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  1. Captain Jack

    Buying: Summer Ring 2016

    Got your eye on that snazzy new Summer 2020 ring? Looking to get your hands on one of the amazing top-level items that recently hit the market? Or are you just fed up with the recent onslaught of shoddy programming induced bug exploits? Whatever the underlying reasons, you can liquidate your...
  2. Captain Jack

    Buying: Christmas Ring 2019

    Got your eye on that snazzy new Summer 2020 ring? Looking to get your hands on one of the amazing top-level items that recently hit the market? Or are you just fed up with the recent onslaught of shoddy programming induced bug exploits? Whatever the underlying reasons, you can liquidate your...
  3. Captain Jack

    Buying: Mayhem (F) parts

    Why I chose to start another project right now is beyond me... But I did, so I may as well give it an earnest effort. If you've got any of the parts listed below drop me a line with your asking price and lets try and work out a mutually beneficial deal. Current looking for.... Helmet Arms...
  4. Captain Jack

    Selling: Summer Strongboxes

    Have you seen the stats on the new Summer 2020 Ring? It's insane! 3% Focused Blow, 8% lifesteal, and 20% increased critical damage on the right hand! WOW! Oh did I mention... 8% lifesteal on ONE ring?? Want an early shot at looting one of these rings before the instance opens up? Make yourself a...
  5. Captain Jack

    Buying: LP-70 FEN Edition or BP-70 Perfected

    Re-opening the thread for a new client. Title says it all, if you've got an LP-70 FEN Edition or a BP-70 Perfected drop me a line and lets work out a deal. BP-70 is preferred.
  6. Captain Jack

    Buying: ArMatrix LP-70 FEN Edition

    Purchase Complete. PM here or on Discord Captain_Lucky_Jack#2733. I will also have an auction order up for 24 hours.
  7. Captain Jack

    Suggestion: Include Vehicles in "Destructible Environmental Items"

    VU 17.0 brought along several long needed changes, including returning in the form of shrapnel a portion of the cost of a mob that has been drowned or turreted, as well as for destroying "destructible environmental items". A notable exception was Vehicles in PvP zones. These, I believe, should...
  8. Captain Jack

    Selling: Tier 7.XX Master Guard's Spiked Club

    Are you ready to punish your enemies in PvP? Do you want your lifesteal to exceed the ticks on a Mod Resto? Are you like me and approach PvP like an MLB player - swinging for everything and hoping to hit a home run? Here is your chance! With a whopping 388 max damage potential at current tier...
  9. Captain Jack

    Buying: Modified Hedoc Mayhem

    I've got a friend looking to upgrade. Drop me a line here or on Discord if you or someone you know has one for sale. Captain_Lucky_Jack#2733
  10. Captain Jack

    Suggestion: Give Land Area Operators a Viable Tool Box.

    Introduction In consideration of the recent castration of player run events for land areas it seems now would be a good time to remind MindArk of the absolutely pathetic suite of options available for running events on land areas. The Current System Right now there are only two viable event...
  11. Captain Jack

    Public Service Announcement: Don't Put Entropia Items into Google Search Engine.

    Recently I was exploring new options for the biggest and best amps to put on one of my weapons. Discussing it with a friend, I decided to take a few options I had off the top of my head and punch them into Google, which usually yields a faster result than going manually to the EntropiaWiki...
  12. Captain Jack

    Selling: Time/Lease on my BP-70 Perfected in Exchange for Tiering Costs

    Introduction: My BP-70 Perfected has reached the dreaded tier 2.99, the due to the flagrant market manipulation of Opals, the tier cost is prohibitive to progress. Consequently I am interested in offering this as a group project, sharing the cost of tiering with those interested in benefiting...
  13. Captain Jack

    Selling: Misc. Loot: Bulk swap for Shrapnel

    I'll be stockpiling the following loot items and willing to exchange them directly for an equal value of Shrapnel. Infrasound Emitter Components Animal Hide Short Bigwig Board Diluted Sweat Other loot to be added.... Resellers welcome.
  14. Captain Jack

    Suggestion: Renovate The Supply Chain To Improve Markup

    Introduction: A lot has been said recently about the current state of the game, and the notably lower markup available in loot today compared with a decade ago. Analysis: While a variety of factors contributed to the relatively low average markup in loot today, I will discuss two of the...
  15. Captain Jack

    Selling: Privateer with 50,000+ Structural Integrity

    Are you an entrepreneur looking to start a business in space? Have you achieved such high skills that your HP progression has plateaued? Want to watch pirates cry as they dump countless PED into shot after shot without even scratching the paint? Or are you a bright-eyed dreamer who still...
  16. Captain Jack

    Buying: Component Blueprints

    Looking for a few blueprints to complete my sets. GEC Spur Gears 5K Geotrek Super Alloy EnBolts Enhanced Talytic Converters More to be added later.
  17. Captain Jack

    Info: Captain Jack's Expression of The Theory of Volatility and Multiplier Caps in 2020

    This was originally written as a response to a discussion thread. It then occurred to me that the information contained here may not be as widely understood by the public, and therefor I created this as a stand-alone thread to facilitate public access. This thread describes the theory of loot...
  18. Captain Jack

    Selling: Quarantine Kits! Weeks of Entertainment at Your Fingertips!

    Stuck at home and bored to death? Missing out on all the fun on Ancient Greece or the Robot Invasion? Getting ready to make your first serious shot at a profitable Mayhem season? Increased time indoors opens the door for new opportunities! "The Pub Crawl Brawler" The absolute KING of drunken...
  19. Captain Jack

    Info: A Guide to Modern Medicine: How to Run a FAP Service in 2020

    Introduction When I started playing Entropia Universe back in 2006 I had no means of depositing. I wanted Hunting to be my primary profession, but Hunting required top of the line skills and equipment to be profitable, and the vast majority of the player base lost PED trying to get there. I...
  20. Captain Jack

    Suggestion: Merge All Stacks (Include Other Containers) to Include (L) Blueprint Books

    First off I want to say THANK YOU for the very much needed change allowing (L) blueprints to be stacked. This helped me downsize a handful of pitbulls which had simply become (L) blueprint book holders, and free up a few hundred PED of blueprint books which I can now return to cycling. As I...
  21. Captain Jack

    Damage Enhancers Enhancing Amps. Good or Bad?

    The recent VU apparently changed Damage Enhancers to increase the damage output of amps attached to enhanced weapons. Since it was not announced as a feature there is question as to whether or not this was intentional. Even if it was not intended, do you think it should stay the way that it is...
  22. Captain Jack

    Selling: Halloween Ring 2019, Christmas Ring 2019.

    Halloween Ring 2019 Does your hunting setup need a little bit more kick? Are you planning to make a serious go of it in an upcoming Mayhem event? The solution is right before your very eyes. One of THE BEST rings for DPS and much more affordable than the 2018 Halloween Ring, this ring provides a...
  23. Captain Jack

    Suggestion: Long Term Event Rather Than Short-Term Cash Grab For Cashing Out High Value Assets

    Calypso Land Deeds. Arkadia Underground Deeds. Compet Deeds. Arkadia Moon Deeds. Crystal Palace Shares. And now... Ancient Greece Shares... There have been many tens of millions of PED worth of high value assets sold to the ingame community. Each time it happens there is a mass sale of high...
  24. Captain Jack

    Selling: 2nd Highest Efficiency Weapon Ingame: Ashley&Perrin Series BP-70 Perfected

    Thread Under Quarantine Based on the theory that the loot mechanics are stacked player vs player, those who end up in the top have a distinct edge against their peers. With that in mind, you can be one of only five players ingame with a distinct edge against the rest of the player base...
  25. Captain Jack

    Suggestion: Option for Removal of Medi-Stims at Land Grab

    RULES OF THIS DISCUSSION 1. Purpose: This thread was created due to the observation of obvious mutual interest of opposing factions, and ALL discussion on this thread need to be kept on topic. 2. NO flaming. If you have a bone to pick with someone individually or categorically take it...