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    it's such a shame

    it's such a shame, this kind of bp L that MA distributes as an equivalent of the old bp L which had light components. most crafters know these bps to recycler, etc, with components that cost a lot per click to do what, shrapnel ...:poop: these bps appear most often after a loss, so MA tells...
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    Suggestion: zoom camera

    I would like to be able to zoom further, I play in 3rd person view and I cannot see all body of the big monsters with the current zoom and turn around with camera is . it will be nice to be able to add a few meters
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    Suggestion: stackable L weapons

    have the ability to stack L weapons to retrieve TT from a weapon , a system which would allow stacking L weapons with a limit of 10 for example, and having xx tier to be re-unlocked each addon but with a tier rate which gradually increases.
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    Selling: eudoracell pet lvl11

    hi i'm sell my stupid pet eudoracell lvl11 starbid tt+10 buyout tt+350 Sold tt+95
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    Suggestion: Trading stackable items at NPC

    complaining for some time :rolleyes::laugh: and do not understand why being a hunter I will also have to be a seller :( I share some of MA's answer to my subject: (I thank MA for giving civilized answers from time to time even though this is very very rare) Hi AS, Thank you for your support...
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    Selling: FFA STAR / Mayhem Strongbox

    hi want to sell my FFA Star ~12kpoint 5pec/each and 100 MM strongbox 4ped/each thx gl
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    Selling: somewhere Bp L

    Hi all , I put on sale some BP(L) that I will not crafted that may be interested in other crafter GL 139 DetPil Python (L) Blueprint (L) 1 0.04 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 140 DetPil Python (L) Blueprint (L) 1 0.30 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 167 Eraktor Ekk 200 (L) Blueprint (L) 1 0.28 PED...
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    Selling: eudoracell lvl7 pet

    hi , i sell my stupid pet :laugh: eudoracell lvl7 450ped :wtg:
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    An idea among others

    Hello all I do not know if I'm in the right category :tp: I play for a long time and I love above all adventure and stars :laugh::laugh::laugh::wtg::wtg::wtg: I saw a lot of good and bad things in this game but they surprised me like me It has been revised since 2003 with entropia project...
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    EU come to impossible middle deposit

    Hello I allow myself to deliver my return on the game I created my account on 10/29/2003 And in 2017 I can survive more in EU. Currently, since the beginning of the year I have deposited about 30000peds and mainly hunting (aprox 30000ped / years) I can not hold more than 3 days with 1000peds...
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    Selling: 22 large mushrooom

    hi , want sell my 22 large mushroom too boring quest for me:handgun: :laugh::laugh: 6500%/each , selling only all 22 in single stack. SOLDED
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    ATH: Killian Longsword 57471ped 2014

    hi , i post my old ATH 2015 for remember good period :wtg::yay::yay:. long time crafting groover and longsword and finnaly pay it :yay: edit : after see 666lyst help me :woot: GL all
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    Selling: Skill Manufacture Weapon, Engi,BP Comprehension etc

    Hi , want sell all my skill manufactures Engineering :left 5300 Manufacture Weapons : SOLDED Weapon technology: 3100 Blueprint Comprehension : 4400 Make textile : SOLDED Tailoring: SOLDED Machinery : 3000 Manufacture mecha : SOLDED don't give esi GL
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    Waiting 12h/48h for support in real economy game IS Normal ???

    <translation pasted from google translate by moderator> hello, I'd really like to know how it's still possible to have in 2017 support to help with bugs/problems this deplorable. One still has to wait until support responds 12 or 48 hours or more during the weekend. For a game based on a real...
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    my first ban :laugh::laugh::laugh: bad translator sorry for your eyes ;) ps: i read for people in trading this week , I complain not my fate
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    Buying: Doa loudmouth

    hi , i want buy DOA loudmouth pm me ingame MORFOC AS SERBAN. thx
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    Question: Reviews players

    hello, I can communicate on this forum but I 'm an old player and some old know me, I prent my pen because I get frustrated by how advance the development of the game these days has past years too many permanent additions and new almost everything month while discussing after I see that many...
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    ATH 94849PED LVL3 light amps

    finaly after 10years playing i take my ATH my last dream :wtg::yay::yay::smoke::smoke:
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    BUYING full jaguar set F with/without foot

    hello i want buy jaguar set F please contact me :wtg::wtg::wtg:
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    SELLING full phantom set F with foot

    hi , i sell my full phantom set F 7 parts totals bid : 6kped buyout: 9kped pm me please SOLD TT+6.6k
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    buying full set jaguar F

    hi , i want buy full set jaguar F give me offer please
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    SELLING improved M2870

    SELLING improved M2870 {sold 38k] hi i selling improved M2870 38k total pm me or tell me ingame MORFOC hunter SERBAN thanks is sold 38k