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  1. K_rupT

    Selling: [Ziplex P160 (L)] Finder

    As per Title , [Ziplex P160 (L)] Tier 165/4000 freshly looted , located in one of my Shopkeepers Genesis Amethera TP [Calypso, 34251, 48217, 111, Waypoint] Building B , Level 3 , Apartment B :) Good luck to purchaser i hope you hit Strong ATH
  2. K_rupT

    Selling: Many different items , have a gandah!!

    Storage clean-out , make me an offer :) [Warp Drive 1 (L) Blueprint (L)] Boosted 0.01p [Copper Ingot] [Terrudite Ingot] [Langotz Ingot] [Mosquito Amber] [Narcanisum Ingot] [Garcen Lubricant] [Niksarium Ingot] [Frigulite Ingot] [Azzurdite Ingot] [Cumbriz Ingot] [Cobalt Ingot] [Zinc Ingot]...
  3. K_rupT

    Selling: Mining Gear

    Have decent mining setup gears for sale Don't have the time to commit using these awesome items , [Christmas Ring 2016] [Level 2 Finder Amplifier] [Finder F-106] T6.99 ( all ingredients but Tier 7 Comp inc ) [Genesis Star Earth Excavator ME/05, SGA Edition] ALL SOLD pm me offers , no...
  4. K_rupT

    "Cyrenes" dedicated mining area for Universe Ores and Enmatters

    just thought i would go and experience this new addition to planet Cyrene , and i can tell you , i am not impressed at all with this upgrade , unless things will get better soon , i would not bother wasting ped here atm , Thin narrow islands with sheer drop offs into water , and many steep hills...
  5. K_rupT

    Buying: Level 2 Finder Amplifier or Level 2 Finder Amplifier SGA

    As title suggests , wanting to buy , pm with offers , Thank you
  6. K_rupT

    Keyword notification?

    Do we have or can we implement a saved email or push notification in relation to request. Whether it be a buy or sell of '' '', would be nice to know when mobile if something is posted in PCF?
  7. K_rupT

    No regular Tuesday maintenance?

    As title asks. We did not get maintenance for end of 2019? Im at work and don't see any notification of a maint Much appreciated
  8. K_rupT

    Question: Planet waypints vs Deep Space

    Is there any precise Waypoints for planet entry , especially with the fact that when you get lost in deep space , the only way to fix the problem is to log out and log back in so you can get to a SS and then fly out to planet , pretty S**ty mechanics imo , but would it be a good idea to actually...
  9. K_rupT

    Buying: Ziplex D52 (L) and/or Ziplex B50 (L)

    As title suggests , looking for some of these if there is a shop or crafter around :)
  10. K_rupT

    Selling: Ziplex P85 (L)

    Located in Genesis Amethera HeadQuarters TP , Star Tower B 3B 6.29p / 10.00p Left Tier 3 unlocked With Tiers 4 - 1125 5 - 558 6 - 469 7 - 1602 8 - 1810 9 - 1910 10 - 1347 Firm @ 2028.66p
  11. K_rupT

    Selling: Earth Shock Trooper Male Limited 7 Piece Set

    SOLD Close Thread please
  12. K_rupT

    Selling: Clean Out Sale Thread - Serious Offers only

    As title suggests , i am offering up a multitude of items and consumables for the right price All offers via pm , and will only consider serious offers ( Armor sets i prefer to sell as one full Set ) This does not include any items in my Shop Happy shopping :) 5 Acid Root 69 22.08 PED 6...
  13. K_rupT

    Selling: Christmas 2016

    Selling this Awesome ring , that most know i never said i would sell , due to IRL i do not have the time to use IG lookin for +30k BO , will Accept CLD's in trade pm me offers here , as i do not log in often to game Cheers
  14. K_rupT

    KrupT's Online Shop O' WareZ

    Welcome to my Store Located @ Genesis Star Tower B , Apartment 3B [34290, 48183, 138] right next to the Teleport plenty different things added to shopkeepers [Quantium Stone] [Omegaton A105, Hypercharged] [Hansidian Ingot] [Tridenite Ore] [Rugaritz Ore] [H-DNA] [Kanerium Ore] [Redulite Ingot...
  15. K_rupT

    Buying: Shopkeeper Pad

    Looking to acquire a Shopkeeper Pad , if you have for sale please do not hesitate to pm me here or In Game :) thank you
  16. K_rupT

    Razer Naga Trinity Left handed Edition

    Yes I know lefties are weird , but just happy to share for us freaks . We have a 29 day Kickstarter going if anyone is looking for an ergonomic mouse exclusively for the 1%ers Get on it!!!!!!!!!
  17. K_rupT

    Selling: Viking M UL full set

    Selling Viking male Armor , +2k Not needed anymore pm me if interested :)
  18. K_rupT

    Buying: WTT 150 of your [Mining Strongbox 1] for 150 of my [Summer Strongbox] pm me

    As title suggests pm me in game if you would like to straight trade 150 mining boxes for 150 summer boxes :)
  19. K_rupT

    Zachurm Deathifier Emegen and your Land Areas

    Mr Deathifier , and Mindark , Calypso Associates Think it would be possible in your Busy Schedules to do something about 50% of Planet calypso , seeing as it is neglected and an embarrassment to the game , i love seeing as i get a Daily mission to hunt a particular mob , and see it is in such...
  20. K_rupT

    A&P Series Mayhem LR-60 Augmented

    Any idea how much this will be worth , realistic price check please
  21. K_rupT

    Pet name tags TT value ?

    Can I please get some confirmation that pet name tags when sold to the trade terminal generate actual ped value , or do you get absolutely nothing in return Thanks in advance KrupT
  22. K_rupT

    Buying: Christmas Ring 2016

    As title says , looking to negotiate a trade of such itamz for pedz HMU in game
  23. K_rupT

    Buying: WTB Skildek SER 500 (L) DetPil V-Rex 1000 (L)

    As Title Suggests , pm me IG if you have for sale :)
  24. K_rupT

    Buying: Genesis Star Excavator Adjusted

    As title suggests , looking to purchase Pm me in game or here Cheers :)
  25. K_rupT

    Buying: Chikara Refiner Adjusted

    As title suggests Looking to purchase one Pm here or IG Cheers