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  1. soLO 3000

    RDI Secret Lab - some info

    does everyone in the team need to carry "a key" or one key is enough?
  2. soLO 3000

    Space Update 2020.0.5

    The other worldy invading alien bots seem to carry an awful lot of paint ..... :alien:
  3. soLO 3000

    Sector B1 from RDI Secret lab is bugged.

    What are we talking about here? Which planet is this on?
  4. soLO 3000

    Calamusoid Mission Info And Such

    what is the Calamusoid Cyst used for?
  5. soLO 3000

    Hussk week!

    Has it happened? :oops:
  6. soLO 3000

    Calamusoid Attacks

    Anyone know where the boss mobs are spawning? or when?
  7. soLO 3000

    Eomon Pheromone Levels Dropping

    but its not over yet.....still a chance ;)
  8. soLO 3000

    Eomon Pheromone Levels Dropping

    Anyone spotted Atrox Queens yet?
  9. soLO 3000

    Suggestion: Accounts on forum should have mandatory 'avatar name' field filled.

    I strongley disagree, people have a right to anonymity .
  10. soLO 3000

    Entropia Universe 17.2.1 Release Notes

    Eh? When did this happen?
  11. soLO 3000

    RX Unit Alpha-242

    well done to the player for showing initiative :wise:
  12. soLO 3000

    Question: Daspletor and Cornonterion spawn

    Dasp Providers @ 739,927 (Fort Argus Beach) - Non Shared
  13. soLO 3000

    Abuse Report - Trapping mobs

    Take it as a compliment... you know you're an Uber when you start getting abused :wise:
  14. soLO 3000

    Selling: 10k Rare Pleak Wings = 1 Stamina Point for 250 ped!!!

    put me down for a set pls, peds ready
  15. soLO 3000

    Robot Spring offensive

    Big Defenders Nobody seems to have mentioned it. SW of Fort Troy tp, spawn of: L41 Defender Gen 10 L82 Defender Elite Gen 01 L89 Defender Sentinel L102 Defender Elite Gen 02 All shared loot :wtg:
  16. soLO 3000

    Did You Know Facts by Abomb- There are 19 Repeatable Stamina Missions and....

    Does the 10k Aurli mission on CP still give 1 Stamina? :scratch2:
  17. soLO 3000

    Selling: Hunting gear

    All female parts I assume?
  18. soLO 3000

    Robot Spring offensive

    found the Attacker Elites @ Camp Phoenix, anti-climax :ahh:
  19. soLO 3000

    Robot Spring offensive

    Anyone know where the Attacker Elites are? I see globals .... I am intrigued :wise:
  20. soLO 3000

    Robot Spring offensive

    Bring on the Shared Loot :handgun::handgun: Fort Ithaca Steel Bird Gen 02 -06 (Shared Loot) Vanguard L68 - L83 (Shared Loot) Minopolis Defender Gen 07 - 10 (Shared Loot) Fort Pandora Steel Bird Elite (Shared Loot) - East of TP Big Bulk Gen08 - 09 (Non Shared) 855,849
  21. soLO 3000

    Skill Scanner

    Suggestion / Wish List Is there any way to un-tick or tick all the skills in a section in one go? rather than go through each one by one. e.g. In the Health section, if I wanted to only find the effect of Courage then I have to go through the entire list and un-tick all the skills, would be...
  22. soLO 3000

    Maffoid Uprising

    Maffoid event finished??? :scratch2: ..most fun I've had in ages :yay:
  23. soLO 3000

    Suggestion: Option for Removal of Medi-Stims at Land Grab

    Just reading that one line alone I feel this should be made into a movie...ARE YOU LISTENING HOLLYWOOD!
  24. soLO 3000

    Selling: Unique Modified Fast Aid Pack, SGA Edition

    Is the same one :wise: (ps. im trying to find link to Discovery thread)