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  1. Skorp

    Skorp Q2: Why do we have the so called loot waves?

    Why do we have the so called loot waves? I mean does the current system do not allow another type of distribution for rare parts, like setting a 0.0000001% chance or something like that? Its pretty frustrating to know that making breaks or going afk in the wrong 60 seconds, decide if you could...
  2. Skorp

    Skorp Q1: Why do MA often not deliver what they sell/promise?

    Why do MindArk as a company that often sell things and promises and do not deliver them in an acceptable timeframe, if ever delivered at all to 100%? - Space - The CLD Estate System - Compet - Statues - ... just to name a few. Kind regards, Skorp
  3. Skorp

    Selling: High TT [Empty Skill Implant (L)] or any TT (50+)

    For sale: High TT [Empty Skill Implant (L)] or offering chip out service for 50+ TT of the ESI, if you can provide collateral. TT size of ESI: ~960+ Enjoy Skorp
  4. Skorp

    Looking to rent M83, XTLC 800 or comparable T10 guns for Merry Mayhem

    Hi, as title says, I am looking to rent a Tier 10 gun or close to Tier 10 for Merry Mayhem: - M83 - XTLC 800 - similar dps guns (rifle preferred, handgun might be an option) If you are interested please pm me your details for: Option 1: Days available: Timeframe where it is available: Rental...
  5. Skorp

    Selling: Medusa Island - Deino, Nago and Ayida LA

    For sale are the 3 remaining Land Areas hold by the medusa team. - This Land Areas can be found between Eudoria and Amethera. - The blue points on the map shows the position of the 2 Teleporters. While the one between Naga and Ayida Island was purchased by the team. (Other LAs, that aren´t...
  6. Skorp

    Selling: [Adjusted Meckel & Loch ML-35] T3.9

    Selling [Adjusted Meckel & Loch ML-35] Tier 3.9 !!!---SOLD---!!!
  7. Skorp

    Selling: [Level 1 Finder Amplifier]

    Selling [Level 1 Finder Amplifier] Info on wiki: SB: 4k (received on 09-01-2018) Current Highest bid: 4100 ped by MeiGDLing (received on 09-03-2018 18:56 #13) !!!---SOLD---!!!
  8. Skorp

    Selling: [Level X Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint (L)]

    Selling Name -----------------------------------Clicks----BPs-------MU [Level 4 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint (L)]-----15----2-----100.000% [Level 6 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint (L)]-----31----1------35.000% [Level 7 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint (L)]-----31----2-----300.000% [Level 8...
  9. Skorp

    Renting: [Omegaton M83 Predator] Tier 6.9

    service not available anymore
  10. Skorp

    Selling: Robot Beacon(s)

    Selling Robot Beacons Looking for a bit less then auction MUs. Pm me what you want and your offer. Bulk deals welcome. Robot Beacon NameQuantityValueTT-Max Robot Beacon (001010010110001) sold14,7323 Robot Beacon (001010010110001) sold19,9123 Robot Beacon (001010010110001) sold3,3723 Robot...
  11. Skorp

    Selling: [Mutated Aurli Bone Piece] or adj./imp./mod 5b/6a

    Selling 7 x Mutated Aurli Bone Piece (SOLD) or adjusted, improved, modified 5b/6a ---------------------------- Asking for the bones ~x ped/each. adj. 5b at x ped/each. imp. 5b at x ped/each. mod. 5b at x ped/each. ---------------------------- Please pm offers.
  12. Skorp

    Selling: [Easter Strongbox], [M Token] = 10 mg Pills

    Selling 0 x [Easter Strongbox] SOLD [M Token] = 10 mg pills 1 pill = 8 ped/ea 50 pill = 7.5 ped/ea 100 + = 7 ped/ea --------------------- the 10 mg pills are: - Accu (3% FB) - Deva (40% crit dmg) - Hyper (10% run speed and reload) - Nutri (100% increase regen, 20 points HP, 20% decrease crit)...
  13. Skorp

    Selling: Components, Extractors, Paints

    Clearing Storage. .So ..Taking offers. ...I ....Prefer bulk deals. .....You ......PM what you want and at what MU. Components NameQuantityValueInfo Adaptive Fire Rate Component 993297,9 Electronic Stabilizing Component 101622032,4 Focus Lense Component 2136427,2 High Definition GUI Component...
  14. Skorp

    Selling: 16636 FFA points & 222 Christmas Strongbox

    Selling 16636 FFA points sold 222 x [Christmas Strongbox] sold ~Skorp
  15. Skorp

    Selling: CLD (x) // Land Plot S+ // Medusa Head Shares (LAs)

    Selling: CLDs [Calypso Land Deed] SOLD 10+ x [Calypso Land Deed (X)] 1 x CLD (X) = 1970 PED/deed 10+ x CLD (X) = 1960 PED/deed *CLD prices might change daily, without updating on this list. However looking for a bid less then the auction sales. Land Plots [Hestia Upper #32] S+ Plot (20x40)...
  16. Skorp

    Selling: Omegaton M83 Predator T6.9

    Selling my [Omegaton M83 Predator] Tier 6.9. SB = Taking offers BO = 24k PED SIB starsts with lvl. 70. Gun is maxed with lvl. 74. Info on wiki:
  17. Skorp

    Buying: WTB Monria Enhanced Plating & Monria Enhanced Power System

    Buying 20 x Monrian Enhanced Plating // 40 x Monrian Enhanced Power System Pm me here or ingame if you have some for sell with your MUs ~Skorp
  18. Skorp

    Selling: E.L.M (Camo, Embra, Sparkbite, Icerage)

    Selling the following ELM guns: [Camo Arms Marine Stalker E.L.M Edition (L)] 22 x full (low Tier) - SOLD 1 x 0.69 TT (low Tier) - SOLD 1 x full (2812,2589,1469,722,2766,555,950,383,2619,1445) - taking offers [Embra Spectral EnBlade E.L.M Edition (L)] 19 x full (low Tier) - 350% or 300% if...
  19. Skorp

    Want to rent your >> Restoration Chip Modified <<

    Hi, wanting to rent your [Restoration Chip Modified] pm here or ingame if interessted with your asking fee/collat. ~Skorp
  20. Skorp

    Selling: Hogglo Pygmy Black Pet

    Taking offers for Hogglo Pygmy Black Pet :whip: Rarity: Legendary Level: 1 XP: 0 No SB or BO yet. Over & Out ~Skorp
  21. Skorp

    Selling: Full Avatar

    {DELETED - Rule 2.11 - Entropia Universe Terms of Use/EULA Violation}
  22. Skorp

    Selling: Baringer SR51 - Tier 8.x

    Received an offer for my Baringer SR51 -- Tier 8.2 (Tiers left 83, 90) and would like to know now, if there are more interessted parties before making up my mind. Gun info on Entropedia: Baringer_SR51 SIB starts at lvl. 51 and should be max. with 56 i guess. If you are interessted just send me...
  23. Skorp

    Looking to rent CDF XTLC600

    Hi, I am looking to rent the CDF XTLC600. If you have one and going to rent it, please pm me with the tier, fee and collateral needed. Collateral will be backed up with CLDs. Pretty similar guns might be also of interesst. Thank you Skorp
  24. Skorp

    Forest fights "dark, nightmare, mystic"

    So I am fighting "Dinge" all the time and getting borred more and more. And while I was fighting him have some thoughts how it can maybe be improved. Right now we see our opponent in the forest and know his abilities and so can set our perfect setup for that foe. What could bring more fun and...
  25. Skorp

    Question: Does ingame function (send logs) for reporting bugs works?

    Does the ingame function "Send Logs" for reporting bugs works or not? At the moment I wonder if my reported bugs are lost in the giant black hole or not, as I have expected to have some bugs solved with this new update. Bugs like: 1. Mojo that shows incorrect Mana regeneration ammount in the...