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    FYI: Unit RX 471: Next VU will contain love!

    no need to include hate MA we got plenty
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    Question: What is going on with refined resources?

    mining is boring as hell and mindark expects people to pay for it
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    The F U thread ;)

    F U MindArk you greedy incompetent liars.
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    Needed: An Entropia Lottery?

    entropia is not a lottery. that would be an insult to something as comparatively transparent as lotteries.
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    Annual report MA

    wasteful, opaque and greedy. decrease rakes, publish loot rules and fire the useless people.
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    Selling: CND Individual DOMES 4 Sale!!!

    i approve of your decision, you will make more money and the multiple owners will try harder to promote their domes.
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    Selling: Rare Tier 1 Adj Fap

    B.u.m.p u.u..... M...m.. P.......p
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    Homosexuals and the Rock???

    typical neomaven stunt, remember he made his money squatting domains.
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    Mining Claims On Radar

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    Male or Female? (maybe shemale? :D )

    because it sucks to stare at a guys ass all the time. why do you think ppl wear coats?
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    New Miner here, still just dont get it :(

    run straight and drop probes every 17 seconds, whats so hard about that
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    Info: Possible Proxy/Gateway for AU/NZ/Asia?

    'it will be brought to the table', man i love MA speak. Promise, stonewall, forget.
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    Man Pays Record $330,000 for a Virtual Space Station (Mashable)

    lol "If we had that money though, we’d be sticking it into a couple of good tech stocks instead." lol, this is the same as investing in MA, which some of us would view like a good tech stock
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    Crystal Palace Auction Winner!

    Congrats Buzz, I hope the investment works out for you.
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    ATH: Longtooth 35410 ped

    I logged in to EF for the first time since VU10 to tell you you are exactly the type of person MindArk deserve.
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    Entropia Universe Cash Card Update

    You would be able to get money from them. Duh.
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    AC death+FPS interface = physical harm if plaed like MMORPG?

    I think only a grind loving self hating masochists can play EU anymore so you should actually be enjoying the RSI pain but that is besides the point. Have you considered buying a mouse that has programmable buttons with macros built in at a hardware driver level? AFAIK there is not a way to...
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    Girls look here

    Damn, I was hoping it would be one of those ;P
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    Girls look here

    Is this a disguised "Show us your boobs!" thread? :laugh:
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    Why Tame?

    It would be cool if MA managed to make pets some sort of neural networks who can learn stuff by repetition so everyone could teach their pet unique tricks. Bigger mob = bigger "brain" = harder tricks possible. But MA are so slow implementing all the possible coolnes, people might just give up on...
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    ATH: 30K Ganganite

    sweet! invest it well mate ;P
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    Uber: Epic Star

    Woah, the unL stuff is usually boosted to max TT if you manage to make it at all but this is still wicked =OOO
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    R&R Fund

    I do not think the guy did this with malicious intent. He was just plain clueless about the economy. I traded with him once, sold a freshly looted p4a print for 5k (his offer). Guess what, they were 1k a week later ;)
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    Mindark refuse to announce land list in Landgrab like they used to.

    How else are Warants supposed to get a land? Their name aint got nothing to do with combat insects, you know...
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    Selling: star mercury Anti-Materiel Rifle protoype (L)

    i sold 17 of them for 5k back in spring 2008 to give u an idea, but yeah that was cheap