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  1. jak

    Suggestion: Auto-loot pills stacking?

    Hi, Can we please get buff stacking on auto-loot pills? What I mean is can we take one 1 hour pill then take another and have 2 hours and another and have 3 hours, etc? I have thousands of auto-loot pills from boxes and it would be great if I can stack 5 of them to do events, etc. I think...
  2. jak

    Suggestion: A few easy changes please?

    Hi, Can we get these simple-small fixes or changes please? - Give us "TP to home" availability on plot deeds? - Let us move PED card around in inventory permanently, not have it reset at top each time? - Let us permanently move "Vehicle status bar" on screen to any place we want it...
  3. jak

    Suggestion: Oil Rig is broken, easy fix

    Hi, The idea behind the oil rig has been a place where guys can come to practice PK and have PK fun. Long time ago there were no vehicles and as a nub you had to run through mobs to get to the rig then the rig had big mobs around and you were very lucky if you could even see an oil drop let...
  4. jak

    Suggestion: Skill inhibitor item?

    Hi, As you should know there are a lot of players that don’t play as much as they could, they deliberately stop playing as if they continue hunting they will out skill the event category they are in. There are quite a few ideas on this, like change the event category level requirement each...
  5. jak

    Suggestion: Container category selection

    Hi, Since I love organizing, and this would help everyone with organizing inventory and storage: Please add the function to right click a container/box/etc. and get a drop-down menu allowing one to move or re-categorize the container to any category tab one wants. Example, I have a container...
  6. jak

    Suggestion: Mind Force "Wallet"

    Hi, I have about 20 or so MindForce (MF) chips in my inventory, I LOVE MindForce and use all sorts of chips for different reasons! I have 3 different TP chips and a wormhole chip, I have a revive chip, heal chip, heal over time chip, and all sorts of chips!! I'm sure I'm not alone!!! I'm...
  7. jak

    Suggestion: Land plots!!!

    (Making new thread since last one was a question thread not a suggestion thread!) Let’s make land plots more useful and something fun to own and use!!! These are some things that would be cool!!! 1) make TP to home work for plots! 2) make other houses or structures able to be made, bigger...
  8. jak

    Suggestion: Tier comps in events!

    Hi, First, love the new increased drop rates on gems!!! Can see some of my items maybe getting past 2.99 finely! Easy suggestion! Add tier comps to events!!! Cat1 would drop tier 1 comps, Cat2 would drop tier 2 comps, etc!!! Tier comps are last bottleneck for tiering up things so this...
  9. jak

    Land Grab (LG) tax distribution.

    Hi, OK, I know not everyone in Entropia will care about this but there are a large number of the top players that definitely do and WILL care about this subject. It is definitely a subject that has broken many Socs and caused reformation of more Soc than I can remember over the years...
  10. jak

    Proposed new attachment for “tanking”

    Hi, Alright, most all games have different roles players can play, DPS, heals, Tanks, Support, etc. In Entropia there currently really is just 2 roles in hunting, DPS and Heals. In a team all the DPS also act as tanks, and the healer has to heal everyone and is very annoying. Possibly this...
  11. jak

    Selling: Easter Ring 2020

    Looking to sell my freshly looted Easter Ring 2020 Only Right hand ring with 3% crit!!! Not taking offers under 30k, Anything over will be considered. Buy Out is 45k = if you offer 45k it is instantly yours. Open to some item trades. Looking for Modified Restoration chip &...
  12. jak

    Easter Ring 2020

    Wow! Best hunting loot to date since starting this game in June 2003!!!
  13. jak

    Selling: Full set of Eon (M)

    Hi, I'm selling a full set of Eon M [Eon Helmet (M)] t1.9 [Eon Harness (M)] t2.9 [Eon Arm Guards (M)] t1.9 [Eon Gloves (M)] t1.9 [Eon Thigh Guards (M)] t2.9 [Eon Shin Guards (M)] t1.9 [Eon Foot Guards (M)] t1.9 Please send me your offers.
  14. jak

    Selling: Spacecraft Deed - Starfinder XXXIII

    Hi, I'm looking to sell my spaceship. I bought it at about 35k and have invested a bit over 15k in SI/HP. The ship SI/HP is 10,585 with 5,292 per section. So in a fair world I'd get over 50k peds for it... But I'm not crossing my fingers. Make me an offer please. Start Bid = 40k Buy Out = 50k
  15. jak

    Selling: EWE EP-40 Mercenary, Modified Tier 7.9

    Hi, As title says I'm selling my MM tier 7.9! Please send me offers, if it is fair and I like it you will be the proud owner of this beast!!! :)
  16. jak

    Buying: Imperial HAZEN (M) Parts

    I'm putting together a set of this armor and will buy any of the parts I'm missing. Please send me a PM here or in-game if you have any to sell! Thanks. I need: [Imperial HAZEN Arm Guards (M)] [Imperial HAZEN Thigh Guards (M)] I have already: [Imperial HAZEN Helm (M)] [Imperial HAZEN...
  17. jak

    Selling: WTS: Genesis Sulfury t7.7

    . Selling the only known Genesis Sulfury in game for tt+20k peds. --Genesis Sulfury-- Current tier is t7.7 Remaining TIR = ...103,128,50 Current TT is 504 This is not an auction. will consider any fair trades.
  18. jak

    jak - Q1 "Game priorities?"

    Can you please let us in on some of the priorities being focused on by you at Mind Ark? sub question: Can you let us know where on the priorities PVP is? been a long time since we had any updates to pvp. sub sub question: Can you please tell us where "plots/farming" is on the priorities? Not...
  19. jak

    Help: Suggestion for space safe zones and pirates!

    OK, like most going into space I get really annoyed that a pirate can stand in safe zone and once you leave safe zone he can fly behind you and shoot you in the back before you can turn around and shoot him. This is a flaw with safe zones. But if you think of it logically, why would pirates be...
  20. jak

    Info: Scanning skills info - ES500 vs LS-V

    OK, did a small test and wanted to share info: FYI, there used to be an idea that the decay on the tool influenced the skills you get, hence why I used the LS-V for so long wasting peds. :D Scanner - LS-V [System]: You have gained 0.2739 experience in your Scan Animal skill. [System]: You have...
  21. jak

    Buying: Liakon Helmet (M)

    Hi, I'm buying a Liakon Helmet (M) if any have or know someone who has I'd appreciate help getting it. Also willing to buy full set if needed to get the Helmet. Thanks.
  22. jak

    Buying: Improved A-3 Justifier Mk.II

    Hi, I'm buying an Improved A-3 Justifier Mk.II and paying any fair price for it. Paying in pure PEDs!!! All the price checks I did got the base price for tier 0 as 50k-55k peds. I'm thinking a fair price to pay is the base price and most all of the cost to tier it. Examples: tier 1 costs =...
  23. jak

    Buying: Perfected Athenic ring

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a perfected Athenic ring. I've seen multiple fall off auction lower than 7k and would like to get it for 5k but will take any fair price. Thanks. jak
  24. jak

    Nutrio cost for me pet at lvl 14??

    Hi, Can anyone help me with the cost of nutrio to get my pet from level 0 to where it is right now, level 14? Unfortunately it took so long I was not able to keep track of how much I spent in nutrio. Pet is Fido. Pet level is 14 XP is 27010 Metabolic rate is 18.00 Training is Hard Rarity is...
  25. jak

    "Pets" or "Companions"

    OK, there has been too much drama related to humanoid type "pets" and if you look at how a few other very well known games solved this problem you will see that they simply changed the name from "pet" to "companion" and PRESTO the drama and problem was solved! I personally have a LOT of respect...