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  1. Zane

    Selling: Silverfang m.01 Starlight

    Haven't played Entropia for years now and figured it's time to completely move on. The Silverfang is my most prized possession and I want it to go to a good home. I don't even know what the thing is worth anymore but bidding will start at TT+1000.
  2. Zane

    FYI: Be Super Careful With Vehicles...

    I was taking a spin in my Pitbull tonight and I went down a hill a little fast, hit a bump, and had a very small bit of air. Upon landing, around 30 damage messages went off on my screen and suddenly my Pitbull is at half health. One small jump. Anyone else reckon they need to refine the hit...
  3. Zane

    Tarot Card Readings

    Hey everyone! Long time, no see. :) I'm doing in-game tarot card readings for tips. No payment is necessary, but it's greatly appreciated. Pay me nothing or give me 10,000 PED. The choice is yours. Post here, or message me to schedule a reading. Or find me in Twin Peaks/PA.
  4. Zane

    Achievement: 1 Year on Calypso

    Today is my avatar's first birthday here on Calypso! I can't believe it's been that long already. :eek: In that time I've met many many wonderful people (even met one IRL) who have been a big part of me learning all about different cultures and belief systems. I love you all (in a platonic...
  5. Zane

    I Guess it Does Work

    Was having a conniption fit over the terrible, god awful, horrendous finds I was getting so I went a little mental. I flat out asked Lootius to give me a decent find. It happened. Second bomb after bitching out loud and I got this.
  6. Zane

    FYI: Derp

  7. Zane


    I mean... really? :scratch2:
  8. Zane

    FYI: Free Entropia Rangers Recruitment Thread

    Howdy howdy everybody! A few friends and I have a new society that is looking for new players! :yay: We're very active, and are looking for new, active, enthusiastic players who have a thirst for knowledge and like to operate in a small group setting. We've learned a lot about the game from...
  9. Zane

    Buying: Nemesis (M) Harness and Thighs

    IT'S DONE Thread ist kaputt
  10. Zane

    Selling: Full Gremlin (M) Great Price (Quick Sale Wanted)

    Hey everybody, I'm selling my beloved Gremlin (M) set to upgrade to something tailored a bit more to my needs. I am only selling this as a full set. Face Guard: 61.30 PED TT + 4 PED = 65.30 PED Gloves: 63.20 PED TT + 10 PED = 73.20 PED Arm Guards: 67.20 PED TT + 5 PED = 72.20...
  11. Zane

    Starfinder = 3d?

    I know the thread title may not make sense to you... oh well. :laugh: I listen to a group from the UK called Massive Attack, and recently I realized how much Starfinder (the guy who runs Tracker) looks like Robert Del Naja (aka 3d) from Massive Attack. Go look at Starfinder's avatar picture...
  12. Zane

    Info: Possibility that Loot Shines on Just a Few

    I was just browsing EntropiaTracker, and saw that someone (who shall not be named) had just gotten a nice Bery HoF. You can look them up if you like, but I'm not taking the responsibility of disclosing their name. That's on your time. Though, I'm pretty sure naming someone who HoF'd isn't...
  13. Zane

    New Trading Hub

    In another thread here on EF, people were complaining about the bot attacks on Twins because they disrupt P2P trades. Someone had the idea of picking a new trading spot (maybe just temporary) and I decided to make a poll for it. Need some ideas first off, then I'll pop up a poll with your...
  14. Zane

    89 ped > 116 ped??

    I just had a decent trox global (116 PED). Shortly after receiving my lootz, Burnsey HoF'd on a longtooth for 89 PED. See what I'm getting at? What's the deal? No, I'm not blaming Burnsey (before anyone says it). He's a cool guy, this seems to be a problem with the HoF parameters. Or is...
  15. Zane

    Positive Thinking -> Loot

    I know I'm going to sound like a nutcase, but I'm a big proponent of positive thinking and making your own luck. I'd like to conduct an experiment in which I go out hunting a mob (most likely trox) at a predetermined time, and get as many people as I can from here on EF to concentrate on me...
  16. Zane

    FYI: Meet an Entropian - Zane

    Hey everyone! I had the idea to make a video that shows who the hell I am IRL for those who care. Just got it all uploaded and processed on YouTube. :) Hope you enjoy my dorkiness. Would be awesome if some more of these followed! :yay: qe9H-1JFtto
  17. Zane

    Tribute at Memorial Island

    I took a drive up the path to the memorials from the Memorial Island TP tonight. Got out of my Saerhrimnir, and walked to the angel statue. I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. One unit of crude oil on the ground and a bottle of diluted sweat sitting on the dais. I added the adrenal...
  18. Zane

    Selling: UL Tiger Harness (M)

    Well, the time's come to part with my beloved Tiger Harness :( Looking for a quick, clean sale. Selling this beauty for TT+3k. Markup is approximately TT+3300, so my sale is 300 PED off of MU. It's a good deal. I just need the PED badly.
  19. Zane

    Buying: Tier 0 Maddox IV

    Simple as what the title suggests. I'm buying a Maddox IV at no more than tier 0.9. I will pay daily markup. Hoping for a quick trade! Don't hesitate to contact me. :yay:
  20. Zane

    EU Words in RL

    I was being a huge nerd the other day and started googling some random EU weapon names to see if they have any meaning outside of EU. Here's what I came up with: Opalo - "Opalo Way" is the name of a street in San Diego, California Breer - Catherine Breer is a marine landscapes painter Riker -...
  21. Zane

    Question: Disappearing Corpses?

    Was out hunting trox and got 2 of them on me, so I killed the first one and proceeded to kill the second. I was going to loot both of them at the same time. I got done killing the 2nd one and the first corpse disappeared. I did not click to loot it. The body just up and vanished. Wtf is...
  22. Zane

    Question: Low Maturity Leviathans

    Does anyone know where they're at? All I've seen are provider to alpha near PA. I'm looking for youngs to olds if possible. Thanks, everyone :)
  23. Zane

    Question: Land Areas with Water Mob Spawns?

    I'm assuming it's impossible to add water dwelling mobs' DNA to your land area. But I was thinking... why not? Leviathans would be a huge PED sink and attraction for hunters if someone popped down a max maturity spawn on their LA. Will we ever see this in-game? I think it would add realism.
  24. Zane

    PC on Leather Duster Coat

    Anyone know what these are worth now? Just realized EU had these and I love dusters... I'd kill for one (maybe in-game). ;) Thanks in advance, everyone :D
  25. Zane

    FYI: Targeting "Glitched" Items

    Many of us know that under certain circumstances, upon one's death, one's held item may become stuck in midair or inside an object. I was just at the rig and I noticed that when I moused over a glitched gun on the ground, I could actually target the player whose it was. Tested it out with...