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  1. Bogger

    Uber: Strong Argonaut Claw FEN Edition

    Congrats Slyk :)
  2. Bogger

    Achievement: Killstrike

    Congrats Slyk
  3. Bogger

    FYI: New PCF Moderator - Darkaruki

    Excellent choice, gratz Darkaruki
  4. Bogger

    Pets Best one I know of, maybe others exist
  5. Bogger

    Achievement: 100 blp hit! + eomon silver complete!

    Gratz Forgo on the lvl 100. :D A lot of nice milestones and a few more to come soon
  6. Bogger

    Took a chance on Mulcibers!

    Gratz. Next time complete the Pandora bot wave beforehand and you will have +90hp for 2 hours
  7. Bogger

    Uber: 1561 PED Beladoth Young

    Gratz, love that overlay :)
  8. Bogger

    'Silent Stan': Key to Power or Gateway to Chaos?

    CDF not taking this guy too seriously or else they got mod version of that crap CDF Scout armour.
  9. Bogger

    Entropia Universe Official Soundtrack available

    I will have to turn music back on in game now. None of these triggered memories for me but "blue morning_105" and "cooling_90" from NoBion's older stuff really did.
  10. Bogger

    Uber: 5151 Allophyl Young

    Gratz, nice to see a reward for someone doing the Iron
  11. Bogger

    EU Advertising on Yahoo?!

    False. No rings in loot from mobs
  12. Bogger

    Core Mayhem and Shared BBs?

    It's actually on the Entropia Universe facebook not Planet Calypso's. And it also says to watch for updates :scratch2:
  13. Bogger

    Armor droprate

    Vigi gloves M and F from defenders in the last few weeks
  14. Bogger

    Fort Lahar soon to be Attacked

    A couple of things Ludvig since your watching. Legionnaire should be phase 4. Warrior phase 3. And can it be changed that the Droka/trooper/warrior/legionnaire count towards Iron Mission like the event Mulmuns.
  15. Bogger

    Calypso Missions Walkthrough

    +rep from me too
  16. Bogger

    Formicacida Uprising

    Fomorian Bogger Domnall
  17. Bogger

    farming the price to grow

    There are a lot of DNA fragments lying in storage and apartments. I was actually nosing around open apartments the other day and noticed a few while not actively looking for them. Didnt know they are used for gardening. But like mine only in small stacks.
  18. Bogger

    Entropia Pocket: The Universe in Your Pocket

    Thanks couldn't see that bit and don't have fb
  19. Bogger

    Entropia Pocket: The Universe in Your Pocket

    Anyone else get notification "something exciting happening this weekend" from the app? Then just usual screen when clicked?
  20. Bogger

    New Fort Incursion With Lower Difficulty Level

    Troopers to the SW until a Warlock spawns.
  21. Bogger


    Yes gone since the Longtooth spawn was there during migration. It was the best. Strash mentioned 2 locations in Rookie chat last night that I meant to note. Also, defenders are part of the Lieutenant Antaeus wave at Typhon's Reach
  22. Bogger

    Achievement: Kill Strike - unlocked

    Gratz . Now watch your (dmg) fly up after weeks of watching it crawl. And be prepared for the spam of (dmg) leveling
  23. Bogger

    I miss some of the things from the past that are no longer availble

    He knew what he was at, somebody working in support didn't know what they were at. It was in the days before rare loot hofs
  24. Bogger

    The Hogglo Ranch - 500 ped Bonus Event - join now !!!

    Fomorian Bogger Domnall
  25. Bogger

    Why the underwhelming migration this year?

    Same, many ELM weapons dropping? Can't +rep you again yet but well done for getting them to hit the switch