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  1. Phoenix

    Buying: Hunter Mentor Edition Set

    Still looking for FULL Hunter Mentor Edition Female. Bwoomp :bump:
  2. Phoenix

    Buying: Hunter Mentor Edition Set

    Bumperzzz :bump:
  3. Phoenix

    Buying: Hunter Mentor Edition Set

    Boooomp :bump:
  4. Phoenix

    Buying: Hunter Mentor Edition Set

    Buying the full set of Hunter ME female set, PM here, post, ingame... Just get in touch. :cool:
  5. Phoenix

    Entropia Universe 16.0.2 Release Notes

    Amps also fixed, no more need to sweat bullets if im hunting with bugged amp, finally! Love the camera options, especially the view distance setting. Great job MA, continue to work like this and EU might just get a new "Golden Age"
  6. Phoenix

    I am pis###

    Really sad what the update done to the healers, but I feel this will be changed soon, we are in the first bumpy weeks of the change which feels very "personal" because of how important it is for the player experience. Character and camera controllers are pretty hard to code well in game dev...
  7. Phoenix

    Entropia Universe Release Notes

    Thx for the heads up, I believe I tried that, but will try it again. And I don't experience tool use lag/lagspikes/whatever they are called just when using auto use tool, I tried mouse button bashing to fire, same thing happens, absolutely no difference. Usually when i "lag" i start strafing...
  8. Phoenix

    Entropia Universe Release Notes

    The pain is back, yesterday things were alot better, and today, back to the old stuff, loot lag, tool switch lag, tool use lag, heal lag.. So instead of explainig, I just made a video of a few mins of gameplay how I experience it all the time, even sneaked a global in there for a bit of...
  9. Phoenix

    Server Downtime for Patch

    Wooot, lag almost gone? :O :O :O This feels like a new game! Whatever you did, it worked for me, but still have some of those "item busy" and "waiting on previous action to finish", but its now like 1 time in 3 minutes opposed to 3 times in a minute before! Even feels like weapon firing...
  10. Phoenix

    Level 50+ avatars with no uber

    Just had a 2743 ped Feffox Old the other day. So yeah, I think it shows that higher mob + higher cycle rate weapon + 2000ish ped spent daily does yield results. Or now I am extremly lucky and the past 12-ish years I have been extremely unlucky (while hunting less than 1 ped mobs, and cycling...
  11. Phoenix

    What Floats your Musical Boat, At this Very Second :)

  12. Phoenix

    Level 50+ avatars with no uber

    This. I never thought I would get 500+ loot, ever. Even though 1k Kerbs do happen, they do not happen as often as Feffox, Proteron, Atrox, spiders etc... I seriously doubt that someone who is cycling a whole lot of peds on decent size mobs wont get an Uber. In years prior to 2016/17 I used to...
  13. Phoenix

    Performance issues?

    Jurra Plateu is just awful. Troxes appearing, disappearing, becoming "invisible" and they still deal damage even if you stand under turret...
  14. Phoenix

    A honest feedback, my perspective on Entropia Universe RCE part

    Oh god, don't even make me think about it. :hammer: :loco: She does remind me of me back then in a way. :ahh: But yeah, cant we all get along, and you know, solve stuff? We are not all supposed to like each other, but hey, do we really need to bash ourselves around like this? And then we...
  15. Phoenix

    Longtooth returns, what did I do wrong?

    My first migration as well, had negative results, but not that bad overall, im happy with skills gained and got myself some wildman's furyes. Overall overturn was about 15k, ended with about 45 ped loss, no complaints there. However, I think it turned out positive because of the nice 500ish and...
  16. Phoenix

    What Floats your Musical Boat, At this Very Second :)

    Judas Priest - One Shot at Glory
  17. Phoenix

    Question: A question about grinding

    This. At the moment no one has pretty much any clue how Loot 2.0 works or what they should be doing, therefore we see massive grinders and top hunters loosing money, and some "n00b" hunters making profit, it will take time to hone in on the best practice, and till then, your guess is as good as...
  18. Phoenix

    Do you feel your overall loot returns have improved significantly?

    Still confused here.... :scratch2: First after the patch i did ~1500 ped on Keberos (x3 + a102 + Turrelion armor) did really well, so well in fact I thought of staying there forever, mind you that before that I never really had much luck on Kerberos, but was not bad either. Then went on to...
  19. Phoenix

    The remaining 93% of loot value

    I think that this is pretty much true from my point of view, it is an elegant theory when you actually think about it. I mean, DPP is exactly that (Damage / Cost). I don't think there is really precedence between decay and ammo use (partly *proven* by ELM weapons). It is just added together in a...
  20. Phoenix

    Selling: S: Ranked Combat Knife & Full set Phantom (F)

    Im bidding the SB, tt+2200 :D
  21. Phoenix

    Entropedia down

    Its back up again! :) :yay:
  22. Phoenix

    Should the money ever be returned

    That must be the nicest thing I have read in a while :hug: I would return it, to me it is far more important to stick to good character than to good items you get at heavy price for someone else, it is better in the long run for everybody. If you are a jerk and pissed off for a short time...