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  1. mastermesh

    Suggestion: Father Ships

    We already got Mother Ships in game... So why not? It's a concept I don't think any game or sci fi genre has ever tried. It'd get some press time for a novel concept. ;)
  2. mastermesh

    Question: When will silly move around the game decay be removed from the game? (including Clothing Decay, Thruster Decay, etc.)

    When will silly move around the game decay be removed from the game? Armor removal decay was removed a long while ago. Shop and apartment monthly rent was removed a long while ago. When will clothing removal decay be removed? I get tired of going to cyrene hub and incurring a clothing removal...
  3. mastermesh

    Help: Managing Chat's Maximums, etc.

    Posted about this a long time ago to support but never have really figured out any resolution on it..... You can basically have an unlimited number of chat channels, but only have x amount of tabs that you can have for chat... The interface only allows you to only list about the first 21 or so...
  4. mastermesh

    Selling: Herman ARK-65 (L)

    Selling Herman ARK-65 (L). Send offer in Private Message please. P2P sale on Calypso is preferred at this time. If it doesn't sell in a while I'll probably drop it in to my shop on FOMA. (When and if I drop it in the shop I'll update this thread with that info)
  5. mastermesh

    Unique Holiday Event Pets

    Unique Holiday and Event Pets is something Compets did that Entropia didn't do much yet outside of a pink rabbit. Maybe the future can allow more of this type of stuff. The holiday apartment stuff is nice, but come on lets get real pets instead of just another snow globe.
  6. mastermesh

    Maria's TT+HALF PED Pile

    Currently in the TT+HALF PED PILE: --------------------------------------------- NON-STACKABLE ITEMS: Yellow Star Fireworks TT Value: 2.00 Ped Striped Sport Shirt (M,C): TT Value 17.00 Ped Mannell Shoes (M,C): TT Value 9.00 Ped Isis BL100 (L) TT Value: 18.00 PED Synchronization Chip 11 (L) TT...
  7. mastermesh A new Toulan Tailoring Blueprint Book is available from technicians. A selection of unlimited and limited tailoring BPs are waiting to be discovered. KARMOOSH ALEEF LAB INSTANCE A Solo instance is available for holders of the...
  8. mastermesh

    Suggestion: blueprints for every blasted item in game...

    gets old not seeing stuff like enhanced target assessment unit on auction, etc. Make blasted blueprints that let us craft that stuff out of more common stuff so that some of these more rare items we do have blueprints for can actually be crafted some day.
  9. mastermesh

    Suggestion: Create some way to sell shares in a shop...

    The shares interface is interesting, but it'd be nice if there was some way to sell shares inside of a shop instead of only through the shares interface thing. Maybe create some sort of way to bundle x amount of shares in to some object and make it an item that is used to carry those shares...
  10. mastermesh

    rare pups

    lets see ruby, sapphire, gold, and orange variants of the bristlehog pups... most other tameable mobs have rare variants , so why not... same for all other pet types that don't have rare variations yet.
  11. mastermesh

    Suggestion: Blueprint Tokens

    How about instead of continuing with random blueprint drops in crafting you instead get tokens that you can then turn in to the technician for new blueprints. Many bps we loot are all dupes of what we normally have, etc. This could make it more interesting potentially... yes, it could have...
  12. mastermesh

    put an auctioneer next to each stable!

    Folks that tame stand in front of the stable terminals a lot feeding all these pets in to the thing to extract the essence... this is a time consuming/boring thing to do. At least put a blasted auctioneer next to the stables so we can view auction when sitting here doing this stuff... also...
  13. mastermesh

    gta v free it looks like server is up for a little while again. ;) Beware it takes something like 96 gigs so have some hard drive space.
  14. mastermesh

    remove the max on bufffs...

    tired of going over max... got adjusted vigi set complete now and have augmented ring and I'm sitting at 40 percent out of 25 on item.. so only getting 25 due to the max... silly that the buffs don't overflow in to the other categories or whatever when they exceed maximum or that you, you know...
  15. mastermesh

    Suggestion: jpg screenprints

    screenprints used to be jpg files. Now they are png files.... makes uploading them to gallery here a bit of a hassle to convert over to jpg first, etc. Mindark, why'd you change this and are you going to change it back or give us an option in client loader to save screenprints to either format...
  16. mastermesh


    hmmmm....... Now that we have a new community manager what about this old concept... ?
  17. mastermesh

    Suggestion: temable super dome mob

    Hunting on Foma is boring as hell... much more interesting on places like other planets where you can spawn a rare tameable mob eventually if you wait grinding enough... put that sort of thing in each dome on Foma and similar type dome environments so that it's at least a bit of a fun thing that...
  18. mastermesh

    Suggestion: change random skill buff bonus in to pills...

    Change the random skill buff bonus that just shows up every hour or two in to pills... and allow us to pick which buff it will provide. Sick of getting pet & taming buffs when out running when the buff just happens to show up because I happen to have a pet spawned since I'm working on leveling...
  19. mastermesh

  20. mastermesh

    Maria's Moving Market

    MARKET IS TEMPORARILY CLOSED (POSSIBLY FOR GOOD?) =========== Cornundacauda Pet/ 0.00 Ped ==================== Above Items are available at TT+.5 Ped per item if traded in P2P Trade. As mentioned over at FOMA #22 Shop Thread I've started collecting TT items to throw in my shop...
  21. mastermesh
  22. mastermesh

    Selling: selling 554 blueprints...

    Acid Protective Coating Blueprint Arkadian Key 1 Blueprint Arkadian Key 1 Blueprint Armor Defense Enhancer 1 Blueprint Armor Defense Enhancer 1 Blueprint Armor Defense Enhancer 1 Blueprint Armor Durability Enhancer 1 Blueprint Ball Bearings Blueprint Ball Bearings Blueprint Basic Auxiliary...
  23. mastermesh

    Selling: 690 Ped Batch of Items

    The Following items are Being removed from my Shop's TT+1 Section and put in to my Quad Wing for Storage tonight.. Bids on this Batch of items are now available. I am currently on FOMA, and likely will stay here a while. You will likely need to come to FOMA to pick up the batch if you win...
  24. mastermesh

    Foma apartment inspection

    Alpha East 16 A - john Lucky Periguiex - Empty 0/120 Alpha East 16 B - Harsesis Cosmix Vollwrath - public 100/120 Alpha East 16 C - Galadriel Princess Leyawiin - Empty/Private 0/150 Alpha East 16 E - Seaneaues kaDooBi Goragon - Private 7/150 Alpha East 16 E - Platonas Tromos Bios - Private...
  25. mastermesh

    FYI: Please add ability to put markup on Retail Counter 1.2 (C)

    Currently if Retail Counter 1.2 (C) is placed in shop shopowner cannot put markup on it.