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  1. Serica

    10 years

    A lot happened in the last 10 years. We moved house. My daughter married. Our grandson and granddaughter were born. Lala died. My mother-in-law, uncle and cousin died - all in the same year. My husband died. Through all the good things, and the .. well .. not so good, Entropia has been a...
  2. Serica

    Selling: Generic Components

    I found the following generic components lurking in Storage: Basic Scanning Sensor .. .. .. 326 .. .. .. 35.86PED (TT) Enhanced Scanning Sensor .. .. .. 1 .. .. .. 0.61PED (TT) Basic Strategic Combat Processor .. .. .. 107 .. .. .. 4.28 PED (TT) Basic Electronic Fluid Memory .. .. .. 355 .. ...
  3. Serica

    For Jim

    My husband, Jim, was admitted to hospital late on Tuesday March 8, and died early on Monday March 21. We were married for nearly 30 years - all of them happy. However, for 20 of those years, he had endured a progressive autoimmune disease, that left him with few resources to resist the viral...
  4. Serica

    Gremlin (F) bugged

    Gremlin appears to be bugged - only the (F) version though. The (M) version appears to be normal. Possibly only when running the 64-bit client. (I've found one other avatar with the same bug, who also runs the 64-bit client) 1. The doesn't appear on the avatar when equipped. 2. When the armor...
  5. Serica

    FYI: Mod on the move

    Leaving now for a 2000km drive from the Gold Coast to Victoria to spend the holidays with my husband's family (Newell Highway route). :xsmile: I'd be happy to meet up with anyone who lives down that way if I'm passing through your town :grouphug: Send me a PM and we can arrange a time and...
  6. Serica

    Stackable quantity missing in loot windows

    The loot window is showing the loot icons correctly, but is no longer showing the quantity of item in each stack.
  7. Serica

    Apologies to RoSkyLine

    My bad. :ahh: I was looking at a post in your thread 'Account Locked without doing nothing:(((' that wasn't in English, but at the same time on another browser tab I was removing a bunch of spam, using one of the automated forum processes. Just then everything froze here for me...
  8. Serica

    Selling: Full TT Genesis Flash-Freeze (L)

    Freshly looted today. Link to stats on Entropedia. Note: SIB starts at Lvl 80 Swordsman. Tier numbers: 302, 1851, 375, 1341, 943, 1444, 726, 649, 1277, 1110. Full TT @ 405PED. SB: TT+0PED Auction ends in 7 days.
  9. Serica

    New location for Ingrid J, the Puny Iron Mission broker?

    Ingrid J is no longer at the Nus Lull location recorded in Entropedia (63006, 76580). Does anyone have the coordinates for the new location?
  10. Serica

    News: Eomon Migration Storyline Comic - Prologue

    The story continues ... Originally Posted Here
  11. Serica

    Entropedia is broken at the moment

    The Entropedia site is broken at the moment, with main menu links giving the "Oops... something went wrong" message. I've sent an email to Witte, and can only hope he checks that email account really soon. If a Trusted User has a bookmarked link to the Chart Management page, it might be worth...
  12. Serica

    Expand Iron Challenge Puny creatures range

    While adding the Cape Corinth missions to Entropedia, I noticed that killing the new 'puny' maturities of Sabakuma, Cornundos etc doesn't contribute to the Iron Challenge Punies mission series. If this isn't an oversight, I'd like to suggest that these mobs - together with any other 'puny' mobs...
  13. Serica

    News: Halloween Mayhem 2013!

    Get ready for the most terrifying event in Planet Calypso history! Fight your way through hordes of undead as you compete for the prizes in this year’s Halloween event, featuring... A spooky haunted graveyard instance Two creepy new creatures and two new bosses Special loot, including Halloween...
  14. Serica

    Do you have the skills to help develop Entropedia?

    A few weeks ago, after not hearing any response from Witte in months, and concerned about his continued absence and its effect on the future of Entropedia, I sent him the following email: Today, he's sent the following response: Let me make it plain here, before anyone asks .. I have no...
  15. Serica

    ETA on activation of anti-trapping logic

    Following the last PP update when the Cyclops missions were introduced, Charlie/Calypso posted: Can you please advise if this will be included in the next PP Update next week? Alternatively, if it was intended to be included by MA in vu14+ and has since been re-prioritised, is there a new ETA...
  16. Serica

    Paramedic Service threads belong in the Services section

    It's come to the mod's attention that there's quite a lot of paramedic service threads being posted in this section, and our consensus is that these belong in the Services section. I will therefore be transferring all existing threads there. If I miss any, feel free to let me know by using...
  17. Serica

    PEAuction site now defunct?

    Just looked up PEAuction in response to a question from a soc member .. and it seems to have stopped collecting data in about February or so this year. Is the site defunct, or has it just broken and noone noticed ? PEAuction feeds the item prices on Entropedia and Bob the Builder sites, so if...
  18. Serica

    EU Avatar Before & After Contest

    One of the exciting features of the upcoming Version Update scheduled for Jan. 22 is a brand new avatar creation system. To celebrate, MindArk is hosting a fun EU Avatar Before & After contest. Simply send an email with before & after screenshot images of your avatar to
  19. Serica

    Reminder about the forum limit on signature sizes

    I don't want to be too pedantic about this, but there's quite a few sigs out there that are well over the maximum size. Please take a look at your signature, and if it's significantly bigger than the limits above then do something to reduce it to a more acceptable size. Thanks, Serica
  20. Serica

    Bulk changes to Entropedia - discussion

    I don't know if anyone else has noticed yet, but there's been some pretty significant changes made to Entropedia in the past few days. I've not seen any discussion about it anywhere, so thought I'd raise it here for the record. Maps - There is now a 'Calypso' map, as well as the Amethera and...
  21. Serica

    Training AI for first-person shooter games

    Interesting article about using machine learning in combination with AI for NPCs in gaming:
  22. Serica

    Defense-related skills

    A question arose on EF a few days ago, after Neil Stockton referred to mobs being 'sucked dry' of defense skills and dumped. At first I thought he was simply con-joining limited defense-skills/mob with limited sweat/mob, however I did some searches here on PCF and found threads posted after the...
  23. Serica

    New player teleporters now?

    Last I recall, new players got one tp on each of Eudoria and Amethera when they started - Port Atlantis Marina and Treasure Island City (or was it New Oxford?). However, when one of my disciples who has started in the past week asked to go to Nea's today, we found that he had no teleports on...
  24. Serica

    LaLiLa Lala Tess is now gone, but never forgotten

    Lala's brother, Kal, has contacted me to let me know that Lala passed away on the weekend from a massive coronary. This has been a huge shock, as it's only 2 days ago that we were talking about her at the Central Coast meet, and seeing who had her RL contact info, as she's been offline for a...
  25. Serica

    CLD Sale Update

    Due to the enormous demand for the Calypso Land Deeds that MindArk has been offering for 1150 PED over the past several days, many participants have found it difficult to obtain Deeds through the global auction. To improve this situation and give as many participants as possible the chance to...