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  1. ultimababe

    Make Ultimabab's "Show Us Ya Face" a sticky thread

    Put your votes in k o/:koskoskoskoskos:1!
  2. ultimababe

    FFS lol...

    Hide the forum much? I just tried to log onto EF after god knows how long to find it's a ghost town. So... cliff notes? Whassappened? Are all the cool kids back? Or is it just me? :yup:
  3. ultimababe

    My new bikini! Approve? Or Not? :)

  4. ultimababe

    Is I being thtoopid?

    I'm trying to download the game client. Installing from scratch but I keep getting an error right at the start: An error occurred when trying to download a file. entropia_universe_10.6.4.39182_setup.exe suggestions: <blank> :scratch2: P.S I've attempted a search but it gave me a headache
  5. ultimababe

    5k EFD Reward for the person who can successfully

    teach me some simple maths formulas. Yes, I know it's pathetic and I really don't care as I've forgotten all there is to know about long division, long multiplication and working out percentages n shit. I'm not allowed to use a calculator for the Police exams so I'm fuckled unless some...
  6. ultimababe

    Oh my god.. seriously

    So I'm single again! After discovering today that my partner has been cheating on me. Honestly... I'd love to know. WHY do people cheat? Serious question. I don't understand! Excuse my mini rant but REALLY! lol...
  7. ultimababe

    Sticky "Show Us Ya Face" thread. Vote plx

    I created "Show Us Ya Face" like... a million years ago and it's still going strong. How about we actually sticky this well used thread now? Yes, I know Donald tried to take my lovely idea as his own, but he failed (RAAAAR) because as well as pics people still like to have a bit of banter + pics...
  8. ultimababe

    Show Us Ya Halloween Face

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Right... it's that time of year again and I'm sure I'm not the only *cough* responsible adult here that likes to play dress up and get pissed out their face Post pics of yourself in all your gory glamour :D (this thread is for IRL pics only... not avatars ;) )...
  9. ultimababe

    How to piss off a Flight Attendant

    We all have things in our jobs that annoy us. Here are some of mine. 1. Passengers come onto my plane at 4.30am and I (try to) make eye contact with them, I smile, say "Welcome onboard madam/sir, how are you"? or something similar "May I see your boarding pass please"?... this does not warrant...
  10. ultimababe

    Pool party!!
  11. ultimababe

    Would you be able to avert your eyes? Oh my... lol
  12. ultimababe

    Is romance™ dead?

    I think romance is well and truly dead and buried. Our society has made sure of that. The way we lead our lives has meant that compliments and flirting is now done via text message and online instant messaging... facebook, myspazz and other social networking sites. Gone are the days of besotted...
  13. ultimababe

    I passed my driving test 1st time!!!

    Just got back from my driving test today and I passed first time with only 2 minors! I'm well happy :D Okay, need to buy a car now. Anyone selling a Peugeot 207 or a Renault Clio by any chance?
  14. ultimababe


    Corporal Punishment in schools. What are your views? Should it be brought back in schools? Or left in the 80s when it was finally abolished? Do you think that CP in schools has had a positive or negative effect on pupils in the long run? Do you think CP is cruel or just? Do you think abolishing...
  15. ultimababe

    New found atraxion

    Maybe CND isn't so bad after all. Got these this morning :)
  16. ultimababe

    I went to CND for the 1st time and all I got was this lousy...

    Trax Global :cry: Why MindArk oh why oh why wont you give me an uber? Or at least some cheesecake :dunno: Click to enlarge
  17. ultimababe

    Got into a fight with a couple of nasty cows!

    Why grief me MindArk? Do I not deserve a wee cheeky uberloot? :cry: Oh well... lol
  18. ultimababe

    Lol @ poledancers

    nvm no worky :(
  19. ultimababe

    Good morning Entropians

    Some globals... still hunting that elusive uberloot. :cry:
  20. ultimababe

    Do you use skill implants or are you a manual skiller?

    As the topic says... Do you chip up or not? I myself have never chipped and dont intend to. Just wondering what percentage of people actually buy their skills rather than gaining their skills practically :)
  21. ultimababe

    Omgosh will someone do me...

    a new sig please? It's time I changed it. Should include the words "ultima" "peaceful torture" and idk.. something else :dunno: Name your price in EFDs.. if I dont like the price I will steal the sig anyway and refuse to give you the EFDs *raaaar* (just kiddly winkling)
  22. ultimababe

    Argonaut Soup for lunch (with croutons!)

    Little argo with items - aww 2 pally face maks and some knight thighs. *cough* I'll take that uber now MindArk *cough* :silly2: Click to enlarge
  23. ultimababe

    Anyone noticed a random 3pec decay on armour...

    About 10 minutes after repairing?! I've had this several times now over the past couple of days. Wtf? Lol... ? :confused: I was standing in Ithaca and had just repaired all my gear to 100% after a hunt.. I messed around on auction for a while and then thought "oh I'll nip off for another...
  24. ultimababe

    Atrox burgers for breakfast

    Some more trox globals... amagad MindArk, where's me bloody uber? :D
  25. ultimababe

    *mwah* lovely little trox run

    As the title says... went on a very short trox run and ended up stealing all their pennies :silly2: Still searching for an uber *sigh*