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  1. Della.

    ***wof judges 2012***

    Depo is still a no-go for me as well, am getting reports from multiple members os the same issue:mad:
  2. Della.


    So SWEET!!!!:yay::yay::yay::wtg::wtg: This made all of those hours hunting corns worth it(i hope). Ty to AJ and his corn killin skills!!
  3. Della.

    Oshiri server offline!

    Was hunting for WOF and now i can't even log in!!!!!! :mad:
  4. Della.

    Achievement: commando

    Way to go Tiger !:yay:
  5. Della.

    I'm back....

    Welcome back Hurri!:yay:
  6. Della.

    Rip..sargent lifer rock

    When i think of him and the time spent together i can't help but to laugh,cry at the same time. We all love and miss you Sarg!!
  7. Della.

    Hedaya 40 years young :)

    Happy B-Day !!:birthday: May you enjoy many more :)
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  9. Della.

    Wildman 40 years young!

    Happy B-Day to my Baby!:yay::birthday::beerchug::cheer::bowdown::dance::hug::inbed: To a truly timeless heart,one that has never let me down. I Love you Wildman!:swoon::shower:
  10. Della.

    Discovery: Alienware Laptop!!! for Wildman & Della

  11. Della.

    Selling: Imk3 Tier2.9

    Aww... I am feeling all warm and fuzzy now:) I just wish my Kidneys were worth the trade lol! BUMP for a truly awsome gun and an even more awsome person.
  12. Della.

    The 7th Annual Miss Calypso Fashion event

    :(sorry to say I will probably not be home for the event. Please remove me so another gal can take my spot.
  13. Della.

    To Kill A RockStar!

    :laugh:lol i got my -rep as well.Seems they just can't take the heat:scratch2:It is odd seeing as how they started this whole mess. :dunce: Rockstars pifft,,yeah right rofl:bs:
  14. Della.

    To Kill A RockStar!

    :lolup: I feel fine with my is Olga I feel sorry for.. she might look good ,but you Sir Force are no catch!!:eyecrazy:
  15. Della.

    To Kill A RockStar!

    LMAO!! Daisy , I was watching his screen when he came out of the TP. A stupid pop-up saying he was in a contaminated zone was covering the middle of his screen . Oh, and I notice you only have the one in that zone,as you can't handle him when he can see :laugh:
  16. Della.

    My last post in this forum unless it is explained why? (RockStars)

    :scratch2:still waiting I see.:(
  17. Della.

    My last post in this forum unless it is explained why? (RockStars)

    JC, as I respect your piont of view,I must say that the whole point of a forum is to discuss IN PUBLIC . If it was to be handled in PM,why was Wildman not notified IN A PM as to why the whole dang thread is gone?I understand you did not remove it.I simply want to know WHY,not WHO
  18. Della.

    My last post in this forum unless it is explained why? (RockStars)

    Ty for the reply JC. It would have been nice to hear from the MOd that removed it. Yes i will need to wait:rolleyes:.It is still a shame that it was removed without so much as a You-did-this-wrong-so-we-did-this.
  19. Della.

    My last post in this forum unless it is explained why? (RockStars)

    :scratch2:hmmm.. no explanation yet? Sad..just sad.If was removed due to some rule,at least let us know what rule was broken.Even if it is in a pm,that would be the decent thing to do.
  20. Della.

    My last post in this forum unless it is explained why? (RockStars)

    I think the issue is NO REASON WAS GIVEN as to why it was removed:(:rolleyes:.This was a thread that was not a flamefest,it was a fun "tounge and cheek" Thread. The comments on it reflect this.As the other similar thread has remained i can only ask WHY? I will wait to see the answer before i...
  21. Della.

    Sargent Lifer Rock's Memorial Hunt 2010

    I can't thank you enough. We had a great turnout and some great people as said many times ,we will never forget Sarg or the joy he gave us.
  22. Della.

    Let me know when to log back in :(

    Wildman is running on windows 7,I however am still on Vista. Wildman seems to be on and stable atm,,I:rolleyes: am still having issues staying in.
  23. Della.

    Rip..sargent lifer rock

    It was a truly heartfelt hunt. Sarg you will forever be in our thoughts.
  24. Della.

    Rip..sargent lifer rock

    Big Bump for Sarg
  25. Della.

    Rip..sargent lifer rock

    Bump for Sarg!