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  1. atomicstorm

    Resource Bottlenecks and Sinks

    Would you ever consider a few ways to handle some known intensive resource bottlenecks by leveraging existing crafting systems to upgrade components into higher tiers by consuming lower tiers in larger quantities? While people may not choose to use these options to help with their desire to...
  2. atomicstorm

    Selling: Arkadia Plot - Milton Crest 1

    Arkadia 8x18 Plot, Milton Crest 1 TT value around 400ped (building), contains 1 40IP building and 2 gardening plots BO: 3500ped
  3. atomicstorm

    Suggestion: Limit or Remove TP Fee [ QOL Change]

    This suggestion is brought to you by $5, which also has suggested the following in 2020: Free the Man Bum! (Mankini) Change the Spaceport to Athena Spaceport in Calypso and Notable Reads like: Longtime's Hunting Log The ACTUAL cost of a Warp in EU Risk of Ruin and.. Arkadia #1 Best Seller...
  4. atomicstorm

    The ACTUAL Cost of a Warp in Entropia Universe

    In a world of constant misleading commentary, posts, and media (or people) with obvious agendas - I feel it is necessary for a rebuttal to a poor "log" of earnings on warp services. It is important to understand what it takes, at a very minimum, to make an investment of a privateer or mothership...
  5. atomicstorm

    Selling: Selling Igni L1100E T0.0

    Selling low tier Igni L1100E, recently looted with my loot buffed Longtime Mankini (M)! Price: SOLD PEDS mainly. Not sure I would be interested in an item trade, but can shoot me a good offer of majority peds and see what happens.
  6. atomicstorm

    Selling: Blueprints and Inventory

    Have some things for sale, weekly MU - auction fees. Will consider bulk (3k+ ped totals) offers as well. THere's a lot here. AP-36 Acid (L) Blueprint (L) 40 0.40 STORAGE (Calypso) AP-36 Cut (L) Blueprint (L) 4 0.04 STORAGE (Calypso) AP-36 Penetration (L) Blueprint (L) 18 0.18 Lux Special...
  7. atomicstorm

    You are invited

    Entropia Universe players and family, you have been a part of my life for 7 years now. You are all invited to the RL wedding between me (Meloveyou Longtime Fivedolla) and my soon to be wife (Kaylyna Evans) on September 12th @ 4pm (GMT-5). The ceremony will be streamed on my twitch channel -...
  8. atomicstorm

    Selling: Electric Attack Nanochip 13 Fen, 7 Fen Combo

    Looking to make the next leap, but I have some time - so it is here for sale if someone is looking for quite the power combo: Items Electric Attack NanoChip 13 Fen Edition T3.99 NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier 7 Fen Edition Efficiency: 80.8% Price: TT+46000 Really is quite powerful with 3 damage...
  9. atomicstorm

    Buying: Skinning Implant

    Buying 48ped TT skinning implant, 2500%
  10. atomicstorm

    Selling: Dune Rider M Set, Oils, Hides, Berserker Helms [Storage Clear]

    All - selling the following inventory Items Chikara Refiner, Adjusted - SOLD Electric Attack Nanochip 9 UL T5.3 - SOLD Armor Dune Rider (M) Set T3-5 +- SOLD Thorifoid Berserker's Helm, Flimsy (M, L) - 34ped TT - 130% (6 available) Thorifoid Berserker's Helm, Flimsy (F, L) - 34ped TT - 110% (2...
  11. atomicstorm

    Buying: Electric Chips 9-11 (L) and Aug/Perf Implant

    Buying Electric Chips 9-11 (L), Kinetic 10-13 (L) - Several amounts Also buying adjusted to augmented MF implant
  12. atomicstorm

    Selling: A-3 Justifier MK. II, Improved T6.99

    Selling this nice grind tool. It needs no introductions. I am looking to upgrade or change things up just a little bit, just not sure what yet. Sell Price: TT+60,000PED Addon: Can get a Imp105 for TT+1,400PED if you desire. My Stats with it, looter in the high 40s-mid 50s. 55 298048.47...
  13. atomicstorm

    Longtime's Entropialoot Hunting Log

    All, I thought I would join the crew and post my hunting logs and also showcase an upcoming tool in Alpha stage - since you are going to start seeing some pictures from the select alpha testers I have. +publicity amirite? Gear Set: +A&P Series Mayhem LP-100, Modified +Neopsion 70 Mindforce...
  14. atomicstorm

    Selling: Shopkeepers and Sophie Pet

    Selling the following: 2x - Shopkeepers, females, thicc thighs that can crush a watermelon - SOLD Sophie Pet L30, loot buff unlocked, 98% fed - 2500ped
  15. atomicstorm

    Buying: BC-80 Augmented

    Looking at potentially buying/upgrading to BC-80 Augmented. Would like to rent one for 1 week and if I like it, work out purchase arrangements.
  16. atomicstorm

    Duplicating info (LA owners take notice!)

    As of yesterday, in particular, a lot of the hunting data is duplicating - making the EL data set fake. If you have a land area event that works with globals - make sure you filter all this out before you pay out - or you'll get hosed. Meculus was notified on Skype.
  17. atomicstorm

    Selling: Sophie Pet - Fully unlocked

    Selling Sophie Pet, L30 - fully unlocked 98% fed. I'll throw in an extra pet nametag. Price: 2500PED flat.
  18. atomicstorm

    Info: Auction/Crafting Exploit - Time Expired

    All, I reported an exploit and gave 2 weeks for Mindark to both acknowledge and fix the problem, but they did neither. As such, the time allotted before going to public has expired. The support case is still unanswered, showing the lackluster support procedures this company has and apparently...
  19. atomicstorm

    Uber: The Longtime $5 Curse is Broken

    I normally wouldn't post these; however, this one has a story. I have cycled probably close to 5-10 million peds through the years. After 1.1M total loots in Entropialoot, my highest loot was with a Niflheim on Mang Changs for 1704. Today, that curse was broken. I broke 2k. 3092 - Mulmun 02
  20. atomicstorm

    Buying: Halloween Ring 16

    Buying Hallo Ring 16. Send me a PM with price.
  21. atomicstorm

    Suggestion: Incentivize Reports of Exploits and Bugs

    The recent illumination of the issues of exploitation of the Yog Horror has been a massive blow to the community's morale, trust in each other, in the event system, and most importantly our trust in Mindark. The frequency and regularity of various bugs being exploited to produce an unfair...
  22. atomicstorm

    Buying: Imk2

    buying an IMK2, lower tier preferred. PM price.
  23. atomicstorm

    What CLD payouts tell us and other shower thoughts from $5

    When I built (not intended to be a plug) and subsequently looked at the end product, a couple "stats" jumped out to me since I had been struggling with returns, like many have expressed in PCF, since I returned. Furthermore, I had those thoughts regarding those stats...
  24. atomicstorm

    Selling: Improved Excavator

    Selling T1.99 Improved Excavator Will put it in my shop tomorrow @ Medusa 1:1 BO: SOLD
  25. atomicstorm

    What is your gaming chair?

    For all the gamers who play 12+ hours a day (and not bot ofc), what gaming chair do you use to make sure your tushy and back are comfortable? Discuss.