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  1. Pauhe Gunor

    Achievement: DOA Loudmouth, Adjusted

    Finally after months I've managed to collect all the parts for the Adjusted DOA LM This wouldn't of been possible without the help of Lady Nadie Hawke, crafting all the GeoTrek Super Alloy Buttstock for me, we went through about 3500 to 4000 Hansidian Ingots. Not maxed it out yet as I...
  2. Pauhe Gunor

    Buying: Hansidian Ingot / Hansidian Ore

    Please let me know if you have any for sale.
  3. Pauhe Gunor

    Buying: GeoTrek Super Alloy Buttstock or Hansidian Ingot

    Trying to get Buttstock first. 1000 Hansidian Ingot or 38 GeoTrek Super Alloy Buttstock
  4. Pauhe Gunor

    Buying: DOA Loudmouth

    as the title, Buying DOA Loudmouth (not bothered about tiers, don't use enhancers) contact me via PM Please
  5. Pauhe Gunor

    Selling: Assassin R150

    Assassin R150 Tier 7.6 TT=69 PED Also accepting CLD's Send any offers via PM :wise:
  6. Pauhe Gunor

    Selling: Storage Clean-out

    Full Vigilante (f) TT+300 Salamander Foot Guards, SGA Edition (F) - TT+200 Ziplex T100 Texturizer Mentor Edition - TT+600 (SOLD) Regeneration Chip VIII - TT+1k (SOLD) +900 Fire Forge ARR 8000 TT + 320 Hovercraft CC Mk1 (C,L) - 95 PED Jormungand Mk1 (C,L) - 95 PED Makeup Mask -Medium (L) x 2...
  7. Pauhe Gunor

    Help: Hardware issue, system unable to boot up

    I seem to have a very annoying Hardware issue. I have used the exact same setup for about 1 half year now, about 6 month ago the issue first occurred, issues started where the system would not shut down it would just hang for about 5 min then reboot and had to manually power off the system and...
  8. Pauhe Gunor

    Selling: Assassin R150, Ziplex T100 ME, Salamander SGA Foot (F), Weapons, Mindforce

    Assassin R150 T7.2 (128, 48, 57) Regeneration Chip VIII Fire Forge ARR 8000 T1.9 Salamander Foot Guards, SGA Edition (F) Dehera Immolation Sword Ziplex T100 Texturizer Mentor Edition
  9. Pauhe Gunor

    Selling: Trade my Salamander Foot Guards, SGA (F) for Non SGA

    Trading my Salamander Foot Guards, SGA Tier 0.8 for your Salamander Foot Guards (None SGA) + PED The rest of my set is non SGA and was just after a pair of non SGA ones.
  10. Pauhe Gunor

    Help: GFX Glitch, any ideas?

    I have an annoying graphical glitch that i cant seem to fix, anyone got any ideas... This problem happens on all games, this is not a GFX Card hardware problem as i have tried another card, rolled back drivers, reinstalled latest drives, removed drivers and reinstalled them, updated bios...
  11. Pauhe Gunor

    Help: Crossfire issues?

    Anyone else run EU with Crossfire and have no issues with it? Just setup Crossfire on 2x R9 280X oc and having issues... Trees and grass in the foreground and distance flicker on and off a lot and i seem get much smoother game play on a single GPU but if possible i would like to run on both...
  12. Pauhe Gunor

    Selling: Jaguar Foot Guards (M)

    As title says selling freshly looted Jaguar Foot Guards (M) TT(21.51) + 800 PM if you are interested Regards
  13. Pauhe Gunor

    Info: Merry Mayhem Armour getting appearance update.

    If you are interested MA do have intentions on fixing the Merry Mayhem arnmour appearance.
  14. Pauhe Gunor

    Buying: Merry Mayhem Gloves (f)

    Looking to buy Merry Mayhem Gloves (f) If you are interested in selling them at a reasonable price, post here or throw me a pm. Regards
  15. Pauhe Gunor

    Buying: Interested in Merry Mayhem Footguards (f)

    PM me any info or offers. Regards
  16. Pauhe Gunor

    Selling: Assassin R150

    Assassin R150 Tier 6.9 (109-128-48-57) Min TT Looking in the region of around 20k PED Please PM any offers with PED only Regards
  17. Pauhe Gunor

    Selling: All for Sale Armour - Weapons - Clothing and more

    * More items may be added at a later date *PM me with an offer all lowballs will be ignored, all how much is this will be ignored if your offer is around the price i am looking for then i will reply *I am not in any hurry to sell any of this so any lowballs & resellers will be ignored, I...
  18. Pauhe Gunor

    Armour, Weapons, Chips

    Assassin R150 T6.8 Mayhem (f) Full set to date, all T1 Salamander (f) full set Shogun (f) sga full set Vigilante (f) ful set Pixie sga (f) full set Arsonistic Chip III TEN Edition Heal chip VIII Hedoc Mayhem Tier 2 VTOL unl *loads more stuff but cant be bothered to list it
  19. Pauhe Gunor

    Selling: Assassin R150 UL T6.8

    Taking offers on my Assassin R150 Tier 6.8 TT~3.0% Roughly 500 PED Remaining Tier's 109 128 48 57
  20. Pauhe Gunor

    Selling: 155.28 ped esi

    155.28 ped esi sb/bo 750%
  21. Pauhe Gunor

    Selling: 364.10 ped esi

    364.10 ped esi sb/bo 750%
  22. Pauhe Gunor

    Uber: Arsonistic Chip III TEN Edition

    Got one of these on the shared mobs last night, was looking to buy one but no need now :) was out there for 6 to 8 hrs hunting them so it paid off again :)
  23. Pauhe Gunor

    Selling: Full TT ESI

  24. Pauhe Gunor

    Uber: Vortex (shared) 1659 Full TT ESI

    I had been hunting all day and a few hours prior to this HoF my game had crashed yet again and could not be bothered to log back in as i had been out hunting all day... so after a hour or so i thought id log back in for one last hunt... I was actually going to go hunt Levi but said to myself i...
  25. Pauhe Gunor

    Our Beautiful NewYorkRose Live