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  1. Serica

    PCF current active mod's?

    It's been a while since I've had the time to log in and help out with modding here. Sorry about that, but real life issues have had to come first.
  2. Serica

    Uncovering the secrets of AI in Arkadia

    /mod note/ Just to respond to the above fyi, when a forum member has a very low post count, their posts are automatically held for manual approval by a moderator before being published. This is part of the automated anti-spam protections for this forum. If you edit your post after it has been...
  3. Serica

    Buying: Buying Bulk Skill / Equip Buyout

    /mod note/ Hi there poker, As you're fairly new to PCF and you're looking to buy skills, I'm guessing that you might be fairly new to Entropia as well. (If you're an experienced player returning to the game though, you may know most of what I'm about to post anyway) When posting a buying...
  4. Serica

    FYI: New PCF Moderator - Darkaruki

    Wonderful to see another mod on the team :grouphug: Thanks also to 711 and e-lite for their ongoing work here too!
  5. Serica

    Respect is EVERYTHING!!! - Don't lose it! - Kunrad Solo Reez

    /mod note/ Perhaps not explicitly a 'scamming' accusation, however there is also this to consider: In addition, the screenshot in the OP contains an ingame PM, so has been removed from the post, and the PCF Gallery: While I understand the anger and frustration when agreements don't work...
  6. Serica

    Question: About the Rep-system

    /mod note/ It would be really nice to be able to spend a few days on family matters without members here creating drama ... We're all supposed to be adults here. Just saying. As my available time is extremely limited at present due to real life family commitments, and 711 has better access...
  7. Serica

    A honest feedback, my perspective on Entropia Universe RCE part

    /mod note/ Bringing this rule to the attention of those who posted speculation about the OP's RL identity: While the OP has denied the accuracy of the speculation (and thus rules lawyers might suggest that the rule doesn't 'strictly' apply), I'm inclined to apply the spirit of the rule to the...
  8. Serica

    Change every occurance of "" on this forum (and possibly entropiaforum)

    Mods don't do that - that's strictly one of 711's privileges :)
  9. Serica

    A honest feedback, my perspective on Entropia Universe RCE part

    If only ... the weather is perfect, I'm just not getting outside to enjoy it. As some are aware, for the past few weeks I've been helping my dad and his wife move into an aged care home (at their request), preparing their home for sale and sorting out their financial arrangements .. and all...
  10. Serica

    Nightbird's Loot Distribution Theory

    /mod note/ :locked:
  11. Serica

    The rage quit and goodbye thread. bye bye!

    /mod note/ such threads are not permitted on this forum, see rule 3.8: :locked:
  12. Serica

    Entropedia problem

    711, I've sent him a message to his RL Facebook, referring to this thread. I guess he still has your Skype contact to get back to you on.
  13. Serica

    Edit Mob Locations

    Last I checked, point locations worked fine, including for creature locations. However, polygon vertices can't be correctly edited.
  14. Serica

    Achievement: Tier 8 Eron SoulReamer

    /mod note/ This is an Achievements thread, so raising personal disputes are way, way offtopic here (as well as, well, anywhere on the forum really). :topic:
  15. Serica

    Plots: Maps of Ithaca and Livas (and list of plot owners)

    Once used to claim a plot, the CLD is converted to a CLD X, and that continues to get the same revenue as CLD.
  16. Serica

    FYI: Dev's Corner Forum Guidelines

    As one of volunteer mods here (and the only one active in the past 3 months), and the only mod for several years on Entropia Forum: If a member wants to post on Entropia Forum, they are most welcome to do so. However, I have no intention of cross-posting between one forum and the other on...
  17. Serica

    Question: remove / change the item cap system

    /mod note/ Please note the guidelines for the Dev's Corner section (posted here:, including: . thread moved to Suggestions/Wishlist section . titled edited to show proposed change
  18. Serica

    Avalon's Hestia Shop

    /mod note/ 1. merged new thread in Selling section with existing thread for shop in Shops section. please be mindful of rule 5.8: 2. merged multiple posts made within 24hr period in future, please edit your own post to add further information, rather than making multiple new posts.
  19. Serica

    Selling: Female Mah'ketta set

    /mod note/ This is a new account, and you have very few posts as yet. Because of that, every time you edit one of your posts that contains a link (including a link to an image in the Gallery) that post will be held for manual approval by a moderator. It's one of the anti-spam protective...
  20. Serica

    Quick check - is there actually a new tou every update?

    The current TOU is dated: 2016-10-31
  21. Serica

    Fake names

    /mod note/ It's because I have a real life with commitments that sometimes take priority over volunteering my time to mod this forum. Thread is locked now, and I'll be going back to mod earlier posts.
  22. Serica

    Focus Blow and Increase crit dmg buff items

    /mod note/ np, done
  23. Serica

    Link List

    /mod note/ 'non eu links' don't belong in this section of the forum, which is for general discussion of Planet Calypso. Please use the OffTopic section of the forum for non-EU discussion.
  24. Serica

    Focus Blow and Increase crit dmg buff items

    Thanks, I see the distinction you're making here. Perhaps the first post needs to be slightly more explicit in it being only offensive crit buffs under discussion, not defensive ones? I'll amend the thread title to make that more obvious, and remove the offtopic posts.
  25. Serica

    HoF: Just over 2 years and finally Nice Item and good loot.

    /mod note/ Reminder about forum rules: :locked: