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  1. Limnea

    Selling: full ul tiger armor ( f )

    Best offer via pn 9k atm ;) But I guess I rather keep it :tongue2:
  2. Limnea

    Selling: full ul tiger armor ( f )

    Well. I Do have offers above that. But anyway, I guess we will not get together ;)
  3. Limnea

    Selling: full ul tiger armor ( f )

    No thx, unless thats Dollars or euros.
  4. Limnea

    Selling: full ul tiger armor ( f )

    Seems to be hard to count to 5 ;)
  5. Limnea

    Selling: full ul tiger armor ( f )

    Sorry...Was on vacation. I got some sentimental feelings for this armor, but yes I want to sell it. Just not for a low price. Bids should have 5 digits at least.
  6. Limnea

    Selling: full ul tiger armor ( f )

    I am actually taking offers :) Not sure if I am ready to get seperated from my beloved armor set though. Also got 5Bs on it.
  7. Limnea

    Selling: rl items : Hogglo, atrox, longu statue

    3 Sets sold so far, still 20 available. Here is a picture of the original Entropia T-Shirt. Unworn, just washed once. Size is XXL.
  8. Limnea

    Selling: full ul tiger armor ( f )

    Anyone interested in a full set of tiger armor? Since I hardly played in the last 7 years ( coincidentally my daughter turns seven next month...), I think someone else has a better use for it, than me. Maybe I should go for a last hunt with ist tonight ;)
  9. Limnea

    Selling: rl items : Hogglo, atrox, longu statue

    I got some statues left, from an entropia exhibition. Also a white T-Shirt. Since I hardly play, I don't need that stuff any more :) Its actually 24 full sets. Someone interested? I am ready for offers then...
  10. Limnea

    Show us ya face!

    Ah...another familiar face...guess it must be about 2 years since I logged in last time...
  11. Limnea

    Full tiger UL

    Female ! :)
  12. Limnea

    Full tiger UL

    Since I am planning to sell some stuff I wonder how much a full set Tiger armor would be worth. Any ideas?
  13. Limnea

    Did I miss anything?

    Hey Fluffies, havn't been on for a while :) Just want to check if there is still live outside and if there is still people I know. :scratch2: Or NOT? Tell me!
  14. Limnea

    Show us ya face!

    You must add me then and text me when u want to play. Since lil one is better now I am ready to play :)
  15. Limnea

    o_O :confused: :girl:

    o_O :confused: :girl:
  16. Limnea

    What is your cost per hour to play EU?

    I would not even know since I never calculate win/losses :D But my chatting saves me lots!
  17. Limnea

    Show us ya face!

    Not my face...well half of it ;) My lil one. She doesn't have an Avatar yet, but she knows how to instashutdown the pc :D
  18. Zwerg


  19. Limnea

    The inventory calculator (incredible new tool) [Now abandoned]

    I will help you with that...just hand over as many items as needed to make it fit to one page :cool: See, I would do everything to make ppl. happy ;) ( No worries, just kidding ! )
  20. Limnea

    Forum Transition: Status Update

    I have been busy these days...anyone so kind to enlighten me what i missed in this threat? Thank you guys...
  21. Limnea Discussion Thread

    I like them bigger! :ahh:
  22. Limnea Discussion Thread

    I didn't read that, thank you for pointing me. Anyway, I am not even talking about me here, I am just wondering. ( I just hope to get a bigger mailbox!!)
  23. Limnea Discussion Thread

    Well, if I have an offer for a great job and my boss lets me sign "you shall not become pregnant within the next 5 years or you must have an abortion" I can happily sign it without having to have an abortion and can still keep my job ;) Let the boss sue me: " but you signed it!!!"
  24. Limnea Discussion Thread

    *cough*whichfreespeach*cough* Why did you change anything then? Very much my feeling... Well, you would say the same if you would plan to, right? LOL!!! That was the first word I wanted to check on the new forum...well, a similar one, not that one :D
  25. Limnea Discussion Thread

    So you will get paid...well, calling you an "outsorced" worker still makes you an employee, doesn't it? Private messages... Stop stealing my thoughts!!! Oh and btw...only because something is written in the Terms of use doesn't make it automatically legal... Somehow I got the feeling it...