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  1. StatikNode

    Selling: Bear Armor Parts (M) UL

    Currently selling parts of my Bear Armor set. Prices are as follows (may change subject to market fluctuation) Bear Thigh Guards [M] - TT+270 SOLD Bear Harness [M] - TT+250 SOLD Bear Gloves [M] - TT+65 SOLD Bear Foot Guards [M] - TT+195 SOLD Bear Shin Guards [M] - TT+100 SOLD PM me or post in...
  2. StatikNode

    PC: Lakefront Estate

    What's the running value for a Lakefront Estate near the Treasure Island lake? I've seen some go for 2K PED's, but that was a few months ago. Market data isn't relevant, since that's for all estates. Also, pricecheck also includes the estates along the northeast shore, by the skippers, since...
  3. StatikNode

    Buying: [UnL] Bear Armor Parts (M)

    I am currently looking for someone willing to sell certain [UnL] Bear parts, for a male avatar. If you are willing to sell, we can negotiate an offer. I currently own a harness, footguards, shin guards, and gloves. I also own a separate set's helmet. I am looking for a: Thigh guard (FOUND) Arm...
  4. StatikNode

    BIG Thanks to MindArk!

    With the recent release including the MindForce update, I see many people are trying it out. I do understand that there are mixed opinions from everyone. And amidst all the threads complaining about how MindArk "phails" and "doesn't balance PED cards" I needed to let some light in. :yay: With...
  5. StatikNode

    Opinions on Rocktropia & New VU

    Since I'm seeing a lot of stuff about RockTropia and the new VU, I was wondering what everyone's opinion on it is. Personally, I like it. New mobs, and an interesting landscape makes for a rather special experience at first. However, I don't like the 40PED fee to go visit it after all. Even if...
  6. StatikNode

    Achievement: Top of the Lighthouse!

    I have an obsession. I have an obsession for seeing the world from high above, and I have a kind of anti-vertigo. If I can, I'll climb a mountain, or ascend a building. Although most buildings are easy to climb, using just a little bit of RL agility, I came across my biggest challenge to date...
  7. StatikNode

    Buying: Nemesis (M) Harness

    I'm looking to buy a Nemesis (M) harness for approximately TT+165. Current markup is TT+141 for the week, and TT+153 for the month. If anyone has one that they're willing to part with, then I'll be glad to buy. Throw me a PM for offers, or post in the thread.
  8. StatikNode

    Texture & Color Enhancers?

    I see texture and color enhancers every so often in stores while browsing through malls, and I don't have much of an idea as to how they work. Does it automatically increase the paint/texture strength to the maximum, regardless of how much or little colors you use? If I was to put 1 green can...
  9. StatikNode

    Achievement: 1st Solo Profit

    After having hunted for a few months now, I finally pulled a profit the other day. While doing a TP run. While hunting SnableSnots! Makes sense? Not really. I did end up profiting ~500%, since I only decided to use 10 PED's ammo and an Opalo. Lucky for me, I did profit, and get the Aloode TP at...
  10. StatikNode

    "Try" Clothing Function

    I've always looked around in shops at various items of clothing, and the closest I've been to seeing their style is through the item information window. I've always wondered if we could ever 'try' things on, using a minifeature implemented into the EU actions shell. We could either have this...
  11. StatikNode

    Most Amazing Discovery

    I have discovered something which can't really be categorized. It appears to be a noob mistake, but one of epic proportions. I was browsing the markets when I discovered this. Just look at it. LOL The guy selling the fragment must feel like the luckiest guy in the world. He probably is...
  12. StatikNode

    My Current Experiences

    Well, where to begin? Ah, yes! Introductions. :) I'm StatikNode, and my avatar is now shortened to just Statik. I began playing a month ago, seeing that this was supposed to be a great experience, and that CryEngine is just amazing. Unlike many other noobs, I didn't join to make money, since I...