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  1. dandy

    Avatar Renting. Possible?

    what you do in your real life is your business don't have to shout every details to let every one knows.
  2. dandy

    Question: How far can a PP reach go ?

    No one metion it is extremely rare to got hit by a warp mine. There is no out of steps of PP at this case, as I know they help flying noobs when stuck at outpost, healed, and what is wrong for repairing. And official should have done more to avoid interuption of their organised promoted planet...
  3. dandy

    Cannot log in...

    got the similar issue recently, it was my local dns cache issue. If u run dns service, refresh it, and make sure it uses reliable sources, eg use google dns. then ipconfig /flushdns Or check your wifi dns connection to use reliable sources.
  4. dandy

    Entropia Universe login BUG

    if your installation not bug, the only thing come to mind is your chat.log or private_chat.log is too big, move it backup it delete it.
  5. dandy

    Suggestion: Use Old Concept to Streamline Interplanetary Travel Without Screwing Over Warp Ship Operators

    Easy fix, add old + current Old = Charge 40peds to use tp between planets. Current = u can find a warp from 5peds to 25peds, depending how much patience u have.
  6. dandy

    Opinions on Modified Viceroy Armor?

    u forgot the most critical point of Viceroy, most people get Viceroy is to get Viceroy Modified and it has 1 Percent Increased Critical Hit Chance. I get the mode to combine with two rings Summer Ring 2016 + Halloween Ring 2019 = 4.8 Percent Increased Critical Hit Chance + 20 Percent Evade +...
  7. dandy

    Buying: a spacecraft

    Message me the SI and the price. pay by peds and peds ready.
  8. dandy

    Cannot Log in..?

    me2 since last hour or so
  9. dandy

    What is wrong with "The Enigma Keys"

    The Enigma Keys (Stage 1) The Enigma Keys (Stage 2) The Enigma Keys (Stage 3)
  10. dandy

    EU portable install

    run Entropia from any drive Presume your PC has met all the requirement. Normal installation has two folders as follow; C:\Program Files (x86)\Entropia Universe C:\ProgramData\entropia universe\public_users_data Merge those two folders to "D:\pro\eu" (can be any drive/folder) So you want...
  11. dandy

    Help: no lnger able to login after update

    fix installation without full reinstallation Try to delete all files in YOUR_ENTROPIA_INSTALLATION_FOLDER/out/* if that failed, change entropia version to the previous version or older version in file YOUR_ENTROPIA_INSTALLTION_FOLDER/version.txt ( I think the previous version was
  12. dandy

    Supremacy Reign - Recruiting

    soc wth No bulls*** attached. If you want a soc for life then this is it. I am a member since 02/01/2009.
  13. dandy

    Entropia Universe 15.8.6 Release Notes

    minimum setting for X icons removal Under ADVANCED option, Shading Quality must be Medium or higher. Any thing else can be Safe Mode.
  14. dandy

    NEVERDIE : you are not my president !

    A conflict of interest Why no body see. Letting a wolf looking after the sheep. MA didn't allow planet partners to play the game, why allow for this?
  15. dandy

    Info: Tree Harvesting - some observations

    growing light in the trees - minimum graphic setting requirement I like to add that Particle Effect Quality in graphic setting must be at least set LOW or higher to see the growing lights + the tool must be equipped. Here a couple of pictures what they might be looked like in low settings.
  16. light growing in the tree

    light growing in the tree

    Resource Gathering
  17. light growing in the tree

    light growing in the tree

    Resource Gathering
  18. dandy

    Selling: Angel M set & Salamander M set

    to the top for a blink.
  19. dandy

    Selling: Angel M set & Salamander M set

    up to the top for a second:)
  20. dandy

    Selling: Angel M set & Salamander M set

    Hi; Selling the following sets, chat to me in game for details. Angel Part/Tier Helmet 3 Shin 5 Harness 4 Arm 4 Glove 4 Foot 4 Thigh 5 Salamander/Tier Helmet 1 Shin 1 Harness 2 Arm 2 Glove 1 Foot 1 Thigh 1
  21. dandy

    New Global/Print Screen Capture-Free From

    version full version (08-Jan-2015) ............ md5: 936f98f14658f8af75197e7708533a4f ............ md5: 0993b368b909c7ad153da57158aaa970 Below for upgrades from version or higher only: ...... md5...
  22. dandy

    New Global/Print Screen Capture-Free From

    version 0045 full version (04-Jan-2015) ............ md5: afe2de524f3640ff6227f41b91565608 ............ md5: ba2d5dbd603560211c252b4085958467 Below for upgrades from version or higher only: ...... md5...
  23. dandy

    Help: System Error: mfc110.dll missing

    Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4 vcredist_x86.exe vcredist_x64.exe According to other people comments, you need to use vcredist_x86.exe event tho you are using Windows x64.
  24. dandy

    New Global/Print Screen Capture-Free From

    I forgot to put more details in the manual. Maximum for globallimit is 9999, previouse globals may lost if put more than that and if you can manage to get more than 9999 globals:) globallimit=0 means disable this feature; the number must be greater than 0. My intention is to keep the global...
  25. dandy

    New Global/Print Screen Capture-Free From

    Try download again, I restored back to previous version. Good thing google now has revisions of upload files. Cheer dandy