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  1. agalvayne

    Changing item names

    You can do it directly from the item page if you use the edit button on the right hand panel
  2. agalvayne

    Changing item names

    Fixed it
  3. agalvayne

    Help: Unlootable Great White Sharks

    I had something similar happen with the feffox slayer spawns during that event. Submitted a ticket and got a reply pretty quickly asking for more information, then nothing since and my case has sat open since early February. Saw someone else writing in local chat which suggested the same was...
  4. agalvayne

    How broken the pvp is now lol

    Would be funny as shit if the loot vanished into the aether :ROFLMAO: put an end to suicides straight away
  5. agalvayne

    Banned from #calytrade and #trade chat

    Yes and no. There is a local chat channel called "Trade", which is a proximity chat built into the chat, same as regular local chat. There is also a "#trade" channel, which is a public (i.e. does not require invite by operators) player-created channel. Any channel prefixed with a # was at some...
  6. agalvayne

    Banned from #calytrade and #trade chat

    I'm not going to say what happened to you is or isn't right, don't really have enough information for that. But I'm also not sure what you're expecting Mindark to do about it - these aren't default or developer created chat channels, they're operated by players. It's the same principle as a...
  7. agalvayne

    Introduce ArMatrix Extender P30

    Already exists, can be bought from a token trader
  8. agalvayne

    07/17/21 18:00MA / 09:00PST | Mayhem Inc. PVP Fort Battle!

    Any particular reason for no mindforce? Some pretty viable mindforce weapons out there, kinda shame they can't be used. I've never took part in a fort event, how are points scored on that - is it just kills, any penalties for dying, is there something inside the fort that gives points, like...
  9. agalvayne

    ATH: 592k click

    GZ! Very exciting times
  10. agalvayne

    GAMBLER and GRINDER Hunting Event! Choose steady payouts or go high roller!

    Andrew agalvayne Galvayne - Grinder
  11. agalvayne

    Has anyone had their account locked for over 8 weeks?

    I've never been locked, but i was waiting on a followup from a support case from the end of november. they got back to me this week, so maybe there's a backlog they've finally caught up with :)
  12. agalvayne

    Selling: Genesis Power Claw Mk 6 FEN Edition (Sold)

    :bump: Fist bump!:boxer:
  13. agalvayne

    Selling: Genesis Power Claw Mk 6 FEN Edition (Sold)

    Hi, Taking offers on this lovely powerclaw. If the right offer comes along I just might part with it :) Sure it needs no introduction, with a base efficiency of 85.4% and mindark DPS of 89.3, all while entering learning period at only level 42! I've enclosed a link to the wiki for your viewing...
  14. agalvayne

    Entropia Pocket stopped working after iOS update?

    Some time last night my iPhone XS Max has updated itself to iOS 14.2 and now my Entropia Pocket app no longer seems to work. If i open the application from the home screen I get a momentary flash of a black screen with Entropia "E" logo on it, then it returns to main screen. I'm not tech savvy...
  15. agalvayne

    Land Grabs Missing from Event List

    I noticed this today also, but it must have been a temporary glitch, after closing and reopening event list they reappeared. Strange it happened to multiple people though!
  16. agalvayne

    I'd like to ask a question. What do you do now Irons have gone?

    I'm not sure why they are needed. People hunt what they want to hunt for their own reasons, be it seeking profit, for fun and enjoyment, maybe it is slow-moving and high hp so well suited to team hunting. In this sense, the missions don't influence my decisions at all. Of course the extra skills...
  17. agalvayne

    95% TT return over 100,000ped cycled in a month.

    I think the answer to your question is less dependent on ped cycle and more to do with how you spend it - namely number of loot instances. As an extreme example, say you determine that Xped is the approprate monthly cycle, then killing 1 mob that costs Xped per kill will result in much more...
  18. agalvayne

    How would you feel ?

    Just to be clear, i'm not blaming you, nor accusing you of anything, just responding to the question posed and looking at it from another perspective. It is of course Mindark's job to fix bugs, they are the developers of the system, you get no disagreement from me there. Although in a system...
  19. agalvayne

    How would you feel ?

    I can understand why you might feel slighted by them asking you that question, but on the back of the Yog debacle, in which we find support was made aware of an exploit and did not escalate it properly I can absolutely see why Mindark will take it more seriously going forward - if they aren't...
  20. agalvayne

    Selling: Selling various gear, including Summer 17, etc.

    Lots of stuff sold, plenty of good shit left! Bump up the thread :)
  21. agalvayne

    Selling: Selling various gear, including Summer 17, etc.

    Hi, thanks for taking the time to look at my sales thread! Bit of a mixture here, but do let me know if you're interested - prices aren't really negotiable, but y'know, don't be shy :) This isn't an auction as such, but should there be unexpected demand for an item, in the interest of fairness...
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