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    Your Favourite Opening Sequence (TV series or Movie or maybe even Game)

    Mine is the opening sequence to Jessica Jones with the comic-art/gothic vibe and fantastic music to go with it:
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    Alternative Q&A Section

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    Alternative EU Soundtrack - suggestions

    Just in case MindArk start an ‘Alternative EU Soundtrack’ Workshop I want to be ready. Please post music or songs that you think would work well within EU. No PE tracks please, awesome as they were. I suggest this one eg. for a robot invasion:
  4. Oracle

    Selling: Black Marble Pedestals

    Selling 15 Black Marble Pedestals. Total tt value is 143.48 peds. tt ranges from 3.54 to 28 peds but all but four of them less than 9 peds tt. Buy now price is 235 peds total price.
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    UL Space Thruster price these days please?

    Space Thruster price please?
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    Tier 8 Camo Marine Elm Stalker (L) & very low tt Tier 5 Python (L)

    No clue on how to price these? Elm is 0.44 peds of 1.0 ped Damage with enhancers is 147.8 to 295.6 with Rage 50 95.1 damage/sec at 61.9% efficiency Range 108.9m can supply fully tiered with damage enhancers eg. 5 enhancers per tier Recommended BLP hit and damage each Level 80 DetPil Python...
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    Selling: Rare painting for sale

    Taking offers above +700 peds for my favourite painting ‘Bitterweeds’ by Karadi, a limited edition of 10. Maybe less in game if they didn’t all sell? Bought from New Oxford mall in 2004 for 1500 peds. Sold my hangar so nowhere to hang it but still have been reluctant to sell for sentimental...
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    Your favourite Spotify/Music Streaming playlist

    This is mine, what’s yours? :dj:
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    Your Favourite Movie Clips

    A thread to post your favourite movie clips. Not necessarily favourite movie but any scene that you thought was well made: One of my favourites is from the movie Bad Timing where long-suffering husband played by the superb Denholm Elliot leaves his beautiful but philandering wife (Theresa...
  10. Oracle

    Best songs to test hifi speakers

    I’m considering buying some speakers, maybe a vinyl turntable and amp. Back in the day you’d listen to a Dire Straits track, for example, to check out speakers’ performance and whether you liked the sound. Which songs would you recommend nowadays?
  11. Oracle

    Selling: Fine Art and various shitnaks

    Everything in hangar 6 at North Space Base ‘A’ for sale. Open to the public for viewings (short distance south-west of tp). My favourite painting ‘Bitterweeds’ by Karadi is a limited edition of 10. ’Dog with Pink Sky’ (Karadi) and ‘Raft’ (De Muro) each a limited edition of 30. Paintings...
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    Hangar for Price

    Checking. Anyone know recent sale price please?
  13. Oracle

    Songs that remind you of EU

    For example, I was hunting Hogs once and this song came to mind:
  14. Oracle

    MA vs JACK MA

    Jack Ma says he prioritises 1) Customers 2) Employees 3) Shareholders Well anyway, that's what he claims and he does come across as an honest guy I reckon. And in a televised interview he said that his philosophy of putting customers first has led to happy shareholders. But with 'our...
  15. Oracle

    Test request: simple way to solve space, hangars the universe and everything!

    Test post to Mindark: a simple way to solve space, hangars, the universe and everything! Step 1: Create a new Planet of the Robots. aka. 'The Dark Planet'. This new planet is difficult to see as robot technology cloaking makes it almost completely invisible; a bit like a giant black hole...
  16. Oracle

    Your All-Time Favourite Hunting Weapon(s)

    ...and why? Mine are all UL BLP guns: 1) Adjusted Ravenger mini-sweeper: I remember upgrading to this gun after using the AS147 for a while. It seemed the right gun in terms of my skills then and I loved it's bulky appearance and the noise it made. Also the economy wasn't too bad as I...
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    Your Top 5 TV series/box sets

    Currently mine are: 1) Game of Thrones 2) Breaking Bad 3) Vikings 4) Black Sails 5) Dexter Please share yours coz I'm wondering what to watch next.
  18. Oracle

    Promote EU via Sweatcoin?

    Promote EU via Sweatcoin? Sweatcoin is a virtual currency you earn each time you walk outside. Currently only available via an iPhone app I believe but coming to android. You can exchange sweatcoins for items and services therefore you could promote EU as a health...
  19. Oracle

    Your 'favourite bit' in a song you like

    Do you have a 'favourite bit' in the songs you like? For example, a classic example might be the drum solo in Phil Collins's 'In the air tonight'. Whilst writing it he probably thought 'hmm, lyrics are OK but just needs something extra to convey how pissed off I am about the...
  20. Oracle

    Entropia: The Movie

    This must have been done before so sorry if someone did this yesterday or recently or every Monday or whatever. Q. If Hollywood made a movie about Entropia Universe which actor would be the best one to star as your avatar? For me it would either have to be Dustin Hoffman in either his...
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    Kev's end of year crazy lyrics quiz for old people!

    COMPETITION CLOSED: Winner: Oleg OK another of my occasional quizzes. This may or may not work, we'll see. I've altered the lyrics of some songs in such a way as to try to keep the general meaning. Some I think will be guessed fairly quickly whilst others I think may take a while. Just...
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    Genius at work

    Final frame of the Welsh Open Snooker Championship 2014. O'Sullivan plays both the last red and the final black left-handed!
  23. Oracle

    Pop acts from your home town

    ...or your nearest home town if things aren't happening where you live or were born. Home town: Sheffield, England. Pop act: Artic Monkeys Song: Do I wanna know?
  24. Oracle

    Joke from Kev

    10 Catholic Priests were killed in a road accident. At the Pearly Gates, St. Peter says. "If any of you are Paedophiles, you can fuck off down to HELL" Nine of them start to walk away when St Peter calls out. “And take this deaf bastard with you”