free Hunt Event "Gun Fever" by "" Streamed Video

    hi, just a small hunt event i host for noobs and i take vids just to fend off ocassional trolls who claim im a scam. currently marking 100th hunt so far. Gill Greed channel Visit > < for more Info. hosting reason here. donating globals for animals here. past event log. rgds, Gill
  5. Gill

    title on pcf

    i just realized today that my title here changed from old to provider...time has no mercy i have to feel my age not only in real but also in athereal... is there a list of title here ? i see some has pretty interesting one under name.
  6. Gill

    Selling: Make a small change in the world...through MU.

    I'm Gill Greed Gush, the host of Free hunt event "Gun Fever", Recent Hunts gave us some item loots worth to sell. Following the rule of the event, I'm intending to make donations for; ARK (Animal Refuge Kansai, Japan-based, an International Associate Member of the RSPCA) from the sales of...
  7. Gill

    Selling: Looted items from Free Hunt Event, For Humane Society Donation

    Hiya. I'm the host of Free hunt event "Gun Fever", Gill Greed Gush. Recent Hunts gave us some item loots worth to sell. Following the rule I have set for the hunt, I'm intending to make donations for the Humane Society from the sales of these items. Please PM me in-game or reply here for the...
  8. Gill

    Selling: Isis LBC 4 (L), TT Value : 16.07 PED, For Humane Society Donation.

    Hiya. I'm a host of Free hunt event "Gun Fever", Gill Greed Gush. Recent hunt gave us the titled item and following the rule I have set for the hunt, I'm looking for a buyer of the item. Please PM me in game or here for your bid, highest bidder will won the rifle, so that everyone involved...
  9. Gill

    Buying: Starkhov AS-97

    hi guys, I'm interested in the titled item. should be normal one, NOT adjusted one. TT value does not matter. Tier should be 0, smaller the better. contact me in game / send me PM here for your offer. Thank you for reading. *bows* Gill
  10. Gill

    Info: CheapA$$ Hunt presented by on ROCKTROPIA

    Nice to meet you, fellow Entropians. I have been hosting hunting teams for over 3monthes on the Calypso and I can proudly say that I have had successful hunts there. On the road to 100th hunts there, I have met many people, got some globals. I even enjoyed dealing with trolls. Recently I have...
  11. Gill

    Selling: Improved Fap

    Tier 1.9 95k SB 100k BO Gill
  12. Gill

    Imp-Fap @

    Website : Avatar Name : Gill Greed Gush Healing Rate : (Fixed) and (Flexible) (Fixed) 50PED/hour + Decay Discount Plan : -5PED if added to team name (Flexible)(Mobs L50+) 15% of your Global/HOF/ATH + Decay Discount Plan : -5% if added to team name Both options...
  13. Gill

    singer of

    female singer of heya guys, does anyone know about the female singer who was providing for the official site of ? it's like a decade ago... I remember the catchy music and I want to listen to it if I have a chance. Gill oh btw, have a happy new year :}
  14. Gill

    anyone having exceptionally slow response to your support case ?

    hey guys, I have updated my case with needed documents on 11th/Dec and still no response. hows you guys case doing lately ? is it just for this Xmas/end year season or did i offended them in some way ?? ;) Gill
  15. Gill

    multiple withdrawal request

    Hiyas. Is it possible to make mutiple withdrawn request ? like, you request another request while waiting for the first one get commited. ...I'm expecting to hit a tower per month from mining, so... Gill
  16. Gill

    Buying: Improved Fap

    hello. as the title says, I'm looking for an imp fap, any Tier. paying 95k in PED PM me here or add me in game to discuss about the trade. *bows* Gill
  17. Gill

    sound while offscreen

    hi guys. I want to listen to entropia universe music even while im offscreen. is there any way to make it possible ?? Thank you. *bows* Gill
  18. Gill

    unable to copy and paste from the mentor's details.

    hi guys. even tho im not interested in being someone's disciple, i was looking throu mentor register window and found many mentor's has their own URL of youtube, face book etc for additional contact addres. unfortunately and inconveniently for both mentors and wannabe students, it is not...
  19. Gill


    Hiya. the title tells much :} and this idea would bring MA profit, and profit only. and the cellphone has at least two function; sending SMS SS taking SMS I wonder why we colonists dont have even a gadjet to send a message while your friend is offline, like sending SMS via cellphone nowdays...
  20. Gill

    Helping while Playing.

    first of all,I have to admit that my idea is irrevant until the tax-related issue that I mention later in this post is solved but anyway, I express my idea here. I want to see another opportunity to donate for organizations you choose from a list everytime you deposit to play an online game...
  21. Gill

    Expanding Rookie Items for the future of population on each planets.

    I want to suggest one idea to give sweaters/newcomers more oppotunity to enjoy EU without spending much or none, for the future of more population of each planet. nowdays many MMO is taking a leap to go limited free-to-play option and I think EU with the real cash economy can be better than...
  22. Gill

    test test

    be the HOF with ya...