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    Scanning Avatars does not show Attributes like before VU.
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    Buying: Tier 5+ (F) GREMLIN parts

    Looking for high tiered (F) GREMLIN parts Paying 100 ped above MU for T5, +200 for T6 Plus you will receive a T4 part in return! Searching: Foot guards, Thights, Shins, Gloves not seeking: faceguard, harness, arm guards PM me here or ingame, ty!
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    Selling: Jaguar (F) Adjusted

    - Sold -
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    Selling: Jagar (F) Adjusted

    Closed because typo
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    Selling: Jaguar (F)Adjusted, full set

    - closed -
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    Buying: Adjusted Evil

    Hi, looking to buy an adj Evil AMP ~TT+3k Thanks
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    Selling: Full TIGER (F,L) armor set

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    Buying: Samurai Adjusted (F) parts

    Kind of a mission impossible, I know... But maybe someone remebers having such parts laying in storage for years! I own a complete regular set which I crafted myself a decade ago (except feet which I luckily found in auction years later) and added an Adjusted Harness to it which was another...
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    Buying: 12x ArMatrix BP-55 (L)

    As title says. PM me your best offer here or ig (not often online) Thanks :headbang: PS: I am on Calypso or CP
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    Selling: Gremlin (F) full set

    Selling as set only. 6x Tier 1.x and faceguard is at Tier .8 BO TT+150 OBO
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    Selling: [Excavator ME/01] and other cool oldTT unL stuff

    Saved some items from the old-days Trade Terminal on Calypso. Post here or pm me if you are interested. (multiple available, most are at min TT) > Earth Excavator ME/01.............(TT+40 ped; Epic decay of 0.3 pec) > Ziplex Z1 Seeker.........................(TT+10 ped; Only 3 available) >...
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    Buying: 12x ArMatrix BP-45 (L)

    Need a dozen of those ArMatrix BLP Pistol 45. Looking for 118ped/piece or less. Send me offers, please :yay:
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    Selling: Phantom (F) full set

    Selling this set of female Phantom Armor: Protection: 14 Stab 15 Cut 25 Impact 18 Burn 12 Cold 11 Electric TT: 411.0 PED All parts are ready to tier! Most are T 1.9 Harness and Arms T 2.9 Price TT+1600 ped Contact me here or in game
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    Selling: DNA Frags A-D

    Selling some DNA Fragments: A: x55 B: x56 C. x39 D: x43 E: x15 around weekly MU% willing to discount if you buy all at once ;)
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    Selling: Phantom (F) - [full set]

    Selling this set of female Phantom Armor: Protection: 14 Stab 15 Cut 25 Impact 18 Burn 12 Cold 11 Electric All parts are ready to tier! Most are T 1.9 Harness and Arms T 2.9 Price TT+1600 ped Final price. Closing thread/canceling sale monday night! Contact me here or in game
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    Selling: 13x MarCorp Kallous-7 (L) - 642 TT

    20x MarCorp Kallous-7 (L) - 1.2k ped TT I got 20 MarCorp Kallous-7 (L) waiting in my storage! Total TT is ~1.2k ped 9 are at full TT Selling the package for 128% :yay: catch me here or ingame
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    Selling: T7 Adj Maddox, Adj Boar F

    Adjusted Maddox 4 Tier 7.4 EntropediaV2 Link and Fi/Ra/Co Beast, SGA Edition >>> SOLD <<< >>Armor sold<< Fun fact: the Amp lasts 4 shots longer then the Gun without Enhancers (4218 uses/ about 1h with imp Ares) :D MU is negotiable, make an offer Contact me here or ingame if...
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    Neurostim A

    What's the current MU for these right now? I have about 115 I guess
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    Buying: Tier VII Components

    Hello, I need 86 of Tier VII Components still. Placed an auction order (caly) @ 200% :wtg: Thanks!
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    Selling: Adjusted Boar (F) full set

    - Set no longer for sale -
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    Selling: Full Boar (F)

    I have a full Boar female set for sale. Let me know when you are interested. Tiers are 1-3 if that matters ;) cheers
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    Selling: Neurostim A, B & C

    I have for sale: Neurostim A: 180 Neurostim B: 250 Neurostim C: 90 Looking for bulksales. PM here or ingame, ty
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    Selling: corrupt blueprints (lense+charger)

    I have for sale: 3x Corrupt Optical Lense BP 500ped each 1x Corrupt Hyper Charger BP 1000ped pm me with offers! :D
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    Selling: Generic Transformer

    Found two of those in my storage. TT 10ped Don't know about the current value tho... offers welcome!
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    Selling: Full DRAGON and BEAR (F) Armor Sets

    As Title says, I have full Sets of Dragon and Bear Armors (F) for sale. Prices: Dragon: TT+800ped Bear: TT+800ped Or both for 1400ped. Post or PM if interested!