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  1. Artrat

    Easter Mayhem 2018

    I entered from Ark and did not get the mission. Can't be bothered to fly to Caly so I guess I'm done. Also, all my loot is shrapnel (and I mean ALL) in the instance. Is that normal for these events? it's been a while since I did one.
  2. Artrat

    Avatar's changing hands.... who are you actually dealing with?

    I have always been me. Over 10 years now!
  3. Artrat

    8K Bery - MA serioulsy? What is this shit?

    I'm glad things are going back to the way they were. It's how things were when I started. I remember as a noob at swamp camp seeing another noob hit a 1.4k Daiki young right in front of me. Instantly hooked. Say what you want but most will agree the game was more fun back then. I hope this is a...
  4. Artrat

    Atrax spawn event in Twin peaks

    Are you sure someone didn't just mob-train a bunch of them into twins? Used to happen from time to time when people got bored.
  5. Artrat

    Info: Complete? Iron Mission list for all planets

    You are most welcome :). Some of the info is sketchy at best (especially for NI and Rocktropia), but I try to update with confirmed info whenever I come across it.
  6. Artrat

    Info: Complete? Iron Mission list for all planets

    Hi everyone, I don't play much these days but I thought I'd share a spreadsheet I've been working on for the past few years: It contains as complete a list of "Iron-type" missions as I've been...
  7. Artrat

    Info: Snug the price to build

    How long is the construction time for each stage? My stage 1 has been going for over 24 hrs now
  8. Artrat

    ComPet Closed Beta Has Begun

    It will not let me log in with my EU credentials and does not give me an option to create a new account. Anyone else found this?
  9. Artrat

    OLA Casino - Registration

    !Register Jin Artrat Mugen
  10. Artrat

    Question: Shooting your friends in PVP

    Cos people are stupid. One of my best EU memories was trying to get to the rig as noob with one of my friends. After hours of dodging Trox and getting ganked every time we got close the ubers finally let us come up to the rig and hang out for a bit. About 5 meters from the rig my mate pulled...
  11. Artrat

    Looking for a crew (Pirate)

    Good luck Magyar! Personally never had any hate for pirates (except the exploiters of course) even though I've been looted a few times. Plenty of ways NOT to lose your money in space, and it's always nice to see someone shaking things up a bit.
  12. Artrat

    FYI: Welcome to Loco's Museum of Entropia Biodiversity

    Awesome collection! I'll definitely pay a visit when I'm back on Calypso :)
  13. Artrat


    I did some calculations once, IIRC it would take about 25 times the amount of time/ped to get from level 50 to level 100 as it took to get from 0 to 50 :eyecrazy:.
  14. Artrat

    is it worth it?

    Would be good to see you back dude :), sadly RL doesn't let me log in as much as I'd like to either :(.
  15. Artrat

    Derid - A newbies situation and progress II

    Welcome back Derid :). Jennson's advice is good, you may want to have a look at the Arkadia underground deeds, which require much less investment than the CLD's. The returns are not as good, but you can alsways sell them when you have enough and buy a CLD instead. I have a few of both sitting...
  16. Artrat

    SFE - Southern Fortress Engineering - Armour Specialists

    A big thumbs up for Ace's post. I have bought a Lich set from SFE at a time when there was none to be had from anywhere else. They crafted it quickly on request and charged me their standard advertised price, even though they could easily have gouged me for more, as there was none to be found on...
  17. Artrat

    Clarification about "mob stealing"

    Pulling all the mobs too yourself is a dick move in the first place, especially if the spawn is thin. If I have the firepower on me I'll always take them off those guys if I can.
  18. Artrat

    I fear for the Survival of EU.

    I'm becoming more and more convinced that you are some form of sophisticated bot that just grabs random phrases from the interwebs and attempts to string them together in a coherent fashion.
  19. Artrat

    Remembering Palms Corner....

    It was my favourite place :(
  20. Artrat

    I fear for the Survival of EU.

    I preferred this too :(
  21. Artrat

    I fear for the Survival of EU.

    This is a very old statement, and I'm not sure it was accurate even when Marco said it. Not that I think he was lying, I just think MA has a different definition of decay than we do. We define decay as the reduction in TT value of an item when we use it. I suspect MA's definition of decay is...
  22. Artrat

    Info: Gold card package comes without gold card in it.

    I second this!!!
  23. Artrat

    Uber: 1st tower :D

    Gratz fox! :)
  24. Artrat

    Info: MM results delayed

    This this this this this. Who cares when the results come out, it's a fucking farce anyway. MA could EASILY figure out who the alts are, but they clearly choose not to.
  25. Artrat

    Question: Is it just me or ...

    For mobs like this you should be looking at 1k+ ped runs and a 10k bankroll - as a minimum IMO. I'd recommend reading Scurvy's hunting logs, they are a good example of hunting done right.