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  1. Phoenix

    Buying: Hunter Mentor Edition Set

    Buying the full set of Hunter ME female set, PM here, post, ingame... Just get in touch. :cool:
  2. Phoenix

    Buying: Urban Nomad Jade Coat

    Purchased! :wtg: :wtg: :wtg: :wtg: lock please
  3. Phoenix

    Selling: Kaiser Graf HVMR-1 (Gauss)

    As the title says, selling the unlimited Kaiser Graf HVMR-1 Gauss rifle, perfect for skilling Gauss Weapon technology. Bid and buyout set fixed to tt+6k Bids by PM, first one to bid gets it. Rifle info is here: Good Luck!
  4. Phoenix

    Botting miners?

    Here i was hunting E of nymphtown and saw a few bomb marks, and nothing was suspicious untill i saw they acutally make a grid, so i tought, ok, ill learn something if i want to mine one day, but than i realized i was up onto something bigger. I noticed from high spots that bomb marks make a...
  5. Phoenix

    Selling: Full Nemesis (F),Vampire (F),Dragon (F), Cadet clothes set.

    Ok, time has come for me to say that it was fun all these years playing with you folks, but i am ending my sellout with a grand finale here on EF, i got higher priorities in life now and that's why im selling out. :ahh: Anyway, lets start with it, the items here will be sold EXACTLY for the...
  6. Phoenix

    How to do this in soc terminal?!

    Well, i was browsing through soc terminal, and stumbled upon this, so i ask you if you have the idea (i dont) how in the world can you give members a Suspended status/rank? :confused: Click to enlarge Thanks in advance if anyone figures out or allready knows how this works :D
  7. Phoenix

    Whose fault Is it?

    All these things happened (DD banned,The Beast leaving...) here last few days made me to think alot, who is really wrong... And yesterday me and my friend got into a really deep conversation with his dad who is a police inspector for nearly 30 years now, and after that all come to its place...
  8. Phoenix

    Only 20% return money on hunts?

    Well, day after day i do some hunting, and soon i realize Woosh, my beautifull 5000 peds is gone, in that sum i only once got close to breaking even when i had a global on a drone, which got me up to a only one ped loss. Anyway, more than 70% of the hunts ended with only 40% of full hunt cost...
  9. Phoenix

    Beggar named "Chick" -Most annoying

    Well, its around two weeks since i first encountered this person, and since than... im having maybe the worst time in PE ever. She is named "Hot-hot Chick Ghepard" And i belive alot of you encountered her allready, she just runs in and trade-begs me in middle of the conversations and PM spams me...
  10. Phoenix

    Buying Adjusted AS-97

    I'm looking for one of these fancy rifles, so if you have one and would like to part with it,im buying. My offer is tt+2500 PED (Negotiable) I have bought one, thx for no interests :laugh:
  11. Phoenix

    Phoenixs' Diary

    Well, this i a one fancy thing i never seen in any forum befor, nice for keeping notes and stuff you have to do, well, than, lets get to work.. Captians Log; Stardate 22072005. :wise: I have arrived at this most interesting place where people do all kinsd of talking and discusion, i find...
  12. Phoenix

    Hello Everyone =D

    Hello to all dear PE Forum users =D Im in the game for quite some time now, about one year, and it took me all that time to find this place O.o I was beggining to wonder where is one big forum all PE participants have created :confused: Well, if i havent poked around :poke: i sure wouldnt find...