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  1. Soldat Sol


    No, far from it actually, the way I see it if you can afford to spend 30k 60k or even 90k and are happy that's great, they way I see it, this is a game....a hobby,if you make some decent profit (like i did pre V10) great!but you should never expect a full or 90% return on things when you are...
  2. Soldat Sol

    Notes reading the EU Terms of Use

    Hi guys, lets take a look at the definition of gambling:- a. To bet on an uncertain outcome, as of a contest. b. To play a game of chance for stakes. 2. To take a risk in the hope of gaining an advantage or a benefit. 3. To engage in reckless or hazardous behavior and the definition of...
  3. Soldat Sol


    It's not bitterness Rick, I've been in this mmo since 2005, so I've seen alot of people in this situation, it's the cold hard reality in EU (and I didn't say Project Entropia for a reason)....House always wins. I wouldn't call mining and hunting as investing,whether you like it or not this mmo...
  4. Soldat Sol


    So you spent 30k US dollars in hope there's a magical personal lootpool to repay you?seems as though many people have delusions of grandeur, you should seek some form of help regarding the gambling issue. All the best and good luck. I've always believed in a random , not a personal lootpool so...
  5. Soldat Sol

    Uber: Iron XX Unlimited Level 7

    You can buy a shirt now, Gratz :yay:
  6. Soldat Sol

    When does the massive marketing offensive start?

    A friend once told me "Opinions are like assholes,everyone has one" so I guess, here's mine When does the massive marketing offencive start? when its ready Will it work? No, there are too many variables involved, recession, inflation, job security and above all value for money, $15 doesn't...
  7. Soldat Sol

    Perspective from a New Player

    Well written, logical perspective.It's amazing how someone who has only played for such a short amount of time has grasped and understood what EU is where as you have people who have played for 9 years who haven't got anything constuctive to say and try to poison the community if things don't go...
  8. Soldat Sol

    Selling: TI Platinum Shop, Genesis Shopping Booth, FOMA Apt

    Bump for my old shop :yay:
  9. Soldat Sol

    Long Term Log

    Keep it going mate, great mining log :)
  10. Soldat Sol

    FYI: BxRabbitx's Gaming/Commentary Youtube Channel

    Love all the stuff you do mate, Allows me to get my EU fix when I'm stuck here in Iraq :D Keep up the good work buddy
  11. Soldat Sol

    Please dont add me on Facebook!!!!

    Think we have a winner!:yay:
  12. Soldat Sol

    My Deposit issue.

    Hasn't Happened to me buddy, but all the best with this problem. I would scan a copy of your bank statement and attach it to your support case to back up your claim....but, we all know how long MA take with support cases :computer:
  13. Soldat Sol

    Entrepreneurs of Entropia

    Interesting concept, like the sound of it, good luck with it mate :)
  14. Soldat Sol

    Happy return

    Welcome back buddy :yay:
  15. Soldat Sol

    Is there a shitlist - maintained by MindArk?

    Is there a "shit list"? My answer is no, it would be counter productive and if it was ever leaked by a certain disgruntled ex-employee, it would cause a a major head ache for Mind Ark. I personally just believe it is luck, "right place at the right time" springs to mind, a 220k ATH as there is...
  16. Soldat Sol

    ATH: Dynera Laser Sight 42055 PED

    Nice one mate
  17. Soldat Sol

    Kaos Recruiting

    Bump for my new Soc :yay:
  18. Soldat Sol

    Irea (who the heck is that?) is back!

    Welcome back, good to see returning players :)
  19. Soldat Sol

    Congrat to BA

    Indeed he would :D
  20. Soldat Sol

    FYI: Taming: the waiting...

    Fingers crossed for the 26th guys :yup:
  21. Soldat Sol

    Discovery: Herman ARK-10 Smuggler UL

    Big Gratz mate, the luck must me down under :)
  22. Soldat Sol

    Phaantom's hunting log

    Good job on your last run :yay:
  23. Soldat Sol

    Congrat to BA

    I'm going to tip toe around the drama, I wasn't there so therefore I shouldn't judge the situation, A big Gratz to BA, a great Soc, enjoy your LA that you claimed!:yay: Long time no see buddy, hope you're ok :)
  24. Soldat Sol

    Server Downtime for Release

    I hope it's beacon missions, not holding my breathe though :tongue2:
  25. Soldat Sol

    Phaantom's hunting log

    I hope you're not tt those items especially the Molisk teeth, Keep up the good work :D