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  1. Gunz aka Gunzy

    Selling: Adjusted Nemesis F 6 Parts

    selling 6 parts adj nemesis (F), missing thigh guards. taking offers. Top bid tt+1500
  2. Gunz aka Gunzy

    Selling: Calytrek CR Spirit MK.I

    SELLING: Calytrek CR Spirit MK.I TIER 0 SB TT+4600 BO TT+4900 TAKING OFFERS................
  3. Gunz aka Gunzy

    Selling: Eudoracell bunny.

    Selling Eudoracell Bunny taking offers will set BO at 1,8k
  4. Gunz aka Gunzy

    Selling: Sasha pet

    lvl 6 Increase pet focus. lvl20 taming increase. Taking bids.
  5. Gunz aka Gunzy

    Selling: Neurostim - A B C H

    A: 106 sold B: 105 C: 37 H: 556 sold No idea of price atm so send offers.
  6. Gunz aka Gunzy

    vtol exploit streaming :D

    And the award for most clever entropia participant goes to.
  7. Gunz aka Gunzy

    Selling: Eon helm F ul and RX optac F thighs

    Eon Helmt F ul SB +1500 BO +2K RX Optac F thighs SB +2,5K BO +3K
  8. Gunz aka Gunzy

    Selling: Liakon Armor F

    Hello im selling my F Liakon armor missiong harness. BO +2K
  9. Gunz aka Gunzy

    Selling: Omegaton M83 Predator T5.9

    Selling Omegaton M83 Predator Great for huntign and pk good range high dmg etc. Tier cost for tier 5 close to 8k ped Taking offers. BO +28K
  10. Gunz aka Gunzy

    Selling: Ranked Combat Knife tier 2,8

    Taking offers on Ranked Combat Knife tier 2,8 SOLD /Gunz
  11. Gunz aka Gunzy

    Selling: Melee Trauma amplifier VI

    taking offers Melee Trauma amplifier VI BO TT+3700 Damage: 28 HP Decay: 6.223 PEC Cost: 6.223 PEC Maximal TT: 252 PED Minimal TT: 7.56 PED Total Uses: 3929 Damage/PEC: 4.499 HP Damage types Electric: 28 HP
  12. Gunz aka Gunzy

    Selling: DOA Loudmouth

    Selling DOA Loudmouth tier 0,7 SB: tt+3,7k BO: tt+4k
  13. Gunz aka Gunzy

    Fort Argus Shared loot spawn

    "An unexpected error have occured in the processing of the following mission: Iron Challenge: Longtooth Stage V Code: 4 You may try to repeat the action leading to this error at a later time or contact support for assistance. If contacting support, make sure to supply the information above."...
  14. Gunz aka Gunzy

    Buying: Club skills

    Buying club skills pm me if selling
  15. Gunz aka Gunzy

    Cant log in..............

    Game Down ? had problems spawning my quad reloged cant get in now, anyone els having this problem?
  16. Gunz aka Gunzy

    Selling: Superior Thorifoid Berserker's Helmet UL

    Im Selling "Superior Thorifoid Berserker's Helmet (M) UL" Great helmet for grinders adding an extra 5% more reload. Had Few offers containing item trade but am preferably looking for peds. SB: ? BO: 11K
  17. Gunz aka Gunzy

    Selling: Master Guards Spiked Club UL

    As titel says im selling the UL Master Guards Spiked Club. Alot of dmg nice for pk at tier10 - 400dmg Taking offers BO:tt +6K
  18. Gunz aka Gunzy

    2 quick easy fixes to pvp

    i would like to ask for 2 things when it comes 2 pvp that sould not be hard for mindark to implement. 1. Hitboxes, i cant remember what vu it was but the hitboxes are smaller now in pvp, i think the change happend in the vu where mob hitboxes went smaller aswell. I would liike this changed...
  19. Gunz aka Gunzy

    Selling: Cryogenic Attack Nanochip VIII UL Tier 2.*

    Hi im selling ul Cryo VIII chip currently tier 2. Tier rates are very good on it nice for hunting and pvp. SB +5K BO +6K SB made tt+5k Auction ends in 72hours Saturday 1st March 20:00 ma time, anyone who placed a bid before end date will have a chance to reply to any last minute bid even...
  20. Gunz aka Gunzy

    Selling: Eon Female UL

    SB TT+18K BO TT+21K SB meet tt+18k auction will end saturday at 20:00 ma time Full eon now with feet. Many see this as a pk armor only but i dont agree. Its almost same protection as angel for day to day hunting but it has much higher tt not effecting the protection on long hunts, also...
  21. Gunz aka Gunzy

    Lagg Grab

    Hi im just now participating in LG, but how u might ask are u making a tread on the forum while competing in lg :D well that is because i can not log back in after i crashed. I have been trying to log on for 10 minutes now but no luck so i will take out my frustration here :tongue2: This is...
  22. Gunz aka Gunzy

    Selling: Kinetic Attack Nanochip VIII UL

    nice skilling chip works for pk aswell. tt+1000 SB tt+1500ped BO Damage: 115 HP Range: 47.3 meter Attacks: 25 /min Reload: 2.4 seconds Damage/second: 47.9 HP Decay: 1.579 PEC Ammo: 2634 Cost: 27.919 PEC Maximal TT: 142.00 PED Minimal TT: 4.26 PED Damage/PEC: 2.858 HP Damage types Impact...
  23. Gunz aka Gunzy

    Selling: RX Optac X1 Armor 4parts (F)

    Selling 4 parts of optac (f) Helmet, Shins, Gloves and Foot. Helmet is tier 1 12k SB 13k BO
  24. Gunz aka Gunzy

    Selling: Sand Stormer Gloves F

    Taking offers on sandstormer gloves (F) SB +2,5K BO +2,8k Protection Stab: 30 HP Cut: 35 HP Impact: 35 HP Penetration: 35 HP Burn: 35 HP Close: 100 HP Firearms: 70 HP Total: 170 HP Economy Durability: 5000
  25. Gunz aka Gunzy

    Buying: Support Weapons Systems Skill

    Buying: Support Weapons Systems Skill pm me if selling