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  1. Nicole

    Selling: Selling a few things

    Hello Some times even the best plans change , this is one of them! (message to close friends) with that said I have to sell a few things to make a real life bussiness venture come true and not to mention the wedding :) Up for sale are the following: Tier 2 unl x5 100k PED Including TT...
  2. Nicole

    Buying: Blp rifles

    Im looking for the followng weapons , if you are selling or know of anyone selling please pm me :) Jungle stalker SGA Jungle Stalker Ml35me thanks very much
  3. Nicole

    Buying: Buying armor sets Angel / Shadow/ Surpmacy FEMALE

    HI as the title says im looking to buy Angel / shadow / Surpmacy (FEMALE) ... I looking to buy the armor fast with peds on hand, but for a good price too... PM me here or catch me in game if you have a set for sale.
  4. Nicole

    Buying: buying frist aid

    Hello I’m looking to buy the following skills! First aid First aid related skills * Seems I’d mastered the 175 but now need to master the 200 ;) I am close to max reload on it, 18 out of 20 wonders what fap is next after the 200…. On a side note I decided to play a little more EU...
  5. Nicole

    Helping New players

    I came across this post and got to thinking what might help and benefit new player that has no peds or possibility of depositing, but would not effect the EU economy in too much a negative way...
  6. Nicole

    Selling: Female Eon shin Guards

    Hello all I'm selling this nice armor part The start offer is from Naomi for 8000 peds I hope to close the sale maybe in a week , thank you for looking at my sales thread also.
  7. Nicole

    Price check for Eon shin Guards SGA - Female

    Hello I need a price check for Female Eon shin guards SGA I made a discovery about 2 days ago, and seems it was the only part to be looted for the whole SGA event. The only other shins I was told would come from competition sets for Mayhem, or possibly another loot that is still to come from a...
  8. Nicole

    Discovery: Eon shins (F)

    My 1st Discovery I played maybe 5 to 7 light days during SGA and the last day was more for fun then anything. This very unexpected loot I promised my Fiancee would go to her engagement ring :) Click to enlarge Click to enlarge The loot came from Dome 4 Aurili Queen. After hunting most...
  9. Nicole

    Price check on clothes

    Hello recently I made a sales thread I am requesting price check for Black Nomad Storm coat (F) Dark Divinity underwear’s (panties & Bra) (F) Dark Divinity mini skirt (F) Michael ash Black Sunglass...
  10. Nicole

    Selling: Black set for sale

    Selling Black out fit: I’m taking offers on this nice black outfit set! This is not a auction but a sales thread…… The following is for sale as a set or individual pieces. You can make offers on the set or on pieces . Black Nomad Storm coat (F) Dark Divinity underwear’s (panties & Bra) (F)...
  11. Nicole

    Selling: Selling Female eon set w/o boots

    Hello all I am selling Female Eon set with out boots the minimum offer will start at 50,000 peds with a buy out of 70k. Please post here for pm me ..... At this point its a sales thread and not a auction, if I do convert it to a auction then pms will not be accepted only posted bid but...
  12. Nicole

    Selling: Ml35me & Female Nemeses armor set with boots

    Hello I am currently selling the following items starting bid will be 15,000 peds ML35ME and Female Nemeses armor set with boots the starting bid will be 500 peds Happy bidding all, no end date choice n yet.
  13. Nicole

    How long have u played?

    I post this not because of the name change issue but while I always did keep records of when I first joined PE that latter turned into EU, this is the first official date that ma has for me and I thought I share that. Oh by the way the Tony (nick name) is my rl nick name in real life… RL...
  14. Nicole

    EU tracker can be tricked!

    EU Tracker can be tricked! 1st I want to say I love EU tracker and I look at it a lot, but yesterday in society 2 members where having a little competition with who was leading who in peds. So for fun I wanted to see if this would work and it did Click to enlarge By name the team...
  15. Nicole

    Two nice hofs and my 1st couple of crafting global ever!

    Two nice hofs and my 1st couple of crafting global ever! This makes me have globals in all professions now, mining I had some, hunting I had tons but something was always missing in my EU career and now its not!.. my first crafting ones.
  16. Nicole

    Achievement: 222 hp and 87 lvl laser DMG and two small hofs

    222 hp and 87 lvl laser DMG and two small hofs
  17. Nicole

    Achievement: HP

    I usually don't have time to post my global's or HOF's recently but hitting 221 hp and soon to hit 222 hp took a lot of work especially with the current skill system so I figured I post at least this one ;)
  18. Nicole

    Help with a new player to find a decent soceity for his skills

    HI all hope this is the right place to post this... While hunting far west of troy on spiders / artox I came across this new player that was looking for the rig... so I walked him all the way there and showed the rig to him for the first time... we started talking and yes I accepted him a...
  19. Nicole

    Selling: ESI 915 peds plus change

    Hello I was lucky enough to loot a nice esi last night for 915.?? peds taking offers .. was looted off of a spider Dom, PS: no fraps since i got Direct x 10 :( so could not grab the screen shot of the hof :(
  20. Nicole

    Info: Big withdrawal request made today 5/29/08

    Big withdrawal request made today 5/29/08 First thing is first I’m not posting this to brag about my withdrawal in an ways shape or form I’m doing this so every one can see how MA is doing with withdrawals. Now the last time I did a withdrawal was for a decent sized 5,000 peds this time I...
  21. Nicole

    Selling: Multi item sale MM/ M71a2 / swine deluxe / full shadow with boots / full eon with boots

    Multi item sale MM/ M71a2 / swine deluxe / full shadow with boots / full eon with boots Sale ends this Friday !!!!!!!! update!!! Hello, Due to real life events the following is up for IMMEDIATE sale if you are interested in the item please send a pm or you may post here. I’m looking for a...
  22. Nicole

    Wish list suggested computers requirements for the new cry engine.

    Wish list suggested computers requirements for the new cry engine. Recently one of my computers died, and I am getting ready to buy a new computer mainly for PE and the new cry engine… Retiring my current computer to work in the back ground…. It would be nice / great if Mind Dark / EU...
  23. Nicole

    withdrawal request 3/11/2008

    Just keeping track of my withdrawal request and might be of interest to other members on EF . On 3/11/2008 @ 9:35 pm Eastern time USA I requested 52,000 peds be taken from my EU wallet and transferred to my real life bank account, I will keep you posted as to when the money hits my bank or...
  24. Nicole

    Today’s special mod fap free hunting!

    Today’s special For a few hours today I will do some free fapping to help other hunters or miners out… Catch me in EF chat! fap used mod fap... start time 10:11 am here .... seems to be 6:54 hours ma /ef time....
  25. Nicole

    Kill Strike , 215 HP, and some goodies too!

    Kill Strike , 215 HP, and some goodies too! Next goal 250 , ok short term goal 220 ;)