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  1. Amenophis

    Question: Which is your monthly average net income for your LA ?

    Maybe a question to be raised at least on yearly basis . PS: please use the present market value of your LA or an estimate if your property has been purchased for more than 2 years.
  2. Amenophis

    An ideea on how to boost the overall activity

    What if MA introduced a new item series ? The replicator. An L item with weapon, tools and attachments flavors with a decent maximum tt to be looted from animals, crafting and mining, that would allow duplication of any item in its category according to its tt and the tt of the duplicated item ...
  3. Amenophis


    I'm aiming this post at having a picture on the opinion of "combustive" mindforcers out there. This mindforce ramification has been utterly struck by the introduction of the cooldown groups as they are now and by the removal of the charging as its reload time. It was supplied with L chips and...
  4. Amenophis

    Space ... the final frontier

    Let's assume MA is open to our ideas and the ideas of their partners in a responsible manner. I'm not aware of the measure in which a partner might "force" MA's hand to implement a new feature, but certainly , us , the users should be far more "in touch" with their partners. So, having this...
  5. Amenophis

    Selling: First Gen Combustive Chip VI

    SB : 8k PED BO : 10k PED PS: no commitment to the actual in-game sale.
  6. Amenophis


    I often wondered about the mechanism that leads to establishing loot composition over a certain time-frame. Most of us have learned that cycles of loot composition exist but the way the machine chooses to assign a certain item to a cycle is still supposed to be connected to its real rarity at a...
  7. Amenophis

    Selling: 1 esi

    tt: 1016.85 ped sb: 610% initial bo: 620% I will receive pm's for 3 days. This topic will be closed on Monday gmt 00:00. If bo is met by several pm's I will set a new bo, 5% higher in this post, till only one buyer stands.
  8. Amenophis


    Maybe it's time MA said something more about in-game mechanics. I'm especially interested into the concept of economy since it started as a joke and ended up to be a religion. The large player base, besides getting very cautious on their decays diminished the average run values, while very...
  9. Amenophis

    Selling: First Generation Combustive Chip VI

    Info: SB: 10k BO: 15k PS: No hurry . No commitment to actual sale. No items in exchange ( thx to MA ).
  10. Amenophis

    How's your return rate after VU10 ?

    As a certain change was felt by more players and myself , I was wondering about its real magnitude. So, how do you feel/observed/calculated that your average loot has been going after the release of vu 10 ? I'd like to get a feeling of the rl crisis impact on the average return rates . PS: I'm...
  11. Amenophis

    Buying: Longu textures

    Waiting for pms with offers.
  12. Amenophis

    Selling: Clothes

    Female Verdant Coat - tt+ 250 Essi Gown Olive - tt+225 Trix stiletto Olive - tt+ 35 Rex Top Hat Olive - tt+75 -- Bulk line sale : tt+ 550 Ambulimax jacket tt+60 Ambulimax trix stilettos tt+75 Ambulimax beach shorts tt+50 Ambulimax bustier tt+65 Ambulimax beret tt+75 Ambulimax bra tt+50...
  13. Amenophis

    Selling: Firestorm Potent Chip

    sb: 10,000 PED bo: N/A End date : 24.09.09 Items accepted for trade : Salamander F set :) / 2x A106 / 1x A204 / 4xDante .
  14. Amenophis

    Questions to be answered

    In an effort to get some basis for a sound deduction it seems we need answers to certain questions , based on all our empirical data ever collected . I would ask the following : 1) Which is the delta on depths for various finders unamped ? 2) Does it vary when amped ? 3) Which is the deepest...
  15. Amenophis

    Abracadabra recruiting

    Given the low profile we are keeping and the general purpose of it , I am setting up these requirements as minimal for admittance/evaluation of the pending requests : -50k skills -over 100 hp -active ( over 3 hours daily or corresponding daily average per week) -willing to learn and evolve...
  16. Amenophis

    Buying: Rutuba F pieces

    Preferably full tt's or over 75% condition : thigh, harness, feet PM with requested mark-up and tt value. I will consider current auction mark, present offers and tt of the item.
  17. Amenophis

    Selling: Firestorm potent chip

    sb : 12,000 PED bo : 15,000 PED Auction ends : 28 May Specs : Disclaimer : Auction is not a commitment to actual in-game transaction.
  18. Amenophis

    Buying: Jag feet F

    Unlimited. PM with your prices.
  19. Amenophis

    Selling: Potent Firestorm

    sb 10k bo 13k --- NB : The thread is not a commitment to the actual in-game sale.
  20. Amenophis

    OA 102 bp qr 44

    SB 2100 BO 2250 Available in auction from sb 2200 - bo 2250.
  21. Amenophis

    About crafting and professional standings

    What do you think of the professional standing percentage involved from skills ? I personally believe it would be time for dedicated crafters, hunters, miners to actually benefit more from their base occupation. Imo the engineer should benefit more than 4% from the skills obtained on...
  22. Amenophis

    About longblades and actually some market guidelines

    It so happens that I'm a fan of katsu's . There are some things that still amaze me when it comes to economy and mark-ups on unlimited melee weapons. Why use a highly uneconomical sword on under 5HA while you could use a more economical one on lower maturities thus lowering your costs while...