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  1. The_Doctor

    Buying: WTB: Shogun Gloves (M), Armor Plating 4C, Armor Plating 6B

    See the headline! pls, msg me in-game
  2. The_Doctor

    Selling: WTS: L.A.R.A. LARA

    Selling [L.A.R.A] Might also be interested in trading for a loot collector pm me in-game
  3. The_Doctor

    Buying: WTB Vigilante - Modified (M)

    WTB Vigilante - Modified (M)
  4. The_Doctor

    Invest heavily in the most amazing game ever

    Hi, I started playing Entropia over 10 years ago and really think it's amazing to see how a game has evolved so much in such a long time. Entropia is more fun to play now than ever! MA & Planet Partners has really done a fantastic job, and this makes me want to invest heavily in several...
  5. The_Doctor

    Camera always behind player

    Hello, im wondering if there is some setting to make the camera always behind the Avatar?
  6. The_Doctor

    Buying: WTB: Teleportation Chip 1, TEN Edition

    WTB: Teleportation Chip 1, TEN Edition
  7. The_Doctor

    Entropia Tracker is not tacking screenshots

    Hello, i'm having trouble with Entropia Tracker that is not taking screenshots of all my HoF I have it running and have setup the chat log file & screenshot folder When i chose "Also take screenshot when:" and enter a friends name it takes pictures of my friend! what can be the problem? Picture
  8. The_Doctor

    Buying: Buying full M modified Vigilante

    Want to Buy a full M modified Vigilante
  9. The_Doctor

    Buying: WTB - Shogun Improved (M)

    pm: me
  10. The_Doctor

    Planet Partner - Dune

    Introduce a new planet partner (feel free to steal this idee) - Planet Arrakis also know as Dune. Where you can hunt the vile Sandworms, and harvest the geriatric spice melange. New vehicles such as the thopter, and stillsuit armor
  11. The_Doctor

    Buying: WTB: ANGEL ARMOR (M)

    The Doctor needs to buy an Angel armor. Or a better armor, if the price is right :)
  12. The_Doctor

    Swordsman (DMG) 12 (HIT) 10 - looking for sword (BUYS ALSO)

    Hi, returning Entropia players who were thinking of starting to play around a bit with swords. Dont know much about all new weapons and would like to buy good swords, which are the most ecco for my level? Unlimited is perfectly ok, pm if you want to sell :)
  13. The_Doctor

    Buying: Buying ADJ or IMP Embra C1

    Buying ADJ or IMP Embra C1 for TT+400 more if tiers :cool:
  14. The_Doctor

    Embra laser Sword C1 (UL ) Adj or Imp

    I am looking to buy a Embra laser Sword C1 (UL ) Adj or Imp but is unsure how much i should give for it? Or shoud i look for something els in that level?
  15. The_Doctor

    Unequip ALL

    It woud be awesome to have a "unequip all" action, for all the times when you need to un equip the armor!
  16. The_Doctor

    What is happening when the 30hours is over?

    I’m doing the Merry Mayhem mission as a solo hunter, it will be fun the see how I place myself against all the team hunters ;) I will be going in to the city when I am out of ammo to refill and repair my armor/FAP etc. But I’m wondering about the timer rule, It’s great we got 30hours which I...
  17. The_Doctor

    Merry Christmas

    To your enemy, forgiveness. To an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, your heart. To a customer, service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example. To yourself, respect.” Merry Christmas :)
  18. The_Doctor

    Buying: Opalo sga

    Hi! I woud like to buy a OPALO SGA! tt+150
  19. The_Doctor

    Buying: Sollomate Opalo, SGA Edition

    pls msg me :)
  20. The_Doctor

    I gues Planet Calypso X64 is on its way

    I gues Planet Calypso X64 is on its way becouse when i play in windows mode the title says version number x86 :) good
  21. The_Doctor

    Wolverine Hope in the sky, kinda cool

    Hi, i was suprised when i exited the station @ Wolverine Hope i fell very far down to the ground and when i look upp the stations is flying in the sky :yay: but its not so fun that i cant teleport away from there hehe
  22. The_Doctor

    2 bugs (beep sound and ghostwalls)

    When i mine and find a claim the beeping sound dose not stop even thou i have extracted it and continued to do my businesses. The beeping sound dissaperas when i have dropped another bomb. And sometimes when i enter the TT barracks (i dont remember which ones) the walls dissapears and i can get...
  23. The_Doctor

    My 1st HOF

    I had many globals but this is my first HOF :yay: Got it today 1541ped :)
  24. The_Doctor

    FYI: bonus reward system for every new depositing player

    I which a bonus reward system for every new depositing player i enlist. :cool: