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  1. Crille

    PA: You are running low on memory - no I'm not!!!

    Oh really. What program is that?
  2. Crille

    Oberon's Mo's Perch VIDEO

    Oh wow. Thats nice! I do belive you just owned MindArk/FPC. Ninjas <3
  3. Crille

    Server Down For Release

    Wait, wait what? The beverages finally arrived??! .... ... Oh I see, minor update... *goes back to deep sleep*
  4. Crille

    Are you an Old Player but not super active?

    6 years + now.. And im still waiting for those beverages :( It feels like its the same old game as back in 2004, but with better graphics and new planets.. oh yeah, and missions.....
  5. Crille

    Info: MA & Swedish people thank Neverdie for Rocktropia

    lol, "Tack för att du betalat din TV avgift." English: "Thank you for paying your TV fee"
  6. Crille

    Flying over Hades

    Made a small video when I successfully took of from Cape Corinth. Music: Akino Arai - Natsukashii Umi Hope you like the view :) xJDQ-Lz_C9c
  7. Crille

    Oberon Flying @100% Success Rate

    It seems that its easier to take of while having higher FPS / lower settings, or is it just me?
  8. Crille

    How many bombs to Rich(es)

    1342. Good luck! :)
  9. Crille

    The Mindforce powers of the future

    Cloaking Chip Turns the skin into the surrounding texture. Maybe even slightly transparent. - Will be a must-to-have in PVP matches/events. Remote Viewing (Mind Travel) Chip Enables you to spectate places without actually be there. - See whats behind hills and mountains. Spy on an area...
  10. Crille

    3D Pictures from VU 10!

    I think its something wrong with my eyes. Sometimes i see the thumbs 3D without glasses at a distance :eek: Its acually kinda cool :)
  11. Crille

    New Nvidia Drivers

    I asked support before and they replied, look at post 29. So it seems that the problem is with the drivers, and MA is waiting for Nvidia to fix it. I also sent an email to Nvidia about this, but i think it might take a while.. :(
  12. Crille

    New Nvidia Drivers

    I had the BSOD problem before, but now it works pretty good with the right settings, seems that someone did something.. If I am using too high settings, nv4_disp.dll crashes and I have to restart the computer, but no BSOD. I am currently using latest graphics driver 195.62 with 8800GT.
  13. Crille

    New Nvidia Drivers

    I still get BSOD after like 5 - 10 min ingame with latest drivers.. I sent a Support Message to FPC and got this reply: Translated to english:
  14. Crille

    Secret picture from server park

    Haha, loot server :laugh:
  15. Crille

    Help: WTF? Take a guess and win 1000 EFD.

    Unique Red Atrox Egg? :tapfinger
  16. Crille

    3D Pictures from VU 10!

    Great 3d work! Acually, the thumbs have a better effect than the fullsize image :silly2: Or maybe its just on my glases?
  17. Crille

    Nvidia driver issues

    Is Entropia still messing up the drivers? Anyone, is it fixed?
  18. Crille

    Nvidia driver issues

    bump? (to short)
  19. Crille

    Nvidia driver issues

    Does anyone still getting BSOD with latest (190.62) Nvidia drivers? Is it fixed?..
  20. Crille

    Version Update 10.0.9 Content List

    EDIT: Disregard this.
  21. Crille

    Version Update 10.0 Announcement

    I also got the Program configuration error, how did you fix it? Downloaded it again? EDIT: Oh didn't see the previous post
  22. Crille

    Uber: 21531 Itumatrox

    Grattis! :)
  23. Crille

    Can ANYONE explain this????

    Oh nice. It a UFO sighting. :) EDIT: Maybe its the robots finally revealing themself
  24. Crille

    EBN: Renewed robot attacks

    Ah, that would be much better/cooler than this ammo wasting in a pre-determined war :)
  25. Crille

    Unarmed Combat

    I like the idea :) I don't agree with all, but maybe something like this: - The only thing you loose while fighting is HP - You can only damage people in PVP, no animals - The speed and strength is based on skills like Agility, Combat Reflexes, Strength, Martial Arts, Quickness, Dexterity...