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  1. BlackWater

    Undiscovered Pre-Calypso

    A few months back, Marco metioned that there was still things undiscovered on our little planet. Now that VU 10 is about to change all that It would be nice if FPC could give us some hints towards those things, so that we could have a chance to experince them before Crytropia. Such as: Is...
  2. BlackWater

    Question: Will Windows 7 be supported out of the box

    Not sure if this should go under wishlist or technical. I have a question for MA now that M$ announced Windows 7 launch for Oct 22. Will the community have to wait as long for official support as Vista took, or is Windows 7 already being looked at for VU 10 ?
  3. BlackWater

    Buying: Cause Amp

    Been looking for one for awhile, If you have one your willing to part with or you craft them let me know. Thanks, Blackwater
  4. BlackWater

    Selling: Full Set Vigi (M) +6a & Gremlin (M)+5b

    As the title says full sets including feet, fully repaired: Vigi (M) +6a Sold SB: TT+1200 BO: TT+1800 Grem (M)+5b SB: TT+1000 BO: TT+1400 BO on both sets together TT+3000 End Date 8/23 @ 20:00 Calypso time These are also posted for my society who has priority should they want them.
  5. BlackWater

    Sale- Everything must GO

    UPDATED: Sale- Everything must GO Thanks all for the Bids, but I have accepted an offer on a bulk BO I have decided to take up other hobbies outside EU, So I am liqudating my avatar to pay for this. I have posted this list to my society forum also and they have first rights to anything and I...
  6. BlackWater

    1st Strange Signal

    Pics say everthing. No beacon but hey its still 50 ped;)
  7. BlackWater

    1st Bot Global

    Not bad for my first bot global, mostly residue but Ill take it :yay:
  8. BlackWater

    Mentor needed

    Hi fellow Entropians, I am looking for a mentor and possibly a society for my daughter. She has been playing for about a month now and really likes it. The problem is she is only 13. I have spent some time with her teaching her the basics of the game and got her the basic hunting setup. I am...
  9. BlackWater

    Nice Little Shopping Trip

    One less to buy with markup;)
  10. BlackWater

    Two Nice Argos

    Got One :D Got Two :yay:
  11. BlackWater

    Close but Good Enough

    [/url]Click to enlarge[/IMG] First Feff global nice little Item:) :yay: Horrible pic sorry! Still trying to get use to downsizing pic size
  12. BlackWater

    Skill Global

    Sorry if this has been suggested before. But I think with the price of gaining significant skill so high, it would be nice for MA to add skill global's,ATH, HOF's. Just my thoughs, now lets discuss.