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  1. BlackWater

    Most inactive forum

    I like to think of crafting as a slot machine, you have your various range of bet types (penny, nickel, quarter and so on). Think of BP's as your bet types, basic filters would be a penny type ( can play for a long time, but little chance of profit). OA101 is like a Five Dollar machine, chance...
  2. BlackWater

    Beauty Andromede Guru RIP 17/12/2009

    May she rest in peace Thoughts and prayers to you Cobra
  3. BlackWater

    Guess the Time & Date of first SGA Item Discovery

    Sunday August 30 14:50 MA time
  4. BlackWater

    Undiscovered Pre-Calypso

    A few months back, Marco metioned that there was still things undiscovered on our little planet. Now that VU 10 is about to change all that It would be nice if FPC could give us some hints towards those things, so that we could have a chance to experince them before Crytropia. Such as: Is...
  5. BlackWater

    Question: Will Windows 7 be supported out of the box

    Yeah I am running under windows 7 RC now to, but I want to know if there is going to be official support from MA or FPC. You never know when a driver or program is going to step on something ;).
  6. BlackWater

    Question: Will Windows 7 be supported out of the box

    Not sure if this should go under wishlist or technical. I have a question for MA now that M$ announced Windows 7 launch for Oct 22. Will the community have to wait as long for official support as Vista took, or is Windows 7 already being looked at for VU 10 ?
  7. BlackWater

    What soc would have me?

    I second that
  8. BlackWater

    Thunderbird Thighs (L)

    Ambu drop them I just looted a pair of full tt (M) yesterday.
  9. BlackWater

    Buying: Cause Amp

    Been looking for one for awhile, If you have one your willing to part with or you craft them let me know. Thanks, Blackwater
  10. BlackWater

    Selling: Full Set Vigi (M) +6a & Gremlin (M)+5b

    Sorry for the lack of replies, Vigi and Gremlin are both sold. Thread can be closed.
  11. BlackWater

    Selling: Full Set Vigi (M) +6a & Gremlin (M)+5b

    As the title says full sets including feet, fully repaired: Vigi (M) +6a Sold SB: TT+1200 BO: TT+1800 Grem (M)+5b SB: TT+1000 BO: TT+1400 BO on both sets together TT+3000 End Date 8/23 @ 20:00 Calypso time These are also posted for my society who has priority should they want them.
  12. BlackWater

    WoF 2009 PETITION to MA #1

    Rickard Jeffery Blackwater
  13. BlackWater

    Capture the Flag in PVP1! 6/28

    Since my promoter isnt doing it ;), Ill bump it back to the top.
  14. BlackWater

    Capture the Flag in PVP1! 6/28

    Back to the top :yay:, Comon sign-up
  15. BlackWater

    Hurri's USA/Canada Road Trip Honeymoon... are you on the Route?

    I live in Portland. I would suggest instead of taking the I-5 route from San Francisco to Portland that you instead take Hwy 101. This would bring you along the coast line all the way through Northren California and all of Oregon. To me the only thing to see going the I-5 route is Crater Lake...
  16. BlackWater

    Buying: Mod/Imp Fap

    Moving up in the world I see mate ;)
  17. BlackWater

    Capture the Flag in PVP1! 6/28

    Uh Hmm- Told you JC my original idea was better ;) Actually this was my original intentions with this event. We decided to go with this setup to judge interest and make the entrance fee simpiler. This is just the first in this type of event from us. The next one will incompass the playground...
  18. BlackWater

    How Long Did I Take...?

    1 hour 37 min 46.2 sec
  19. BlackWater

    Selling: Low tt full Serum (M,L)

    Ill bid TT+110%
  20. BlackWater

    The Chosen Few 2008 Recruitment Drive

    Back to the Top. Come join a us, we dont bite.( well JC might :silly2:)
  21. BlackWater

    The Chosen Few 2008 Recruitment Drive

    Bringing it back up :D Come join us
  22. BlackWater

    Selling: Maddox IV, AS-117, ARR8000

    TT +500 on the Maddox IV
  23. BlackWater

    Guess whatt???

    Awsome to here m8, congradulations. :yay: Wish you all the best, Blacwater