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  1. soLO 3000

    Buying: Pile of Opals

    Buying Pile of Opals @ 170% need 8800 quantity #contact here or ingame Thanks
  2. soLO 3000


    Any info anyone? I heard from my brothers friend whose mum used to work as a cleaner for this guy living up North that its got something to do with PVP4? :ahh:
  3. soLO 3000

    Hogglo Diablo Event - Well Done MA

    In any event there will be whiners, abusers and some people just out to ruin the event for others.. ....but overall, this event was a great success. We had a crazy skill giving mob, chance of massive HOF's, not expensive to kill, open to all, fun banter with people you wouldn't otherwise meet...
  4. soLO 3000

    Buying: Salamander Male parts

    Hello, looking for the following: Salamander Helmet M Salamander Thighs M Salamander Shins M tiers is not important, drop me a pm here or ingame or post on this thread Have fun!
  5. soLO 3000

    Selling: A106 - 3000 PED (Quick Sale)

    Hello, A106 for sale, 3000 PED **reduced to 2800 PED for 24 hours** first one to show me the money wins Thank you ---SOLD---
  6. soLO 3000

    FYI: Osseo have invaded central Amethera....

    LA under new management - GL new owners
  7. soLO 3000

    Freshly back from a 3 month ban

    Not really happy about it, I was pretty pissed off but have calmed down now! I don't have much time to post at the moment but by the end of the week I'll hopefully be back full time and discuss in full the banning. And when I do come back im on a mission to rip JC a new asshole that f*cling...
  8. soLO 3000

    Buying: Privateer / Starfinder

    Buying a Privateer or Starfinder, maybe even a Mothership :ahh: … I think last one sold in auction for approx 32k ish Hit me with some offers please Thanks ps. Pathfinder annd Starfinder are the names of Privateers..... :) my bad
  9. soLO 3000

    Las Vegas Babbbbyyyyyy.....

    I will be visiting Las Vegas in 2 weeks time to watch the Amir Khan boxing match, can you recommend things to see and do while im there...:ahh: I don't mean casinos and prostitutes and getting married, I want tourist things, I like water parks, I like theme parks... I think we are there for 5...
  10. soLO 3000

    Selling: Boar Foot Guards (UnL) Male and Female

    Selling the following: Boar Foot Guards (Male) x 2 Boar Foot Guards (Female) x 2 All four are unlimited, tier rates nothing special. All reasonable offers will be considered, make an offer and try me, you might be surprised :ahh:
  11. soLO 3000

    Deposit Fees

    After depositing today through UKash, I noticed they had charged me £3.50 fees? I was meant to deposit £100 but with the fees, this became £96.50. I thought this may be a fixed fee, so I checked some of my other deposits: Last week I deposited £200, fee charged £7.00 :eek: Now I know Credit...
  12. soLO 3000

    Discovery: Kobold Thighs F - SGA

    Big up to the Black Angels crew :yay: long time reader, first time poster :) Weapon used: Breer P5a+A104 Armour: Ghost+5B had my LR59 handy just in case "the noob squad" tried to lock down Boorum hill
  13. soLO 3000

    Buying: Tango

    After a deal fell through today, im back in the market for a Marber Tango Rifle looking to pay 15k peds hit me with any offers, thanks soLO
  14. soLO 3000

    Question: Robotology, Xenobiology or Scientist

    Lately ive been interested in finding out about the following hidden skills: Robotology, Xenobiology, Scientist. It would be interesting to find out how many people have actually unlocked any of these. Please vote honestly in the above poll, and remember you can select as many options that...
  15. soLO 3000

    Random Thoughts

    How to Blog? Maybe i'll give this blog thing a go, as far as I understand all you need to do is pour random thoughts onto the page :) is that right? and then other people read your random thoughts and post thier equally random opinons on your random thoughts, all in all its pretty random...
  16. soLO 3000

    Selling: Salamander Gloves M tt+650

    selling Salamander Gloves Male tt+650 UL of course :) first come, first served :cool: S O L D
  17. soLO 3000

    FYI: Land Grab 2009: LA DNA's

    DNA Settings for the Land Area's involved in Land Grab 2009 as on 19th May 2009 Text in GREEN shows changes made after Land Grab 2009 Land Area 01 DNA1: Thorifoid DNA2: Thorifoid DNA3: Thorifoid DNA4: Bristlehog DNA5: empty DNA6: empty Land Area 02 DNA1: Thorifoid DNA2: Thorifoid DNA3...
  18. soLO 3000

    Selling: 86 ped ESI

    Selling: ESI 86ped tt -SOLD only 800% first come, first served ;)
  19. soLO 3000

    Help: Firewall Settings

    Hello, I have recently installed a new firewall on my system. When I try to access EU through the firewall it wont let me log. When I try without the firewall in place, i.e. direct connection to the internet, no problems straight in. My question is: are there any specific ports that need to...
  20. soLO 3000

    Selling: Duchev Log Part 18

    Dr. Almon Duchev Log Part 18 : BO 25peds (or nearest offer) first come, first served
  21. soLO 3000

    Land Area 15, 18, 05 - DNA Settings

    UPDATED: LA15, LA05, LA18 DNA's (24/12/08) current DNA's shown in red took a quick look at LA15, LA18 and LA05 for events tomorrow, noticed DNA has been added: Amethera land marker 15: (19245, 14248, 198). Click to enlarge Click to enlarge DNA's: Daikiba x2 - removed Berycled x1 - removed...
  22. soLO 3000

    Buying: Fi/Ra/Co Dante

    Hello, If you have one of these amps and are looking to part with it, please feel free to pm me or post here. regards, soLO :yay:
  23. soLO 3000

    Selling: Hermes Arms F (full TT)

    Looking to sell freshly looted pair of Hermes Arms FEMALE full TT of 105ped Click to enlarge pm me with your offers please :cool: SOLD